Age of Wulin Guild Escorts Guide


Age of Wulin Guild Escorts Guide?by Tifa

Now first off, just what are escorts? Well, when a man loves a woman and hes too lazy to take her to fancy dinners and buy her gifts he goes to an ?escort agency?. Wait no im talking about Guild escorts in Age of Wulin.

? Escorts are a guilds primary source of income
? Escorts also increase the popularity of the guild
? Escorts gain you contribution points which will help you get promoted! (Look at my shiny medals)
? Escorts need to be done EVERY day in order for a guild to stay at its current rank

With that all explained let?s explore exactly how you can escort for Shu! How fun! (Wave!!)

First you will need to go to Luoyang (You can escort from any major city, however Shu primarily use Luoyang as it?s generally safer). To get to Luoyang for the first time you can take a coach from any large city (Please refer to my basics guide to do this).


Once you?re in Luoyang, look for this position on the map 914, 805, alternatively you can look for the big wheel icon on the map, this will lead you to a handsome fellow, Gu Zhongwei.


Talk to him to bring up some conversation and choose ?Accept Escort? (note you must be in a team to take an escorts, this can be a team of one. Again refer to my basics guide if unsure how to do this)


After choosing ?Accept Escort? you are presented with 3 alternative routes of travel for your escort and 3 types of escort cart. Each travel route may be longer or shorter than the other, there is no set distance, so let?s choose the shortest one in Luoyang and let?s choose the fastest cart!

? Select as route of travel, ?Lord Qins Residence?
? Then select ?Small Light Candlenut Escort Chariot?

Hold on tight as you can start the escorts now!! ? After reading some important points! Ahem!

? When Escorting you can rest and on journey the cart
? You may get attacked by other players (Bandits, I will update this guide after someone has the gall to rob me)


Clicking on the cart will bring up the window that asks you to rest or on journey the cart, to get things started click ?Start? and the cart will automatically make its way to Lord Qins Residence the route we selected. You now need to?

? Follow the escort cart until it reaches Lord Qins
? Protect your cart from bandits!
? If you don?t follow the cart it will stop moving and you will have to find it and click On Journey

Thankfully there is an easier way of following the cart than just running after it like a mad person! While the cart is targeted, right click on its picture and click intelligence. This will make your character automatically follow the cart, this can be a life safer if you want to go make yourself some coffee or change a smelly nappy, see the screenshot below for an example of the command.


So follow your cart now, while looking out for bandits!!!, enjoy the road, use your intelligence command to follow your cart automatically.


If you wish click the cart and then ?rest? to enjoy the view for a while! (Example below)
When you are ready move the cart to its destination, Lord Qins Residence and finish your escort!


When the escort cart crosses into Lord Qins you will shine with some yellow light and receive a message of the completed escort bringing fame, money and power to both you and Shu at the same time!


Please give me any feedback on the guide!

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