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Getting Started: The Oak Inn & Furniture Guide [Tutorial] | AFK Arena


In afk arena, when you ascend your heroes, you’ll gain access to the oak inn and be able to place them in their own room where you can decorate it with furniture, but the furniture isn’t just for decoration. It also gives stats and unique skills and abilities to your heroes. Now, to obtain these furniture items, you’re going to go to the workshop and use your pro coins to summon the furniture it’s going to cost you 3 000 pro coins to go ahead and do a 10 pool of furniture where you can get common, rare, legendary and The one you really want is going to be the mythic grade furniture. Once you have a hero placed in the inn, you’ll be able to unlock up to nine furniture slots. You can get rosalind to clean their room to expand it up to nine.

You start at three, then go six and nine. Now the reason we really want to unlock those a mythic furniture which are the rare ones to obtain because they are going to be character specific. And if you get three furniture of a character, specific furniture, you will unlock a new ability and then again, when you get nine furniture, you will unlock another ability, nine being fully mythic, legendaries, rares and commons will all count towards stat boosts for your heroes. However, they’re not actually going to give you those unique skills that you’re really chasing after there are three different types of furniture and they can be represented. When you go to place them by cabinets, chairs and windows, they will be different sorts of furniture, but that’s the icon.

That represents them. So there’s three different styles. Now, when you are summoning for furniture for a hero, once you get to three mythic pieces in one style of furniture, that is a good time to stop summoning for that heroes. Furniture now to stop summoning for that heroes, furniture or to summon for the heroes furniture in the first place. We’Re gon na go to the wishlist, where you can place heroes that you want to summon their furniture for up to 10 and when you summon, if you do get a mythic piece of furniture, those are the only heroes that you will get it for.

So it’s a nice way to control what you’re actually getting now. The reason you want to stop summoning for that hero’s furniture when you hit three pieces of one style is because, when you summon, you may actually still summon mythic furniture of that same style, which you cannot actually equip to your room, meaning it’s not going to get You any real effect or any closer to that nine furniture bonus. Now you might think how am i gon na get to that nine furniture if i keep summoning the same piece over and over, and that is where the select mythic tickets come into it now, the select tickets from experience will not allow you to summon a field Of furniture that you already have, three of so once you hit three in one field of furniture, you take them off the wish list, and that’s where you start using those mythic select tickets that you can obtain one every 100 furnitures that you summon so save on To them they’re very precious, but once you use those, then you will be able to fill in the gaps of missing furniture and get your heroes to level 9 furniture without wasting a bunch of summons on duplicate pieces. Now that we know how furniture works and how to gain those abilities, the next thing to decide is what heroes are you gon na actually give the furniture now once again, they cannot equip furniture unless they are ascended, so keep that in mind don’t be going for A celestial or hypogene that you’re never really going to stargaze for and never get too ascended, because then it will be wasted. Furniture.

However, if something is at a low ascension, you have them at elite, but you fully intend on building them in the future. It’S okay to go ahead and put them on that list, because eventually you will get use out of it now. Some units that are going to be fantastic with their furniture is something like leica. It’S gon na allow her to hit two targets uh with her attacks, which is gon na increase her damage by a lot, but also allow her to apply multiple defense breaks, which is really really strong and leica is just a really good hero in general. So it’s always nice to buff those good heroes anyway, and that is going to be a large theme with furniture that strong heroes are just going to get stronger with the furniture, even if they don’t have the best furniture ability.

Something like rowan doesn’t have a very good furniture ability, but because he’s such a key unit to a lot of teams, it’s still not bad to go ahead and invest in him. Now, moving on from that, we have something like iran allowing him to proc, ignore defense. More often he’s going to be really savage gwyneth, allowing to her to guarantee some flaming and lightning arrows. We’Ve got something like skriath who, at level 3 furniture is going to be able to group up the enemy team, which is really strong or even something like isolde, who had three furniture is gon na allow himself to start stacking attack based on the hp that he Has lost and he loses a lot of hp because he regenerates a lot of hp and it can make him a really effective damage dealer. So those are some of the key units that i would be looking at, but overall furniture, it’s really nice.

If you can find some heroes, that really synergise with your team, that you can make work at three furniture, because it’s less investment and then really narrow down on the heroes that you really want to build for nine furniture. But hopefully that gets. You pointed in the right direction when you jump into the oak inn and obtaining furniture thanks for watching hope. You have an awesome day and we’ll look forward to seeing the next one cheers: [ Music, ]

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