Age of Wulin Catching Up as a Newbie Guide


Age of Wulin Catching Up as a Newbie Guide?by Cammmit

I?ve seen that many players do not want to start the game because they don?t want to be far behind:

I?ll tell you a way: how you can catch up pretty fast:

How to catch up the internal skill?
? ~ Create character ~
? ~ Do Tutorials + Reach lvl 10 + learn all 3 skillsets ~
? Farm as much certificates as you can
? Once you reach LVL 10 exchange your Certificates for the 2nd internal pages

This way you can start Lvling the 2nd internal after 2 days (when you are active)

Keep being active and LVL the 2nd internal to 30/36. This way you will be able to reach that lvl pretty fast and you can start cultivating your skills/1st internal (for meridians).

If you do it proberly, you will be able to catch up and start with the maingroup once 3rd internal is realeased.

You will need 1200 Certificates ? to reach lvl 36 / 600 to reach 30
that?s why you will need 300 Liang (except you reach lvl 30) So Kidnap/use the 10-50L offline work Money actively

How to get the certificates?
You can get:
? 20/day from School patrol
? 10/day from Spying -> Age of Wulin Easy Spying Guide
? 70/week from the Spytask
(and some from Scriptsteal/Sect War)
= 280+ Certificates/week.

Another way would be:

~ Creating an Alt in the same school ~
~ Do the spying task with both character ~ (70from Spy + 70/task per Character as alternativ to do the patroling)
~ Transfer the 50Liang (the Money) to Trade your Certificates~ (53L bc of the taxes)

It?s a?less time consuming way?? especially when you let main + alt spy together (I know someone who is doing it with 3 chars at ones)
With autopath + follow-function ??(I would prefer this technic)

How much certificates you need per lvl:

How long you need to cultivate:
Right now the prices are at the bottom ? you can easily buy average equipp for a decent price

Please correct the mistakes i?ve made (English isn?t my native language)

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