Age of Conan Dungeon Loot and Class Armor Sets List


Age of Conan Dungeon Loot and Class Armor Sets List: Boss/Item List by Omen3

Presented here are two lists that I?ve worked on, since game launch, for my guild. We?ve made many trips into the Onyx Chambers, Caravan Raider?s Hideout, and Atzel?s Fortress over that time, and I?ve cataloged what bosses we?ve encountered, and what those bosses have been dropping for items. I?ve scoured the main forums and several other sites to help me re-confirm what I have found. I?m not taking credit for these lists, as that?s not what it?s about for me, but I want to personally thank my guild, The Kinship, and all it?s members; as it?s been a blast! I?m just looking to help forward the progress made here and share the information we?ve collected, to help shine some light into the mysteries of these dark dungeons.

Note/Edit: Danyels64 from the Europe-English forums reposted the second list over on those forums and filled in a bunch of the missing information for the armor sets. I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of what was added, but the new information looks good and is likely to be correct in most cases. I want to thank Danyels64 for all the hard work and time spent gathering the information and sharing it all with us. That?s what this is all about! I?ve added the information provided by Danyels64 and updated both lists to reflect the changes and new data.

The first list shows all the bosses I know about, to date, for the Onyx Chambers, Caravan Raider?s Hideout, and Atzel?s Fortress, and their known loot tables. Between these three dungeons, it is expected that you should be able to find all eight pieces of every class?s dungeon armor set. The second list details those sets. As far as I know, the Caravan Raider?s Hideout and Atzel?s Fortress lists are complete and 99% accurate. There are a few questionabe items on their lists that may juggle around between a couple of the bosses. The Onyx Chambers, on the other hand, has some information missing still and I personally keep finding something new to add to the lists each trip I take into the dungeon with my guild.

As a general rule of thumb, each boss commonly drops two items (not 100% the case for every boss though). Those two items are normally only found on that boss alone. I say normally, because there seems to also be a small chance that any boss can drop a third shared item. An example would be the Farseer in Onyx. He commonly drops Servatus about 45% of the time and Exaltate Helm about 45% of the time, but rarely, about 10% of the time he drops the Skyshear Helm, which is commonly dropped by Ripjaw, another boss in the same dungeon. I don?t know for sure yet if it?s always the same third shared item, or if that item is just a random draw from a shared loot table. I?ve decided to add the third item drop to the boss/list whenever it is a new item that has not been recorded as dropping from any other boss. This, in effect, will cause some bosses to have three, four, or even five items listed by them.

In the Onyx Chambers specifically, there are also common bosses and rare bosses. It?s been observed that the common bosses don?t always drop a chest (it seems about a 50/50 chance), and the rare bosses seem to always drop a chest. The rare bosses seem to have place holders, that are normal mobs in the dungeon. I?m still not positive on how to get a rare boss to pop. Their place holders may just need to be killed until the rare boss spawns, or they may be on a spawn timer and will eventually de-spawn the place holder and pop in it?s place. Also of note; down in the Black Ring area of Onyx, there are bosses by the names of Black Ring Bane Master and Black Ring Slave Mistress. Both of these bosses can be found in multiple places, all up at the same time. Both are place holders for rare named bosses, but also drop loot of their own.

There are a few places of note in the Onyx Chambers that have clickable items. I have read a little about the clickable items and what you need to do to activate them, but have never personally done so yet. After activation, these clickables are said to spawn other named bosses, but all accounts tell that these activated bosses are not itemised yet. Experiment with it, if you get a chance!

The second list shows the level 80 dungeon armor sets for each class, and allows you to see at a glance where a specific armor piece drops and what boss drops it normally. The second list only shows the level 80 DUNGEON armor sets. These sets are completely different sets than the level 75-80 WORLD drop sets. They have their own unique appearance, set name, and stats.

If you catch any anything wrong, or find anything new, please just post here and keep the thread alive and everyone informed. Thanks!

