Age of Wulin Life Skills Basics


Age of Wulin Life Skills Basics?by Knux

Age of Wulin boasts a player-driven economy that relies on the chosen professions, or ?Life Skills? of the playerbase to thrive. This is one of many aspects that drive Age of Wulin to be different from other MMORPGs; the profession you choose matters in this game, the items you gather and craft can make a difference.

Without further ado, let?s break down the facts of Age of Wulin?s profession system into easy-to-read bullet points! Woohoo!

  • There are 4 professional categories in total, which we will explain with the help of some fancy?sub-bullet points. Many professions directly interact with and rely on one another; it isn?t easy being self-sufficient in Age of Wulin!
    • Gathering?skills are used to obtain base materials; ores, skins, meats, crops are all obtained through gathering skills.
    • Manufacturing?skills craft a variety of items for use in the Jianghu; armour, weapons, jewellery and food are all crafted items.
    • Culture?skills provide tactical, cultivation and profession exp bonuses; players can create items that give bonus Life Skill exp, buff their teammates and more!
    • Marketplace?skills are different from the rest; these skills are used to obtain cultivation bonuses, silver/silver coins and deliver the revered Beggar?s Knapsack to unsuspecting citizens.
  • The amount of Life Skills you can learn on one character is limited. A player may learn?all 5 Gathering professions, only?1 of 6 Manufacturing professions, only?1 of 4 Culture professions?and?both Marketplace professions.
  • Divination is a unique Life Skill, in that only Jianghu VIPs are able to walk the fortune-telling path.
  • Professions can be quit at any time; you will then lose all progress made in that profession. For Manufacturing and Culture professions, however, where you can only have 1 Life Skill at a time, you?ll gain the opportunity to choose a whole new vocation!
  • Life Skills level up! You gain experience by doing different things (depending on the specific profession you want to improve) and enhance your skill, granting you a new title and increased affectivity in your vocation. However, there is a cap on Life Skill exp that you can gain per day, so keep that in mind when gathering, crafting, playing music etc. or taking part in the Life Battle (these are the primary ways to gain Life Skill exp).
  • A player can gather new skill books for their chosen profession in a variety of ways. Most commonly, players will obtain them from Forbidden Instances or by buying them from other players. Though remember, you can always buy the starting skills straight from your Life Skill master!

Now that you have the facts down, how do you go about choosing your Life Skill? Many of us have a hard enough time deciding on what to do with our actual lives, so why should choosing your profession in Age of Wulin be so difficult?

Well it no longer has to be! All you need do is take a look at the (very large) table below, check out what each profession does and how they interact with one another, and decide on what would suit your playstyle best!

So there you have it! A basic guide to Age of Wulin?s complex profession, or Life Skill, system is now at your disposal. What will you do with it? What will you become? What will you contribute to the Jianghu? Only one way to find out ? log in and play Age of Wulin!

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