Age of Conan Fortress Boss Guide


Age of Conan Fortress Boss Guide by Kiljaden

Here?s my walk-through for Atzel?s Fortress. A lot of these are tough fights for people new to the instance, and have taken my guildies and I hours of wiping to get the various strategies down. We do not use exploits or bugs to help us kill any of these bosses ? all of these strategies are 100% legitimate.

My guildies of Destined Legends of Dagoth and I take all credit for everything in this guide, as we have gotten advice from no other guild or people. We have developed all of these strategies from pure blood, sweat, and tears.


Dungeon Level:
-Level 80 only.

Party Makeup:
-1 Juggernaut Guardian
-1 Offtank, ConqDT (spec does not matter), really only necessary for MenhotepAwar.
-Two Healers of _differing classes_
-Two to Three dps?rs (One Necromancer recommended)

Gear Level:
-Level 60+ gear recommended

here goes nothin?



-From the entrance, head far right. Down the hallway, straight through to the end.

What does he do?:
-Pretty much nothing? He likes to spawn minions.

But what do I do?:
-Tank and Spank.
-When minions spawn, the dps will halt on the Smith and quickly dps the minions down, then return to the Smith until he falls.

Phat Lewts?:
-I remember he drops a very nice Full Plate Chest piece and
-a (necro or demo?) Staff.

What have I accomplished?:
-Good Lewts
-Current understanding is that he buffs Atzel?s Defiant Strike damage (the one that hits for 6-10k damage). This may not be entirely accurate.



-From the entrance, go up the stairs, and into the room before Atzel?s (with the locked door to your right).
-Head left, break a door down and clear the trash before engaging.

What does he do?:
-Mo?fo very annoyingly teleports around making it very hard to hold aggro and predict his PBAOE.
-He chain-casts Blasphemous Ruin, a very nasty 2k-3k PBAOE on primary target ? this will slaughter melee.
-He also Fears, sometimes resulting in the group ice-skating around the room while he blows you up.

But what do I do?:
-Max Unholy Invulns however you can. Mental BarrierEnduring Defense on the Guardian, party buffs, etc. 20%+ REQUIRED, 25% recommended.
-Turn Casting Bars on.
-HEALING POTIONS 100% of the time!
-Start with the party in the center of the room. The Guardian will tank him where he stands (for now). Guardian will blow cooldowns and build as much residual threat as possible (counterstrike obviously useless against this caster).
-Melee will be in-and-out dpsing. The melee must watch for Blasphemous Ruin and run away from the tank when this happens. Also, if the melee gets under 50% health, stay away from the tank until you are healed.
-He is Stunnable, but can resist. Make good use of all available stuns.
-If the Tank dies, as he often does, kite and dps as best you can.
-When his mana runs out, he is useless and can be killed with 2 people.

Phat Lewts?:
-I don?t remember what he drops, I believe it?s the Ranger Bracers.

What have I accomplished?:
-By killing Tainmic, you will prove to yourself that your current group has a shot at killing Osithmus and Lord Suth. Even if you wiped 2-4 times, getting his strategy down with the insanity put on the healers will help you in the near future

-As of the June 9th patch, the Spymaster seems to not always spawn, though he frequently hidesunhides and can be hard to find.


-From the entrance, go up the stairs, and into the room before Atzel?s (with the locked door).
-Head Right, he may be in the bedroom in either back corner.
-He may be stealthed. If he is not there, it is assumed he isn?t spawned, though he could be anywhere in this room, if he exists.
-If you need this quest, reset the instance ? he?s there 50%ish of the time.

What does he do?:
-Melee range cone AoE for ~1800.
-That?s it

What do I do?:
-Tank and Spank
-Guardian will turn him away from the group, perhaps putting his back into a corner.

Phat Lewts?:
-I don?t remember, but he drops something.

What have I accomplished?:
-Hmm? a quest?



-Level 2
-From the very small staircase into Atzel?s Room, head left, and up the stairs once.
-Clear to the left, he?s in the back corner.

What does he do?:
-He?s a HoX, so some fire damage, but physical invulns are more important.
-Barely anything else

What do I do?:
-Looking at the doorway to his room, there?s a corner to the right. Ranged pull him and tank him with your ass in that corner.
-Tank and Spank, moderate healing intensiveness.

Phat Lewts?:
-Yeah, he drops a couple things. IIRC a cloth caster chest or legs
-and something else?

What have I accomplished?:


-Very Hard

-Level 3
-One level above Amenhoten, same style back room. (Note crossbowmen are nasty, get them to melee or they F#@$ your healers)

What does he do?:
-He spawns 4 skeleton minions that must be quickly killed once they reach your party. Healing cannot spare a second to heal the dps.
-Blasphemous Ruin (PBAOE) again ? for 2.5k-3.5k damage
-Other nasty non-aoe 1k-2k spells
-Drains life to heal himself.

What do I do?:
-MAX UNHOLY INVULN!! 21% is cutting it close, 25%+ recommended.
-Tank him with your ass in the corner, same way with Amenhotep. Doing it this way, the undead minions will run right past you into the group. Tank: DO NOT even blink at them.
-HEALING POTIONS 110% of the time.
-He is unkillable while he has mana due to his life drain, making this fight that much worse. The tank must survive assloads of damage before dps will get him under 95%.
-DPS?s job will be to protect the healers by slaughtering the minions. DPS will not even blink at Osithmus until his mana reaches 0%. DPS will not go near the tank and boss except to stun.
?Osithmus is very stunnable! Stun him often enough to keep your tank alive, but not so often that he never burns his mana. Guardian: remember ?Strike and Guard? is a stun that works on him.

