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Age of Conan First Area Secrets Guide


Age of Conan First Area Secrets Guide by Whelm

Just thought I?d throw this out there, since I hadn?t seen anything letting the incoming new folks in on what there is. Nothing spectacular, but deserves to be put out there. If I miss something, Post it, and I?ll add to this OP.

1.) When you first gain control over your new character, turn around 180 degrees, and swim out and down towards the reef you see. There?s a chest just in front of it, that sometimes contains a magic ring that adds 0.5% fire resistance.

2.) Instead of going straight to the girl in front of you, turn left along the beach. Some alligators to kill, but no treasure, other than the teeth occasionally dropped.

3.) Loop back around and follow the beach to the right. It goes on a for a bit, but eventually you hit some rogues, then gators. There?s a gator boss that drops a random body part, use not yet known. I got a severed foot. The gator boss guards a treasure chest, that may also contain a magic ring with the same fire buff.

4.) After freeing the girl, bear left for a mini-boss that drops a two-handed blunt weapon and guards another chest that may have another magic ring.

5.) Bear right after the girl but sharply so: The path to the right splits. The righmost path ends in a little camp with another miniboss. No treasure chest, but he does drop a new dagger.

6.) After killing the slaver, in the tents section, the tent behind the boss who drops the bow and arrows also contains another chest, which also may have another magic ring.

7.) Inside the temple, to the right of the boss, is another 2 minions. Behind them is another chest, with maybe another ring.

8.) After getting through the locked gate, and through the gorilla gauntlet, you?ll eventually find and kill a gorilla boss. Take his treasure, which serves no purpose yet other than giving you starting money. To the right of the boss is another two gorillas. Kill them; they guard the final chest before you get to town.

That?s about it for now. Odds are I?ve missed one more more items, feel free to criticize my lack of omnipotence and inform me. I?ll update this mini-guide.



The White Sands Mausoleum key!

You get this key along with a weapon from the blacksmith outside who broke your chains. Bring him metal from the docks to get this key. But where is it used? Took me a while to figure that one out!

First, you CANNOT find this chest at night! No way, no how, it isn?t there! You gotta brave the gankers to get your treasure. Go to white sands. Follow the beachline to the right a looong way. Walk across the shallow channel, and go along the beach. You pass the stone dock to your right, pass the first big bandit camp on your left, then eventually on your left you?ll see giant stone stairs. Go up the hill _to the right of these_. It?s a little path, flanked with torches. You?ll see the mausoleum in front of you, but the chest isn?t there! It?s directly to the left on the path, right in front of the single tent. Loot be yours now.

#Rocker7?s tips:

Tip 1: On White Sands, when you first spawn by the rowboat walk straight ahead and to the right about 50 feet and there is a bottle in the sand by the shoreline that will send you on a quest to a nearby Island to kill the Ape Queen (not the Ape Behemoth Boss). Found a chest on the island that contained a non-magical necklace worth around 45 tin plus experience for killing the ape queen and its minions. Don?t remember what level they were.

Tip 2: When you arrive in Old Tarantia. Dive underneath the docked boat and you will find an underwater chest (chest will be glowing) near one end of the boat. It contained level 20 health and stamina potions when I opened it.


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