Age of Conan Onyx Chambers Map and Info Guide


Age of Conan Onyx Chambers Map and Info Guide by Julius

Here is the latest revision of my Onyx Chambers map which I have been working on over the last couple of weeks. The map is largely my own work, but I have received assistance from numerous people who have grouped with me during this time, particularly Fate and Novalis from the Descendents, updated with some helpful people in this thread, and some info borrowed from a very similar map, posted by Flay of the EU forums HERE, coincidentally at the very same time as I posted mine original.

Detailed Onyx Chamber Map


1. There are more than the 40 bosses as described in Omen3?s list HERE

2. Some people think the Pedestals do nothing, or are bugged. They?re not. You need to pick up manuscripts which are dropped by bosses, which allow you to unlock further, rare bosses when clicking on the pedestals, providing you have the manuscripts.

3. Same with the Acheronian Portal room. There are 4 slots on the portal into which runes are fitted, thus unlocking further rare bosses. These runes are dropped from mage bosses (Black Ring). Whether its possible to pass through the door to another area, I am also not sure. I believe the portal relates to a quest, as the cursor changes to a red door as one mouses over it, but no info is given, or passge through allowed.

4. Many bosses listed are placeholders for rare bosses, and need to be killed multiple times for the rare bosses to spawn, or they spawn at different times, and one needs to revisit the Chambers during a separate seeion.

5. Still unsure how to get in the Ancient Stygian doorway?whether it is unlocked by boss drops within Onyx, or from an questgiver outside, I am yet to ascertain.

6. The coordinate system is not entirely linear on the map as shown, because there are 3 main levels to Onyx Chambers, and some lower areas lie beneath upper areas, so will share the same xxx,yyy coordinates. The layout of the map has been stretched a bit to allow depiction on a single image.

Bosses still needing to be located:

4th portal boss ? B17 (other than Haes, Elib, and Argech)
U16 unconfirmed boss in room with Talimes and Sadiq
Undead Room marked with ? north of Vahaben

thanks, and happy raiding!


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