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AFK Arena currently has seven key boss battles. We have two Guild Hunts and five Twisted Realm bosses. So in this video we’re gonna try and go through the basic team compositions which are doing the best against those enemies, but also some substitute heroes that you can put into your teams to get the best damage possible. First up, we have Wrizz. Now, Wrizz is fairly straightforward fight. He has some single target attacks, and then his ultimate is going to attack your entire team at the same time. So not too much technicalities in his boss fight. A really good hero for this is Saurus. If you can get Saurus to a level 30 signature item, it’s amazing, he’s going to heal your entire team, but Saurus, in general, just deal some massive damage to bosses as long as he doesn’t get controlled. Then another great damage dealer for this fight is going to be Belinda.

Belinda can just deal some massive burst damage, which is really, really nice. And then for supports in the back row, the current meta is using something like The Twins and Rosaline with Lorsan but that team really does require you having a level 30 signature item Saurus to heal. So not everyone’s going to have that. So a great hero to put in that back row is going to be Rowan, even at low ascension, put him in the middle, he’s going to be able to heal his whole team with the potions, which is really, really nice. Now there’s another tech choice that you can try and throw it into your team. And that is going to be the Warek because he’s going to really reduce the defense of Wrizz and help your heroes deal some more damage to him. Then we have something else that is a really interesting tech choice, especially for early game players. If you’re struggling with low ascension on your heroes, and the Wrizz AoE is killing your whole team, you can throw a Cecilia in and she’s gonna actually drop a ring which is going to reduce Wrizz’s attack by 60%, allowing your team to survive further into the battle and surviving further into the battle means more time to deal damage and more overall damage.

But between those heroes, hopefully you can piece together a decent team. Like I said, if you don’t have the Saurus at 30 signature item, Rowan is going to be pretty key. Next up we have Soren, now Soren is an interesting boss. He has a bunch of AoE damage he’s gonna deal, but he also has a charm that’s gonna charm anyone in the direction he is facing. So with Soren, if you can turn him around with a hero or a minion, it’s going to really help your team because you’re not going to get controlled and start attacking your own teammates.

So with Soren we’re going to go through a lot of the same heroes as well. Things like Saurus, Belinda, The Twins, Rosaline, Lorsan, Rowan, Warek, they’re all going to be usable. The one I want to emphasize here as well, There’s a couple extra units that are really good for this fight, Cecilia really does shine in this one because she goes behind the boss with the start of the battle, meaning she’s gonna turn that Soren around. And when he charms, he’s only going to charm her, meaning he’s never gonna charm your entire team, which is fantastic.

And then you also have Baden and Grezhul who both summon minions that are going to appear behind the boss doing the same thing that Cecilia does, which os turn the boss around and make the rest of your team not get targeted by the charm. Hopefully out of all those units, you can make a team. But like I said, if you don’t have the specific damage dealers, don’t stress, use your highest leveled, highest ascension damaged dealers, and try and get as much damage as you can. But even if you have a low ascension Saurus, he’s always gonna deal some really nice damage in this fight. Moving on into the Twisted Realm fights, we have five bosses currently in the game. We have Kane, the Burning Brute, Dark Nemora, Arden, and Ice Shemira. Kicking it off with Kane, now this guy is very unique. He has an ability that three times throughout the battle he’s just going to kill the enemy that has done the most damage to him, which is very, very hard to deal with.

If you are a lucky person and have a high ascension Talene, you can make her deal the most damage and she will get executed, but she will then come back. If you do not have a Talene, it’s best to bring two to three damage dealers, some people can go with a Shemira, a Belinda, and a Rosaline, all three deal decent damage. And then Rosaline’s going to buff the other one that’s dealing damage. But the current main meta for that boss is going to be Talene, Grezhul, Celestial Twins, Warek, and also Daimon. So that is going to be the ideal team. But like I said, if you don’t have those heroes built, you can definitely go for something like a Rosaline, Belinda, Shemira, Rowan, and even The Twins at a late or a low ascension, will still be fantastic for it. Next up, we have The Burning Brute.

Now this guy hits like an absolute truck. So damage mitigation is very key here along with sustain. So the main team that is being used at the moment in end game is going to be Izold with Saurus in the front row with The Twins, Cecilia, and Mehira in the back row. Now, the reason for this is Izold can stack a bunch of attack the more damage he takes and because The Burning Brute does deal so much damage, it’s going to increase the attack of that Izold if Saurus is there requiring a 30 signature item to be able to heal the rest of the team.

