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Age of Wulin Instance Tips


Age of Wulin Instance Tips?by Demama

It?s me again,Fear from guild Yingzi.Before i go into details about each instance,i want to write a small guide for new players.There?re little things that we need to remember for instaces.Those things are not too important,but they make it faster for you to finish instances.

1.Preparation for instances:
-Know your enemy : Learn all about boss?s skills.Bosses in higher instances have very special skills ( often 1 hit K.O) but can be countered or avoided. So learning about boss?s skill will make your fight much more easier.
-Arrays : Arrays give a high DPS skill and many other things,so dont forget to learn them b4 you go.
-Buy <Nine-refined nether pill> (optional) : Can be bought at NPC Doctor.With this pillls you can revive immediately at where you die in forbidden instances with 50% HP and MP.Really helpful and cost you only 100 bound Liang.

2.Lure mobs ( gather mobs)
? If you aren?t assigned for gathering mobs, just STAY where you are.

A= Mobs, red dots are range mobs
B= Your team
(1) Run toward the mobs,you?ll be targeted.
(2) Run back to B then keep going,so as to get range mobs stand at B,then run back to B again.
If there?re still range mobs outside B, it?s Royal guard job to pull them closer or the targeted person run away from the team to get them closer to B
(3)Use Aoe skills and kill them.
*note : knock back skills are not allowed.Example: Beggars ,Blissful valley,wudang,etc?

3.Tanker switch:?
? A team should have a semi-tanker.When the main tanker have low HP,the semi-tanker will take charge ,so that the main tanker have time to use pills to regen HP.
-How to switch: Press K,go to the array tab,you can find array skills there.Aside from the dealing-damage skill,there?s another skill you need to pay attention:
Charging Forward??: this skill will increase boss?s aggoro toward the one who have this buff.Tankers remember to turn this on b4 fighting bosses.(If dont,boss will target member who deal highest dps).
When tanker have low HP,immediately turn this off by double click the icon at the right top corner.The semi-tanker will turn this skill on to attract the boss,while main tanker regenerates HP.

4.Chess and Music buffs:
(1) Chess buffs :
*note:Let the highest lvl chess player set the array
Usually use 2 of 3 buffs below:
-Regen 6 HP and 4 MP per second ( 4 HP and 3 MP if you dont learn all the 3 chess books. When you reach lv6 of chess profession,you?ll have additional effect : + 200 HP and 100 MP)
-Increase 400 external deffense ( 250 if you dont learn all the 3 chess books.When you reach lv6 of chess profession,you?ll have additional effect : regen 10 HP and 5 MP per second )
-Increase dodge rate by 5% ( 3% if you dont learn all the 3 chess books.When you reach lv6 of chess profession,you?ll have additional effect: regen 10 HP and 5 MP per second )
*The 2nd and the 3rd buff cant be used together.
(2) Music buffs: Musician have very good buff effects ( better than chess buffs) but the player cant participate in combat while playing music. That?s why musicians are useless in instances that requires 6 players.But they?re extremely important in 12-18 player instances.


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