Age of Wulin Jianghu Assassin Pop Up Missions Guide


Age of Wulin Jianghu Assassin Pop Up Missions Guide?by Zizoubaba

When you join these missions, you will enter an isntance in which a group of PVErs will try to kill a boss.

edit : you will usually enter with a buff that makes you unvulnerable. That buff also prevents you from attacking, usually (not always) lasts 60 seconds.

Your mission is to prevent them from killing that boss.

The easiest way to do this is to make the boss reset, in most cases (escept in TV normal) they?ll give up.

In order to make the boss reset, usually kill the tank, then kill whoever the boss targets, however as a general rule in pvp, it?s a bad idea to start with tank heheh, so it?s up to you

When a guy is bleeding (enemy or you) he will lose a lot of time, so in most cases players suggest that you do NOT finish them, so it takes them more time before they rez with full hp and come back.

HOWEVER if you DO finish them, they lose all their buffs and in many cases it actually takes them a lot of time to rebuff. Ideally, you want to let them bleed a bit, then finish them.

ALSO if you?re a stats whore, you only get the kill if you finish them (AFAIK).

But, there are no stats for death, so rather than heal up, it?s often better to suicide attack and come back fast with 100% hp than to pop pills and wait outside of combat ..

As a sin, you want to disrupt the PVErs max possible, which means CC as much as possible and don?t always focus the defending guys cause if you spend the whole time fighting them, the rest of their team will just kill the boss easy

You need two things to get into these missions;

1. A pop up window that invites you to accept or reject the mission.

2. To be accepted :xD

3. as Kassarine pointed out, you must not be grouped.

HOWEVER, you can get pop up during TP, during Patrol, even during Repenting. So what I used to do when I had a lot fo repenting is go there (spam forums) and when I got pop up, join. Then continue repenting.

edit 2 : I forgot, you need to be the appropriate level

there?s a +x -y amount of levels which I duno and am not sure about but basically, if you?re level 32 inner, you?ll get a lot more missions than if you?re capped at level 36.

Also, your level determins which instance you get invited too and whether it?s hell mode or not etc. Seeing as up to now there?s only been 2 (GCC and TV), it?s kind of hard to tell

I would imagine higer levels only (36) would get invited to peacock..

for 1 I found that some zones get a lot more invitations than others. For example, Chengdu and Suzhou don?t get many, Beggar?s sect (I?m a beggar) and Yanjin get many more.

Probably your sect zones would get many as well but haven?t tested that

for 2 most people say that you have to click fast and I really don?t know about that because I?ve clicked insanely fast (because I was lucky the pop up window appeared in front of my mouse cursor) and didn?t get accepted, and I?ve clicked slowly (like until 5 seconds left) and been accepted?

EDIT: for 2 most people run GCC and TV in the afternoon or even more run it in the evening, so you?ll get more pop ups at those times. It?s pretty much useless to wait around for a pop up in the morning

still, as a general rule, I would imagine that the faster you click, the more chances of being accepted..

Rewards :

You get a temporary title for being in the top 3.

You get random anotation books and fragments + withdraw its role page 1 + maybe some other stuff

EDIT : re Kassariane : I?m pretty sure I did get actually the instance skill fragment but very rare.?99% of the time it?s ANNOTATION (do not confuse?)

Here are some books I got FYI :

Annotation Freagments of [Dog Beating Staff Technique]
[Snake Cudgel] Annotation Tips
[Whirling Flower Sword] Annotation Tips
[Soul Striking Claw] Annotation Tips
[Departing Stab] Annotaion Tips
[Luohan Fist] Annotation Tips
[Demon Soul-Striking Sabre] Annotaiton Tips
[A Short Poem for Getting Rid of Emotions] Annotation Tips
Annotation Fragmetns of [Dragon Claw (Ancient Manueal)]
Annotation Fragments of [Tai Chi (Ancient Manual)]
[Golden Summit Sofrt [email protected] Annotatoin Tips

etc etc etc lots of ?tips??))

LOTS of ?level 1 internal Annotation Tips? and ?Third Rate Internal Skill Annotaion Tips?

The rankings update every day at 00:00 which means you could be Top Assassin one day, and 4th the next day. (they don?t reset each day, they update).

As far as I could tell (I?ve been top assassin a few times, including for a full week) that?s it?;

you get NO REWARD for being Top Assassin. AND the title is not flashy, it?s normal standard blue title

but it looks cool

I know the presentation of this guide ????s, if that?s a problem for you let me know I?ll work on it but I just wrote this straight up

yours truly etc etc exceteraaa

Bonus info :

it?s possible to group up with your teamates (handy for buffs and communication).

In that case, you can also make a 3 man (or if your really pro, a 6 man) array (which can help a lot). The problem is, sins usually die a lot in these missions so the array will get cancelled a lot.

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