Getting Started: Joining a Guild [Tutorial] | AFK Arena


Welcome to the guild’s guide in AFK Arena. In this guide we will cover all the benefits of being in the guild and the guild’s functions. Guilds are one of the main multiplayer functions of the game that allows you to group up with other players to achieve something together. Being in the guild opens you a lot of opportunities such as getting stuff from the guild store, taking part in the guild hunting and if you got far enough in the campaign you will get access to the Twisted Realm bosses as well. Let’s go over the guild bosses first. We will start with the basic guild bosses that are available for everyone. The first boss – Wrizz is available at all times and he refreshes every day on the server reset.

When you’re challenging the boss you gotta find the right combination of heroes to do as much damage as possible to the enemy boss. When the fight is over you will be rewarded with a lot of items that you can use to enchant or equip your characters with, some diamonds if you get really high damage and some guild coins to use in the guild store and in the events. Soren, the second boss, have different set of abilities and in order to access him your guild deputy or the guild leader should open access to him if your guild have enough activity points. Guild activity points are the sum of all the activity points of your guild members that have been rewarded for your daily tasks.

And as soon as one of the officers opened the boss, you have 24 hours to fight him. You have the same amount of attempts on this boss as on the Wrizz. Be mindful though, that during the boss fight Soren will try to mind control your guys, so they will fight each other. So use proper team compositions and tactics in order to counter his skills and be able to do as much damage to him as possible. Let’s move on to the guild store in order to see what can we actually get with those guild coins. Guild store is the main source of equipment for your heroes. Here you can get the gear that will make your heroes a lot stronger and also materials to upgrade your gear. The rarity of the gear available at the gear store is based on your campaign progress, so the further you are, the more powerful gear will be available here. Moreover, from time to time, you can exchange guild coins for the rare heroes. Now let’s move on to the twisted realm.

Twisted Realm is your main source of Twisted Essence, that you can use to upgrade your heroes in the elder tree. The amount of rewards you will be getting from twisted realm will be based on your leaderboard ranking. So the higher your standing is the more twisted essence and POE points you will get. After some time the Twisted Realm bosses change for another one so there are several of the bosses in the rotation and each of those have different skills and abilities. You can see the next upcoming boss by clicking the next boss button so you can get ready for that fight and know what to expect.

Additionally, taking part in the Twisted Realm boss fights rewards you with Twisted Sigils that are being used in the Twisted Bounties to give you additional XP and diamonds if you unlock the premium pass for that bounty. Also if your guild have strong exemplars those guys will help your guild with the mercenaries, because everyone can borrow their heroes in the mercenary screen. That allows your strategy to be more flexible and have access to the heroes that you don’t have available right now, but you need them for the current situation. But of course the main bonus of the guild is that you have access to your guild chat, where you can talk to your guildmates, plan ahead, discuss strategies and just chit chat away.

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