Age of Wulin Instance Roles Guide


Age of Wulin Instance Roles Guide?by Demama

Hi every1,my name is Fear from guild Yingzi. For new players,do you guys have ever wonder that: ? where did those guys get all that cool items/flying skills..etc????. Well there are 2 answers : money or instances,but let?s skip the 1rst one :v. Well forbidden instances are considered one of the most important thing to do if you wanna be strong in this game.That?s why,today i?ll write a small guide about each one?s role in instances,which is very important for higher instances ( in low instances we can just rape the boss).The harder the instances,the more it requires for tactics and cooperations.

1.Wudang: ? Usually the main tanker,sometimes DPS. You?ve already known Wudang?s healing so dont ask me why.But,their rage skills dont help much cuz almost all high lv boss have terrible effect or healing when he?s blocking.And there?s a bad habit that almost all Wudangs do, that is.. running around while doing taichi sword dance,which will lower the team DPS.So if you are wudang and have that habit,quit it.( If you learnt Emei rage skill ?Buddha light? then congratz,you?re the best tanker in the world)

2.Emei: ? Healer/ Supporter/ Semi-tanker/DPS. One of the most important role in hard instances,indispensable,irreplaceable. A good emei can really make the difference.The most important buff is the palm rage ? Buddha light?,which decreases 50% of all income damage.Sometimes, emei can heal the tanker or be the tanker.Emei?s also famous for DPS because of their huge damage with twin daggers.

3.Shaolin: ? Often be mistaken the main tanker.Actually beside having high amount of HP,they dont have anything that makes them the tanker.They dont have any skills that have the team,but in fact they?re very needed.Why?? Their 2nd set ( Bordhiharma Staff) have very annoying disable skills for both mobs and assassins.Be an assassin,try to jump when they have a shaolin,and you?ll se what i mean. They can be semi-tanker also.I?ll not recommend Shaos to use fist set in any instances.

4.Royal Guard: ? Another indispensable class. Why?? You see, in high instances,mobs have very high damge,even for tankers. But things are easy now cuz we have RGs in our team.Rg?s Eagle claw set helps the team to steal HP by %.Well,feel free to kill mobs ,cuz we have RGs buff now:The more the damage,the more HP we steal. Their 2nd job is to pull the range mobs toward the team and kill assasins becuz of their famous pulling skill.

5.Scholar?: Very important class. Ok,spin till the end?? Ofc no.If you?re the only scholar in the team, you have the supporter role for sure.Scholars are the main DPS, mana regens buffer becuz of their double sword set ? limitless sword?. If there?re 2 scholar then other scholar can kill assasins or spin till the end.

6.Blissful Valley (BV) + Beggars: Well,these 2 sects dont have any skills that help the team but not useless at all.BV can play the DPS role.Beggars can gather the mobs (palm set) and kill assasins quickly due to their scary huge palm damage. A team has Shaolin staff+ BV wind-chasing blade + Beggars palm + Emei twin daggers + Royal Guard = Assasin?s Death due to infinite Aoe combos. But like i said,these 2 dont have skills that can help the whole team.But remember this BV and beggars.we need to gather mobs,not push them away :rolf:

7.Tangmen: there are 2 cases : lvled 36 Inner 2 and not lvled 36 inner 2. Tangmen that didnt reach lv36 inner 2 will play DPS buffer role due to their smoke screen skill.Their jobs are pretty easy.Tangmen that reached lv 36 inner 2 will be the main,super DPS.With 2 Tangmens that are lv 36 inner2, all bosses of GCC normal will just like mobs with skills.But be careful cuz boss will usually target Tangmen in this case) Oh and for all tangmens that use dart set for mobs,bosses all the time : just go practice throwing your darts at home plz.

Well,normally you see emei,scholar,Rg and shaolin are more favored for instances but what the heck, a good team can finish instances without caring wtf their sects are.I just write this in case sb want to use Tangmen dart set or Shaolin fist set for instances :rolf:
See you at the next forbidden guide : Tricks in forbidden instances,

*Note : This guide is about what a player should do for the team in instances.So read carefully before you say ? Only Tangmen/Emei is needed? or ?all you need is tangmen/emei?, etc? I AM WRITING ABOUT EACH SECT?S ROLE IN INSTANCES.

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