Age of Wulin Damage Types Guide


Age of Wulin Damage Types Guide?by Demama

There are 2 types of damage in AoW:?External?damage and?Internal?damage. They?re like Physical and Magical damage in other games.Internal damage have 4 elementals : Yang, Yin, Hard, Soft. ( in other games they?re fire,ice,earth,etc?)

1.External Damage:?

  • Hit rate base on Body Method stats.
  • Crit rate base on Strength stats.
  • Can be reduced by External defense stats.
  • Cant be reduced by any Internal defense.

2.Internal damage :

  • Hit rate base on Virgous Qi stats.
  • Crit rate base on Virgous Qi stats.
  • Cant be reduced by External defense stats.
  • Can be reduced by specific Internal defense.For example: Yang damage is reduced by Yang defense only.

3.Skill type, skill damage type and bonus damage:

Example: Swirling Flower sword set of Scholar Academy ? Skill : Hero?s tear
-Skill type : Yin
-Skill damage type : external
-Bonus damage: 16% Strength stat + 16% Breath (Intellect) Stat

As you can see, skill type,skill damage type and its bonus damage do not go together.

  • Skill type: We dont have external type of skill,instead we have 5 types :Taiji, Yang, Hard, Soft, Yin. The type of skill decide how much bonus damage it will receive from?YOUR CURRENT INNER SKILL?(20%,16% or none).
  • Skill damage?: It?s written in the skill description : ? XX points ofExternal/Yang/yin/hard/soft?damage..? This will decide which stat will the hit rate, crit rate and damage reduction of the skill is based on. ( as i wrote above)
  • Bonus damage: It?s also written in the skill description: ? XX ( + Y)( +Z) points of??.
    -XX:?Yellow?damage-Skill base damage,increased by weapons or higher level of that skill
    -Y,Z : Bonus damage from stats.Red?damage is Strength stat bonus,?Blue?damage is Breath (Intellect) stat bonus,?Green?damage is Body method stat bonus.
    *Note: The amount of bonus damage is varied depend on each skill.

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