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– Hey guys, and welcome to the official AFK Arena YouTube channel. Now in this video, we’re gonna be taking a look at the best early game units and teams that you can piece together. We’re gonna be taking a look at it in three different sections of heroes. You’ve got your tanks first up, which are gonna be just your big tanky heroes that are gonna sit in the front row, soak up all the damage and hopefully support your team. We’re gonna then also have support units, which are gonna be the ones that are gonna help heal your team and CC the enemies and buff your team.

And then we’re gonna be going through damage dealers, which are gonna be the ones that are gonna deal most of the damage and carry your way through the early game. Without going too in depth, some heroes you wanna keep an eye out for. For tanks, Lucius just for his shields and healing, and also Brutus for his immunity to damage, and also some decent damage dealing himself. For supports, we have Rowan, for not only healing, but also crowd control, for attack buff, for energy regeneration for his team. Then we have Tasi for basically really good crowd control. She has a banish, she has a sleep that does the entire enemy team. Lyca for a haste buff at the start of the battle and an energy boost for your whole team to really get you attacking faster.

And then we also have Arden also from the Wilders, he’s only a Legendary tier hero, but he’s fantastic, he has these entangling roots that are gonna entangle up to three enemies depending on his level, which is absolutely fantastic. For damage dealers, you can make just about any damage dealer work in your team, but we’re gonna shoot a few quick ones off. First one being Wu Kong, we all get a free copy of at the start of the game. Really nice, turns into clones and deals some massive damage.

We have Shemira who, in my opinion is the best early game, early to mid game damage dealer, she deals massive damage to all enemies, but also heals herself at the same time. You have things like Belinda for really close range, burst damage. Then you have something like Saveas from the Legendary team who’s gonna deal really heavy single target damage, and also self-sustain really well. And then also Mirael, who’s gonna stand in the back middle and deal massive damage with her ultimate, which is a massive phoenix. Now we’re gonna go ahead and look at team compositions using those heroes we mentioned earlier. The first thing I wanna mention is, normally in a team you’re gonna wanna have one main damage dealer. And then basically the rest will be tanks and supports. Now, the damage dealer normally wants to be leveled above the rest of your team.

As you can see on my team here, I have Mirael as my main damage dealer. Then I have the rest of my team at 120 while she’s at 140. To the left of her I have the Shemira here and I have the Rowan. Those are mercenaries from a friend. So that’s where they are, so if you do get stuck on a stage, don’t be afraid to go ahead and borrow a mercenary from a friend, but that’s just the basic guidelines.

You want one damage dealer leveled above the rest of the team and then the rest of the team being tanks and supports. So the first team I wanna look at is gonna be the Shemira Lucius front row with the Wilders support back row. Now, the way we have this is, once again, you’ll want your Shemira as your main damage dealer. So she’ll be leveled above the rest of your allies, meaning that she can go in that front row position due to the fact that she has higher stats, just because of her level.

So, that’s the Shemira that you’re gonna wanna put in the front row, next to a Lucius in the front row, just because he is, in my opinion, the best tank. Now you can also take Lucius out of this formation and put a Brutus in there. Brutus works better on some stages, but in general, Lucius is gonna be the better option just because of his shields and just basically the whole team support that he provides. Against really heavy damage dealers, you may wanna put a Brutus in here just so he can get that four seconds of immunity and let your team start rolling.

But besides that, we have the back row of the Wilders support team. So obviously in the middle, we have that Lyca, who’s gonna bring that haste buff and the energy regeneration at the start of battle, which is very, very key in a lot of fights. And then we’re gonna have the Arden. Who’s gonna put his entangling roots up consistently throughout the battle, and then also Tasi, who’s gonna be banishing someone throughout the battle, but then also if she does get her ultimate off, it’s gonna sleep the team. So the basic principle behind this team is you get your survival with the Lucius, damage with the Shemira, and then you have just an absolute bunch of CC between the Arden and the Tasi.

And then Lyca’s there just to make it all happen a bit faster. The next team we’re gonna look at is gonna be the Lucius and Rowan co-ord. Now, with this team, obviously, the Lucius, as I mentioned before, just a fantastic tank. These guys are both Lightbearers, so you can aim to get a faction bonus from them.

