Peaks of Time Beginner’s Guide: The Unrelenting Blaze | AFK Arena


Welcome adventurers. Today we are doing the second pixel time. Adventure. That’S called the unrelenting blaze for this one. We will get a really cool reward. We will get a free rain hero, some gear and five faction, summon scrolls and additionally, from the normal chess, we will get some extra gear, gold, dust, enhancement, things and diamonds. So, let’s go into it in this picks of time adventure we have additional mechanics, which is the burning ground. You can’t really go through it, because it’s a magical fire and in order to extinguish it, you got ta, do something special. First of all, you can read those ancient tomes. They will help you with the lore and may give you some hints on how to actually go through the adventure.

As always before, picking your first fight, it’s recommended to scout around to see what’s happening and which enemies are the weakest. So right now we see all the enemies that are around us and we can check their levels. Usually common enemies have lower levels. So we’ll start with the weakest one, and for us it’s top right group of the enemies that are level 92. They will be the easiest target for us. As for the team composition, you can use your favorite heroes here and it would be a nice idea to include one or two healers like in our case. It will be lucious and rawan to keep health of your team between the fights high, so they will be healthy along the journey. Now, let’s go and destroy those enemies, and i think i will just skip most of the fights in these peaks of time.

Unless there will be something specific about those combat situations, so, after defeating the first enemy, you can see that behind him there is another group of enemies which is quite powerful. So if you’re not sure that you can handle them, you can go to the other areas and fight weaker enemies, getting their relics and making your team stronger. Now, let’s go and take out the last common enemy group. There we go and we are getting the shield fortitude for additional defense. Now we got access to this orb of earth, let’s go and take it and accept the blessing of the earth in order to figure out what happened. We can open the bag and see all our relics that we collected through the journey and, let’s take a look at the amulet of earth.

This blessing gives our heroes shield that equals to 20 of their maximum hp, which is a really good for their survivability. Also in this area, we can go and take the new, mercenary and uncover some more of the land. Oh look at that we can get dimensional hero, but i would advise going for that same faction team that will give us better bonuses later on alright. So, since all the areas on the left side of the map are covered with fire, we will go to the right side this time and pick who we want to take out. 105. 100.

Let’S go take out those elite enemies. Let’S take a look at the relics. We’Ve got another arcane spell book, keep in mind that the bonuses from the same relics of the different rarity stacks up, so this will be a good option that will make our team stronger. Alright, now we got closer to this broken orb of water. Let’S try to restore the orb there we go, we restore the orb fire is weakening and we got the new blessing this time. It’S amoled of water that restores all allied hp by one percent of the max hp per second, that is pretty nice since we’re here. Let’S go to the bottom area and figure out. If we can take something here, those common enemy groups seems easy. So, let’s take them out, let’s take a chest: nice and we got another mercenary here and now we can take the blessing of the wind there we go. This is a really powerful blessing that increase our heroes haze by 15 and reduce the cooldown time by 15 percent as well.

That makes our heroes use the attacks and abilities much much more often before taking out the bottom enemy group. I would recommend going for the left one over here. First, because they are weaker, it will be easier to take them out. Now we can take out this elite enemy group get in the normal chest nice, and now we can move on and take the last orb orb of fire. Oh no, the orb of fire is corrupted in order to take it. We got ta defeat the cheap enemies. Over here they are level 121, but they consist of really low tier uh heroes. So it won’t be that much of a problem. So if you have issues with this chief enemy team, you can always go back and fight normal elite enemies and get more relics as soon as we go deeper into this area.

We can see that there are a lot of other enemies here and we can take out those guys, no problem, other than that. If we go deeper into this area, we will see that there are cheap enemies as well and they are way way tougher than the previous ones. So let’s go back and take out those chief enemies in the beginning of the map. There we go, we took them out, but it was a decoy and the demon escaped to the north, let’s go and take them out there as well. Finally, we took out the demon, we got, the legendary relic, let’s take the live, fleech one and we can get access to the fire orb. Finally, there we go, we got blessing of all the four orbs and we got additional amulet of the elements. All the fires are extinguished, and now we can take this crystal chest and get our first reward. The equipment all right from here on. We will go and take out the elite enemy group on the right and, moreover, by destroying by taking all of those orbs. We open the passageway behind it, so we can go further. Let’S take a look: what’s inside common enemy group, fantastic, let’s take them out taking the chest another one and we got another cheap enemy group over here now we have three cheap enemies ahead of us. Those chief enemies are off level 130, the ones in the middle are 118 and the ones on the left are 125.

So we’ll start with the middle group because they are the easiest, even though the power of this chief enemy is always the same as the ones that were guarding the fire orb. Since we have really good heroes here, that fight will be tougher than the one we had before, although it shouldn’t be a problem for us. Moreover, if you have issues with the fights you can always hire a mercenary from your friends or guildies, so keep it in mind. Taking this loot, some chests and the crystal chest, that’s awarding us with the five faction summons. Now, let’s go to the west and take out this chief enemy group. We got three chests diamond gold and dust chest and the last enemy group, the chief enemies on the right. Let’S take them out yeah. There is a long journey ahead of us. As you can see. The last chief enemy group have 259 k power, and here you got ta, take care of lucious, so he won’t be shielding their allies and muriel because she can decimate your team really fast.

If it’s possible, you got ta, take care of folks as well, because he will remove one of your heroes from the battlefield. The strongest one. But muriel is your focus right now, so we’ll place atelier against her and she will be decimated. We shouldn’t have issues with your, but if you have problems that would be the tactics for you, there we go. They are decimated. Okay, the last relic. It doesn’t really matter what you pick here, because the adventure is over but we’ll take this frozen star get in the normal chest and we are getting the crystal chest there we go. We got the rain here and it’s a really nice bonus to our team and there we go unrelated. Blaze is 100 completed and we unlocked the secrets of the forest, the new pixel time adventure and we will cover it in the next videos.

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