*Onyx Chambers ? Boss Loot Drops*

Blackroar ? Wildstrider Tasset (Ranger), Boneshard (Dagger)
Crushgore ? Warglory Gauntlets (Conqueror), Acutus (1H Sword)
Farseer ?C? ? Servatus (Shield), Exaltate Helm (Priest of Mitra)
Grinder ? Widowdusk Fauld (Assassin), Steelspirit Boots (Guardian)
Grudgemaul ? Windstrider Boots (Ranger), Nihilistic Gloves (Necromancer)
Harrowmane ? Warhaven (Shield), Strifescar Bracers (Bear Shaman)
Redtooth ? Blackfang (Dagger), Skyshear Bracers (Tempest of Set)
Ripjaw- Skyshear Helm (Tempest of Set), Steelfate (1H Sword)
Razorgrin ? Skyshear Boots (Tempest of Set), Goremonger Bracers (Barbarian)
Skull Splitter ?C? ? Battleblessed Opus (Talisman), Wildstrider Helm (Ranger)
Tormentor ? Farspire (Bow), Bloodseraph Helm (Dark Templar)
Tramplerage ? Redspray (2H Axe), Wildstrider Gauntlets (Ranger)
Wrathclaw ? Skyshear Armbands (Tempest of Set), Exaltate Bracers (Priest of Mitra), Blacksulphur Pants (Demonologist), Bonebiter (1H Axe)
Wreckbone ? Bloodseraph Vambraces (Dark Templar), Astrum (1H Mace), Bloodseer Bracers (Herald of Xotli)
Akhitut the Immolated ? Agilis (Dagger), Blacksulphur Armbands (Demonologist), Steelspirit Girdle (Guardian)
Atum-Teti ? Nihilistic Armbands (Necromancer), Exaltate Armbands (Priest of Mitra)
Kamu-Hoten the Stoned ? Nihilistic Wristbands (Necromancer), Blackshard (Dagger), Wildstrider Armbands (Ranger)
Mekhtep the Scourged ? Wolfsbane (Crossbow), Bloodseraph Armguards (Dark Templar)
Neftummon ?C? ? Lamentatus (2H Sword), Skyshear Gauntlets (Tempest of Set)
Nur-Hotep the Slaughtered ? Windfury (1H Mace), Warglory Boots (Conqueror), Exaltate Gauntlets (Priest of Mitra)
Phartaris the Wrath ? Goremonger Girdle (Barbarian), Warglory Girdle (Conqueror), Steelspirit Gauntlets (Guardian)
Saadeth the Sacrificed ? Blacksulpher Wristbands (Demonologist), Exaltate Girdle (Priest of Mitra), Bloodseer Boots (Herald of Xotli)
Sadiq the Ancient ? Warglory Helm (Conqueror), Blacksulphur Gloves (Demonologist)
Seti-Anok the Flayed ? Custoditus (Shield), Strifescar Boots (Bear Shaman), Skyshear Jerkin (Tempest of Set)
Suthotun the Strangled ? Blacksulpher Circlet (Demonologist), Goremonger Jerkin (Barbarian)
Talimes the Rotten ? Widowdusk Mitts (Assassin), Strifescar Jerkin (Bear Shaman), Warglory Tasset (Conqueror), Nihilistic Sash (Necromancer), Skyshear Girdle (Tempest of Set)
Undying Scicon ?C? ? Bloodseer Tasset (Herald of Xotli), Steelspirit Vambraces (Guardian)
Vahaben the Disemboweled ? Goremonger Helm (Barbarian), Accensus (2H Sword), Widowdusk Armbands (Assassin)
Wenric Grom ?C? ? Bloodseraph Girdle (Dark Templar), Goremonger Gauntlets (Barbarian)
Akhita the Reveler ? Fractalus (Halberd), Widowdusk Sash (Assassin), Bloodseraph Tasset (Dark Templar)
Belshah ?C? ? ?
Black Ring Bane Master ?C? ? Steelspirit Armguards (Guardian), Shadow?s Bane (Staff)
Black Ring Slave Mistress ?C? ? Warglory Vambraces (Conqueror), Bloodseer Cowl (Herald of Xotli)
Issa the Heartless ? Warglory Chestguard (Conqueror), Widowdusk Tunic (Assassin)
Jaleel the Scirocco ? Bloodseer Sash (Herald of Xotli), Wildstrider Girdle (Ranger)
Kesh ?C? ? Nihilistic Cowl (Necromancer), Bloodseer Gauntlets (Herald of Xotli)
Nefru ?C? ? Oxleg (2H Hammer), Widowdusk Hood (Assassin)
Neifer-Tali the Terror ? Bloodseraph Boots (Dark Templar), Steelspirit Helm (Guardian), Skyfire (Staff)
Shulit ?C? ? ?