But the thing about this is, Rowan, you really wanna leave in the back middle because if he’s in the middle, the potion stands that he puts out do have a range on them, and if he’s in the middle, he can actually heal any position ally. If he’s down the bottom, he can only hit the two above him. And if he’s in the front row here, he’s gonna miss the top back allies. So that’s why in general terms, you wanna think Rowan sits in the back row middle as a general rule of thumb. So with this, when you have Lucius and Rowan, you can then basically fill it out however you like. If you have Shemira as your damage dealer, she can definitely go in the front row. If you have something like a Saveas, he can go in the front row.

And also if you have that Wu Kong, he’s really good as well, and you can put him in the front row as well in that spot. Then for the filler spots, you can choose basically any of those other supports I mentioned. Fawkes is a really good one to put in here to get the Lightbearer faction bonus. If we go here, you can see for using heroes of the same faction, you are gonna get a bonus. The great thing about Wu Kong is he’s a Celestial so he’ll fill in for any faction.

And then for that last spot, you can basically choose anything. You can choose the Lyca, you can choose the Arden. I wouldn’t use the Tasi as much, ’cause you already have Fawkes for that banish, but if you didn’t have the Fawkes, you could go ahead and use the Lyca and the Arden or the Lyca and the Tasi. You can basically just fill that team out. The main core behind it is that Rowan and Lucius with your damaged dealer and then you can mix around whatever support you wanna use. The final team I’m gonna look at is gonna be the Mirael carry team. And now as we look at it, Mirael also really wants to be in the back row middle as well as Rowan. So in this team, you’re actually gonna put Rowan in the front row. Now, Rowan is fairly squishy and he may die early, but he’s just the best option, in my opinion, to put in that front row, ’cause then at least he’s gonna be able to heal your other tank, the Lucius in this position. If I had Rowan in the top here, he wouldn’t actually be able to heal the Lucius and then Lucius would die faster as well.

So, in this team with Mirael as your main carry damage dealer, because her phoenix doesn’t just cover the whole screen, she has to be in the middle to effectively hit all enemies. Yeah, that’s why we’re gonna put Rowan in the front row. He is a sacrificial lamb a lot of the time, but hey, his potions are still gonna do what they need to do. Then for the last two spots, where we have the Fawkes and the Lyca, you can mix that up with any of those other supports once again or any other support you have.

I’ve only just named the key ones that I wanted to mention, but you can go ahead and do anything. I like the Lyca with the Fawkes for this one, Fawkes because he gives a four piece faction bonus for the Lightbearers and then Lyca because that haste buff is always nice to get things off faster. Now let’s go ahead and take this team into battle. This is the main team that I’ve been using on this account. As I progress, I’ve been going with the Mirael carry, we have it on one time speed, just so we can actually demonstrate what’s going on there.

You can see the enemy, the tank at the bottom row, the Vedan got banished by my Fawkes, which is fantastic. We did lose the Rowan there, like I said we probably would. Then we get Mirael to do a big ultimate and deal some nice damage to the whole enemy team, did about half of their health. We are gonna have the little issue where this Vedan is gonna turn into a bunch of bats and really just be untargetable. He’s a very annoying enemy to fight against, but hopefully he doesn’t kill my Mirael. And now we can go ahead and deal some nice damage to him, we get another Mirael ultimate there, where she can do some really big damage with that phoenix, get the shields up again with the Lucius. And then there goes the Vedan. Like I said, that Rowan is a bit of a sacrificial lamb, but those potions are just so valuable with the way they heal, that it is really gonna help your team. The last thing that I wanted to mention is when you’re putting your teams together, if you fail the first time, retry, retry, retry.

RNG is a big thing in the game. So if you are failing the first time, it may have been the wrong hero got hit with a CC, they might’ve got some bigger crits, you might’ve missed some crits, there’s a lot of variables in the battle, so don’t be afraid to retry it. And once again, don’t be afraid to go ahead and borrow a mercenary from a friend to help you get through certain stages where you may be stuck. So that’s gonna be it for early game heroes and teams. You can once again use any heroes you want. These were just the ones that I wanted to pick out and demonstrate. Let me know in the comments, what heroes you guys are using. Thanks for watching, hope you have an awesome day and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the next one.

Cheers. (dramatic orchestral music).

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