Phat Lewts?:
-Yeah, can?t remember though. It wasn?t Full Plate, why should I care? 😛

What have I accomplished?:
-You have killed one of the hardest 6-man bosses in the game. GG for you!


-A Bear Shaman tanked him for the lulz. I bet a clothie could, too.

-Level 4
-He spawns when you walk near the web near bottom of those stairs.
-If you need my help here, you?re fired.

What does he do?:

What do I do?:
-Laugh at him and his health disappears.

Phat Lewts?:
-Yeah, it was ok? I think he dropped a weapon once, but I never pay attention to him. I?m usually smoking or eating at this point.

What have I accomplished?:
-Absolutely nothing except?
-FREE LEWT.. literally.. You could one-man this boss, it?s that sad.



-Level 5
-You require the Key from Spymaster. If you didn?t find Spymaster, oh well. Thank you, come again.

What does he do?:
-Imagine Osithmus with his nasty PBAOEs.
-Take away his minions.
-Change Unholy magic to Fire magic.
-Take away his self-heal (i.e you don?t have to wait on his mana)

What do I do?:
-Max Fire Invuln
-Tank Suth wherever he stands
-Melee in-and-out (@ 50% stay out until full hp again)
-Stun him as much as humanly possible

Phat Lewts?:
-I don?t even know why I included this part, I never remember.

What have I accomplished?:
-Killed something only slightly easier than Osithmus. You still got it!



-Level 7
-From Level 6, you go up the central staircase and voila! there he is.

What does he do?:
-Pounds the Guardian?s face a bit, nothing too bad.
-Spawns an add after so much time into the fight, probably 60 seconds. He?s usually dead by then.

What do I do?:
-Pull him back to Level 5 at the foot of his stairs.
-Tank and Spank with him facing away from the party.
-When the add spawns, stun-lock it and keep full dps on Ulf til his corpse rots on the floor.
-He hits moderately hard, healing pots on tank are wise.

Phat Lewts?:
-Some bear shaman legs I think?
-and a couple other pieces.

What have I accomplished?:
-You?re almost done with this place! WOOT!



-Level 6
-Left back corner

What does he do?:
-Hits for 500-800
-Melee AoE cone attack for ~1300

-Self-Centered AOE for ~600
-Rare PBAOE for a good amount, like 1000-1800ish I believe
-A couple other stupid spells

What do I do?:
-As far as I know, two tanks are necessary for this fight. Alone, their damage is negligible. Together, they?re too much for even me with my epics (muahaha!).
-The gimped offtank (conqdt) will tank Menhotep with his back to the pillar to your left. Healing pots are your friend.
-The Guardian will max fire invuln and tank Awar where he stands.
-DPS Menhotep first, then Awar last (as the offtank will drop fairly quick).
-Healers should assign themselves to an individual tank, the stronger of the two on the Menhotep tank.

?This is the only fight where a ridiculous amount of importance is put on the initial pull. The Menhotep tank must ranged-pull him away from the Guardian and Awar AT THE SAME TIME that the Guardian gets body-pull aggro and begins to build aggro. If you screw this up, one of them will run around one-shotting people, guaranteed.

Phat Lewts?:
-Menhotep drops loot AND
-Awar drops loot

What have I accomplished?:
-This fight is tough, but shows that your group has the coordination necessary to do complicated tasks like pushing W and an attack key at the right time.




-Behind Atzel
-Requires the Chapel Key (from Lord Suth I believe)

What does he do?:
-Imagine Tainmic
-Take away his teleport
-Add an AoE Fear

What do I do?:
-Imagine Tainmic, it?s about the same

Phat Lewts?:
-Aye, son, aye.

What have I accomplished?:
-Killed the last, final, very secret boss of Atzel?s Fortress.


?Actually, not yet Imagine this fight like Hakkar from Zul?Gurub, if you played WoW. Certain bosses, and his 4 court members (Fuarit, The Announcer, The Advisor, and The Physician) buff Atzel ? to the point of near impossibility. Without the help of these mobs, Atzel is weak. Really weak.
(It?s entirely possible that the ghost in Atzel?s Storeroom buffs him too, but I?m not sure on this one, as we?ve always killed him.) The best idea is to do a full clear of all bosses and non-boss named mobs before fighting him.

-Medium, yarly.

-You should know by now

What does he do?:
-Hits for 150-600
-May or may not do Defiant Strike for 800-1200
-Nasty AoE knockback
-Has two adds that can be a problem

What do I do?:
-I already told you how to make him killable.
-The rest is up to you

Phat Lewts?:
-Uh, yeah.

What have I accomplished?:
-Give yourself a pat on the back!

?.Now do it again

-The Renegade seems to reliably spawn on level 3 as of the June 9th patch.
-Lord Suth can only be accessed by finding and killing the Spymaster.
-The Battle Plans on the desk to the north of where you killed the Advisor give you a quest. There is also a bug where if you get this quest and click on a ?plan? on the wall without first killing the Ghost of Rorik, he spawns and, surely, kills you very quickly.
-Killing the Ghost of Rorik completes the Cold Iron or w/e quest (Delivering the Blow)

Oh, and the Chef?

He does absolutely nothing?. lol

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