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Age of Wulin Easy Spying Guide


Age of Wulin Easy Spying Guide?by Protosx

Spying on other sect is currently the BEST source of Bound Liangs?

In completion of the intelligence spying mission you will get 70 certificates that you can use to buy 2nd inner book pages , or put on a package that will make them unbound and sell it to other players, who will use them to buy ur sect inner book pages?

Wow! Nice rewards right? So lets start spying!

Wait? spying is not that easy, specially for newbies? however? this will make things a lot easier?and you may not need all of those 20 Leaders Token? I myself only use at least 5 of those?and I always complete the spying mission within 4-5 days?

What?s the secret? Its not really a secret, not even an exploit?its more like a strategy!
But before we start?please remember this stuff?

It can be done 5 times a day with any sect u want other than ur char sect?

Your sect leader offers weekly Intelligence mission?

Weekly Spying mission requires you to successfully spy on 5 different schools other than ur sect for 4 times. (press L and check intelligence mission to see ur target sect) ( i will provide printscreen later )

Upon accepting the Sect Leader weekly spying mission you will also be provided with 20 Leaders token.

The Leaders Token only last for 7 days or 1 week upon receiving them.

Talking to your Sect leader will enable you to teleport directly to your target sect in expense of 1 Leader token per tele.

You can only spy 5 times a day. (I wish it was 10! Wahaha ^_^ )

If you are able to completely get 10 / 10 intels per run then you will get 50 Bound Liang + 160exp! Per run (I get 52L btw?my acc?s adds some % to rewards)! I advice that never ever go back in ur sect unless you get this to 10 / 10?lower than that is a waste!

You will not be able to cancel or remove this quest. The only option is for you to complete it! ( i will provide printscreen and info about this later )

If you failed to complete the weekly spying mission within the week when you accepted it, then you will not be able to get the next week weekly spying quest unless its completed, if you are still not able to complete it on its 2nd week then still you will not get the next week weekly quest? and so on l0lz

If you are able to complete the weekly spying quest, you need to wait until server reset (Sunday midninght or Monday 00:01 server time) to get the new weekly spying quest.

Do your best to accept the weekly spying mission on Mondays and complete it ASAP! (it will only take 5 spying per day in 4 days)

Other than certificates, Bound liang and exp rewards, you may also get breakthrough pages upon using the ?Ambush? skill with offline intel players (use ambush on patrol might give you 1 point intel?but will stun you most of the time!)

Breakthrough pages are used in?just read the description when you get one! Wahaha ^_~,V,, ( i will provide printscreen later )

NOTE: I will add more info above once i get home? -_-?

The Spy mission Begins!!!

When is the best time to spy? ofc when no one is around!
I do my spying in the morning? like 3-4am Server time? this is also the best time to kidnap

l0lz Few online players = Few online patrols = High chance of surviving?and no one will bother you!

And since i spy with all 3 chars all at once? the chances that one of my char will get attacked while Spy statis ON is very low?

Worst time to spy is before and after SS or Sect war!

So now?lets get the Weekly spying mission!

Talk to your sect leader? accept the Intel spying mission?press L to open quest list and click on the Intelligence mission for you to see your targets?(Printscreens on getting weekly misison will be posted next week? i forgot to take prntscrs this morning -_-? still sleepy i guess ahaha)

Always spy on the sect that are FAR AWAY from the location of your sect. check your map.
Iam a tang thats why i always spy on other sect and last is Emei if i have them on Spy Target list. (printscreen will be posted later)

Now that you just accepted the spying mission?you are also provided with 20 Leaders Token..


Talk to your Sect Leader?

Select Spying on other sect?

Select your spying target (example RG)

Select tele to RG map..

You will automatically be teleported to your target sect in expense of 1 Leaders token..

You will be teleported to the map respawn point, where a spying npc is near?
so lets start extracting intels now? not yet!

Open your Foothold window, make sure you have 1 free foothold slot, select one of the foothold spot in the spying target map, and add it!?why? this will be useful later!
(printscreen later lolz)

After saving the foothold, now its time to start spying!

You can either talk to the Spying NPC

and get the spying mission


You can just press N select spying mission and accept it!

Upon accepting the spy mission, you will be teleported in a random spawn point inside the map of the sect you are spying with?

Open your map M and check where you are? your location is marked by the golden arrow head.. The Yellow border marks the sect school area where intels can be found? the green lines marks the pathways to get inside the sect?

Get inside the school and when you see a intelligence offline player, click him/her and click one of the 2 intel extraction skill?

There are 3 skills in spying mission?

The one with yellow arrow corresponds to the 1st intel extraction skill?a success will give you 1 point intel, a failure will give you 20 points in ur vulnerability? 1min? cooldown?

The green arrow points to the 2nd intel extraction skill (AMBUSH), success will give you 3 points of intel, failure will stun you for 30seconds and will give you 100% vulnerability exposing your spying status? 2mins? cooldown?

The 3rd one to the right end is the skill used to stun offline player patrols? ?cooldown
i find this one useful because offline player in patrol does this AoE skill that will give 10 points to your vulnerability if you are close?