The Twins are there for the haste buff in general. The Mehira is there to be able to charm to avoid the ultimate, also just to deal some damage and increase the haste of her allies. And then we have Cecilia, which is very important in this lineup, Cilicia is there to put her ring down around the boss to reduce his attack power and let the rest of the team survive. Things like a low ascended Twins is still really, really useful. Even a low ascended Mehira is gonna be really nice for your team. You’ve got other things like Rowan and Rosaline that are just good supports, and then whatever damaged dealers you have. And also even if you do only have a low ascension Cecilia she’s still going to reduce that attack and be fantastic further on.

Now for the Dark Nemora, and now she is unique in that she summons adds and you don’t actually deal damage to the Nemora, you get your score based on the amount of damage you deal to the adds she keeps resummoning. AoE is very vital in this one. And that’s where Shemira has earned a place as the number one damaged dealer for this the meta team for it is going to be Shemira with Estrilda the front row. Then we have Rosaline, Rowan and The Twins in the back. And basically everything here is just basically trying to increase the damage output of that Shemira, increase the uptime of her ultimate so that she can just AoE clave all the adds as they come.

Basically for this flight, if you don’t have these heroes, you really want to bring something with AoE damaged. Shemira is a very free to play, friendly option to bring. So if you do have her, she is definitely the number one damaged dealer, and then whatever support you can bring to give her will be fantastic. The Rowan and Rosaline are very obtainable, same with the Estrilda, and if you can get a copy of those Twins, it’s going to be really fantastic for you.

Moving on into the Arden boss, now, this guy is able to be stunned and stuns are going to be key. Now, the meta team for him at the moment is going to be Saurus, Grezhul, Twins, Rowan, and a Warek. So Grezhul is there because he’s gonna steal defense and attack. Also, he’s going to keep summoning his skeletons, which are gonna be healed by the Saurus at level 30 signature item. Once again, the Saurus level 30 signature item is needed. So those skeletons are also gonna stack up the damage as well. Twins for the haste, again, Rowan, because he’s just an absolute beast with the attack buff and the energy recovery. And then we have the Warek, and Warek is in there because he has a massive defense reduction for the enemy, which is really going to help out.

Now you might be wondering where do the stuns come from? The stuns are all coming from Saurus, because even though he does deal a lot of damage and a lot of healing, he also has a stun tied into one of his abilities. And with all the haste increases from The Twins, he’s actually going to pretty much lock out that Arden and mean that you can just deal as much damage as possible. Now, if you don’t have these heroes bring anything with some crowd control, some stuns, some sleeps, some fears, anything you can to try and keep that Arden controlled because it’s gonna increase the damage you can deal to him, basically, just anything you can use, bring it.

If you have a Rowan, you can always put Rowan in the front row. It’s not, it’s not as ideal, but he can use his ultimate and then stun as well, and things like that. Next up, we have the Ice Shemira. Now, if she gets an ultimate, it’s pretty much game over. If she gets a second ultimate, it’s definitely gonna be game over. So you do not want her to ever use her ultimate. Meaning Ezizh is a hundred percent vital for this matchup. So if you haven’t gotten Ezizh, you can get a copy of him from the Challenger Store.

Otherwise pick up a Mercenary because he is almost required to get decent damage in this battle. The current meta comp is going to be Saurus, once again, level 30 signature item is very important. Then we have Grezhul, The Twins, and once again, Rowan. The big thing here is the Ezizh. So Ezizh has a passive, whenever he uses an ultimate or one of his allies use an ultimate, the enemy is going to be locked out from being able to use their ultimate. So the idea here is to cycle through ultimates as much as you can without overlapping them so that you can keep up the lockout.

Now, the lockout, when an ally uses it is two seconds, when Ezizh uses his it’s three seconds. So you want to time your ultimates so that they’re evenly spaced. Sometimes it works out on auto. Sometimes you might want to do it on manual. So that is the optimal team. Basically what you want to bring if you don’t have these specific heroes is a damaged dealer. And then as many things that can increase your energy as possible. Mehira is another option that can help do that. Then you also do have something like Rosaline, which is going to boost the energy bar of an ally, which is going to give you more ultimates. So just, you want to use as many ultimates as possible in the fight with an Ezizh in the formation to make sure that Shemira does not use hers. So that is going to be it for these boss fights. Hope that helps you out in your team selection. Thanks for watching guys. Hope you have an awesome day and we’ll look forward to seeing the next one, cheers. (inspiring music).

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