Note: ? = Unknown Item Drop
Note: ?C? = Common Boss (About a 50/50 chance for a chest)

*Caravan Raider?s Hideout ? Boss Loot Drops*

Jathred the Life Drinker ? Exaltate Tasset (Priest of Mitra), Widowdusk Bracers (Assassin)
Medjian the Unholy ? Bloodedge (1H Sword), Strifescar Gauntlets (Bear Shaman)
Prince Abaddon ? Bloodserapth Gauntlets (Dark Templar), Exaltate Jerkin (Priest of Mitra), Needlebag (Bolts), Steelspirit Tasset (Guardian)
Sethick Bloodblade ? Goremonger Armband (Barbarian), Opus Ignis (Talisman)
Varl the Wrathful ? Bloodbarbs (Arrows), Strifescar Helm (Bear Shaman)

*Atzel?s Fortress ? Boss Loot Drops*

Amunhoten ? Widowdusk Padsoles (Assassin), Nihilistic Robe (Necromancer)
Awar ? Arcfire Opus (Talisman), Nihilistic Pants (Necromancer) ? ??
Brokk the Smith ? Obliteratus (Staff), Steelspirit Chestguard (Guardian)
King Atzel the Nithing ? Bloodseraph Chestguard (Dark Templar), Nihilistic Slippers (Necromancer)
Lieutenant Ulf ? Strifescar Tasset (Bear Shaman), Goremonger Boots (Barbarian), Blacksulpher Robe (Demonologist)
Lord Suth ? Retribution (Polearm), Wildstrider Jerkin (Ranger)
Menhotep ? Exaltate Boots (Priest of Mitra), Bloodseer Armbands (Herald of Xotli) ? ??
Osithmes ? Bloodseers Tunic (Herald of Xotli), Strifescar Girdle (Bear Shaman)
Rorik the Ghost ? Blacksulpher Slippers (Demonologist), Opus Nimbosum (Talisman), Blacksulphur Sash (Demonologist)
Tainmic ? Gorefang (Dagger), Wildstrider Bracers (Ranger)
Talon the Spymaster ? Strifescar Armbands (Bear Shaman), Skyshear Tasset (Tempest of Set)
The Widow ? Opus Adnullatus (Talisman), Warglory Armguards (Conqueror)

Note: ?? = Awar and Menhotep (they pull as a pair of bosses in the same encounter) seem to share their drops, as the Arcfire Opus and Exaltate Boots have dropped from both.

~80th Level Dungeon Armor Sets~

~Assassin ? Widowdusk~
Widowdusk Tunic ? Onyx Chambers (Issa the Heartless)
Widowdusk Fauld ? Onyx Chambers (Grinder)
Widowdusk Padsoles ? Atzel?s Fortress (Amunhoten)
Widowdusk Mitts ? Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Widowdusk Sash ? Onyx Chambers (Akhita the Reveler)
Widowdusk Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Vahaben the Disemboweled)
Widowdusk Bracers ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Jathred the Life Drinker)
Widowdusk Hood ? Onyx Chambers (Nefru)

~Barbarian ? Goremonger~
Goremonger Jerkin ? Onyx Chambers (Suthotun the Strangled)
Goremonger Tasset ? ???
Goremonger Boots ? Atzel?s Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Goremonger Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Wenric Grom)
Goremonger Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Goremonger Armbands ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Sethick Bloodblade)
Goremonger Bracers ? Onyx Chambers (Razorgrin)
Goremonger Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Vahaben the Disemboweled)

~Bear Shaman ? Strifescar~
Strifescar Jerkin ? Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Strifescar Tasset ? Atzel?s Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Strifescar Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Seti Anok the Flayed))
Strifescar Gauntlets ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Medjian the Unholy)
Strifescar Girdle ? Atzel?s Fortress (Osithmes)
Strifescar Armbands ? Atzel?s Fortress (Talon the Spymaster)
Strifescar Bracers ? Onyx Chambers (Harrowmane)
Strifescar Helm ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Varl the Wrathful)

~Conqureor ? Warglory~
Warglory Chestguard ? Onyx Chambers (Issa the Heartless)
Warglory Tasset ? Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Warglory Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Nur-Hotep the Slaughtered)
Warglory Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Crushgore)
Warglory Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Warglory Armbands ? Atzel?s Fortress (The Widow)
Warglory Vambraces ? Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Slave Mistress)
Warglory Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Sadiq the Ancient)