Marked with red arrow is your Vulnerability meter, When your vulnerability reaches 100% NPC patrol will be able to attack you when you enter their range, also any online player with patrol status on will be able to attack you freely? worst case scenario is failing when using ambush 30sec stun then theres a partol player or npc and they try to kill u? -___-?

you can go back to your sect and complete the spying mission when u get at least 1 / 10 intels? but again less that 10 / 10 is a waste!

While spying?remember this?

Walls are your bestfriends? roofs are your enemies? open area?s are suicide!

dont get too close with patrols?

NEVER use ambush while there is a NPC patrol or worst a online patrol player around!

avoid betting close with offline patrol players

NOTE: More info will be added with printscreens?

Upon getting 10 / 10 intels, now is the time to get back to your sect?

there are 2 ways in getting back.. the commonly used way.. and the strategic way!

Commonly used way is by the use of the Foothold teleport?

OR by the use of the BREAK MERIDIAN skill?(printscreen later)

OR? the strategic way? ^_~

Find a location where there is a high dropping cliff, (dont expect this in beggar sect map!)
there are lots of this location @ Emei, RG, BV, Scholar, Shaolin sect?also in tang i guess? sorry all my alts are tang -___-?

when you find your cliff, next thing to do is look for a solid ground DEATH SPOT! DONT EVER THINK OF DROPPING into water?your not going to do diving or swiming with half nude emeis here!

Now before doing the Suicide jump? drain your internal force or MP first! use parry break or empty skills to do so?also buff skill will do?


Another easy way to drain you MP or Internal Force is by?Switching to the newbie inner!

Before Switching? 1193 Internal Force

Equip the Newbie inner to one of your key spots

After switching?Mp or Internal Force becomes 284

and when you have at least 15% mp left? do the suicide jump! wait?why not drain until 0% mp?

do this?and you will understand?
jump once away from the cliff or wall, then jump again, and again ( provided that you have whirlwind step) then use your parry break or empty move skill! then jump jump jump then skill then jump jump jump until you dont have any mp or lightness skill points left?whats this for? oh you just increased your dropping height ^_^ The higher your dropping height is, the more HP you will lose upon hitting the solid ground! besides what u want here if for you to lose all hp right?

now wait? now my mp is empty? serves another purpose to have 0% or empty mp/internal force? because if not?it will take longer before you can teleport BACK to your saved foothold (your sect map!)

Jumping height increased!

The fall!

The Fallen! l0lz

Now that your dead, select the reccuperate in town (foothold saved in sect map)

NOTE: You did not use your FOOTHOLD TELEPORT

you will be teleported to your sect respawn point where the Spying mission NPC is located and to whom you need to talk to harvest your reward for a successful spying mission!

now?lets go and spy some more?

Right? this is where that Suicide jump is for? remember that you DID NOT USE the foothold teleport to get back to your sect right? also you SAVED the foothold when you reach your target sect to spy with right?

Now open your Foothold window, click your Target sect foothold (example RG MAP) then click return trip!


now go back and start from the accepting the spying mission quest in the target sect map ^_~

do it again and again until you reach 5 / 5 spying mission for the day?

Thats how i spy using only 1 or not even using leaders token?

ALSO, when you finish the weekly spying mission? YOU CAN STILL USE THE FOOTHOLD TELE TO GO BACK TO YOUR TARGET SECT MAP to spy again!!! ^_~ so its up to you to save what foothold you want?

My tips in selecting a foothold for END SPYING?
1: Select the sect that is easy to spy for you?like shao, rg, emei map?
2: Select the sect which is near your sect location
3: not sure if theres another one wahahaha

now if u have beggar sect as your target?then dont expect that suicide jump will benefit you alot?however there are a FEW spots where you can do it?also another step is to actually lower your hp more before jumping, by either letting a NPC patrol hit you, or mobs hit you?

and as you can see on the printscreens, i spy when my char is hungry? 25% hp lost already hehe

anyway if the 1st suicide jump fails to drain all your hp, no one will prevent you from trying again right? wahahaha

This guide is NOT made for you not to use Leaders token? this is made for you to reseve the use of it?

You can spy max 5 times per day, and you are only provided with 20 Leaders token for the 5 sect spying targets 4 / 4 each? exactly the same amount u need to complete the weekly spying mission?

Now why reserve this item since they are intended to be used on this quest anyway?

The answer is as simple as the USE of the item itself?

The Leaders token lets you get teleported to ANY sect other than your sect?
if you have a reserved leaders token and you are on ur sect map?and you need to teleport to another sect map, like for the purpose of TP, SS, Faction, Guild Wars etc? you can use your leaders token to teleport there in an instant!!! ^_~

Also like i said?after completing the weekly spying mission?you can use either Foothold tele or use your reserved leaders token to go to your target sect ^_~,V,,

and? you can do this pattern, use leaders token , use foothold tele, use leaders token, use foothold tele?because sometimes you will be able to complete 10 / 10 in less than 10min (10min is the cooldown of foothold teleport)

The suicide jump is also useful when your foothold tele is still in cooldown?


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