~Dark Templar ? Bloodseraph~
Bloodseraph Chestguard ? Atzel?s Fortress (King Atzel the Nithing)
Bloodseraph Tasset ? Onyx Chambers (Akhita the Reveler)
Bloodseraph Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Neifer-Tali the Terror)
Bloodseraph Gauntlets ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Bloodseraph Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Wenric Grom)
Bloodseraph Armguards ? Onyx Chambers (Mekhtep the Scourged)
Bloodseraph Vambraces ? Onyx Chambers (Wreckbone)
Bloodseraph Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Tormentor)

~Demonologist ? Blacksulphur~
Blacksulphur Robe ? Atzel?s Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Blacksulphur Pants ? Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Blacksulphur Slippers ? Atzel?s Fortress (Rorik the Ghost)
Blacksulphur Gloves ? Onyx Chambers (Sadiq the Ancient)
Blacksulphur Sash ? Atzel?s Fortress (Rorik the Ghost)
Blacksulphur Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Akhtitut the Immolated)
Blacksulphur Wristbands ? Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Blacksulphur Circlet ? Onyx Chambers (Suthotun the Strangled)

~Guardian ? Steelspirit~
Steelspirit Chestguard ? Atzel?s Fortress (Brokk the Smith)
Steelspirit Tasset ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Steelspirit Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Grinder)
Steelspirit Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Steelspirit Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Akhtitut the Immolated))
Steelspirit Armguards ? Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Bane Master)
Steelspirit Vambraces ? Onyx Chambers (Undying Scicon)
Steelspirit Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Nefer-Tali the Terror)

~Herald of Xotli ? Bloodseer~
Bloodseer Tunic ? Atzel?s Fortress (Osithmes)
Bloodseer Tasset ? Onyx Chambers (Undying Scicon)
Bloodseer Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Bloodseer Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Kesh)
Bloodseer Sash ? Onyx Chambers (Jaleel the Scirocco)
Bloodseer Armbands ? Atzel?s Fortress (Menhotep)
Bloodseer Bracers ? Onyx Chambers (Wreckbone)
Bloodseer Cowl ? Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Slave Mistress)

~Necromancer ? Nihilistic~
Nihilistic Robe ? Atzel?s Fortress (Amunhoten)
Nihilistic Pants ? Atzel?s Fortress (Awar)
Nihilistic Slippers ? Atzel?s Fortress (King Atzel the Nithing)
Nihilistic Gloves ? Onyx Chambers (Grudgemaul)
Nihilistic Sash ? Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Nihilistic Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Atum-Teti)
Nihilistic Wristbands ? Onyx Chambers (Kamu-Hoten the Stoned)
Nihilistic Cowl ? Onyx Chambers (Kesh)

~Priest of Mitra ? Exaltate~
Exaltate Jerkin ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Exaltate Tasset ? Caravan Raider?s Hideout (Jathred the Life Drinker)
Exaltate Boots ? Atzel?s Fortress (Menhotep)
Exaltate Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Nur-Hotep the Slaughtered)
Exaltate Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Exaltate Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Atum-Teti)
Exaltate Bracers ? Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Exaltate Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Farseer)

~Ranger ? Wildstrider~
Wildstrider Jerkin ? Atzel?s Fortress (Lord Suth)
Wildstrider Tasset ? Onyx Chambers (Blackroar)
Wildstrider Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Grudgemaul)
Wildstrider Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Tramplerage)
Wildstrider Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Jaleel the Scirocco)
Wildstrider Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Kamu-Hoten the Stoned)
Wildstrider Bracers ? Atzel?s Fortress (Tainmic)
Wildstrider Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Skull Splitter)

~Tempent of Set ? Skyshear~
Skyshear Jerkin ? Onyx Chambers (Seti-Anok the Flayed)
Skyshear Tasset ? Atzel?s Fortress (Talon the Spymaster)
Skyshear Boots ? Onyx Chambers (Razorgrin)
Skyshear Gauntlets ? Onyx Chambers (Neftummon)
Skyshear Girdle ? Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Skyshear Armbands ? Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Skyshear Bracers ? Onyx Chambers (Redtooth)
Skyshear Helm ? Onyx Chambers (Ripjaw)

Note: ??? = Unknown Item Location/Boss

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