Age of Wulin Prevent Fall Damage Guide


Age of Wulin Prevent Fall Damage Guide?by Fatmanwarrior

Here is a guide for all of those new players out there that haven?t gotten the hang of this yet, even tho a lot of players already know this, i couldnt help but post this anyway.

Prevent Fall Damage
Have you ever misjudge your Jump Across the Cloud and fell off the cliff and meet your doom after you work so hard to corner that god damn Tangmen?

Well have no fear, although this tips won?t help you kill that pesky Tangmen, it would at least help you survive the fall damage that would?ve kill you, when your face plummet into the ground of the Earth. As long as you have the following.

Jump Across the Cloud (JAtC) ? Optional
Any School skill that have low Cool-down and doesn?t need a target to be used. Most likely a Block Move.
Not panic and press a button, maybe several times.

Wanderer?s Valley ? Wind-Catching Blade,Chasing The Moon(Block Move 1cd).

Well WV have a school skill called Chasing The Moon (CTM), it?s a block move that only have 1 second cooldown. He also have JAtC flying skill.

He got chased and jumped off a cliff, but he didn?t panic, and he used CTM, his avatar stop in midair, does the skill animation then continue falling, he then use CTM again, and this keeps happening until he eventually reach the bottom of the mountain, that would?ve killed him by dealing over 9001 damage, only deals 0 because he?s a boss and he can stop in midair to break fall damage.

Another scenario:

WV just stole a School Script from a rival school, he sees a mountain, he thinks to himself, it?s now or never. He jump off the cliff, and used CTM, this time however just as his animation finished, he press ?W? (forward) twice, this activate his JAtC flying skill, he move further away from the mountain and soaring through the sky. This doesn?t last long however, and he begins to start falling again, so he use CTM and JAtC again. He continue doing this until he?s out of Flying Skill Points. In which he?s only using CTM until he lands on the ground.

(It should be noted that if you didn?t break the falling animation by either using CTM or JAtC and still have some distance to the ground? Well you?ll still take damage from that fall, so it?s still a pretty risky business.)

Personally I still find it hard to get it right to JAtC after my CTM animation, hopefully you?d master it in no time and fly like a bird. (as long as you have Flying Skill Points)

It should also be noted that if you are in the animation of falling (wailing arms) it?s over, you can?t use any skill during this time as far I?m concern. I?m not sure on the exact seconds it?ll take for your Character to change it?s animation to falling (wailing arms), I?d say give yourself about 1 to 2 seconds after you use the skills, before using it CTM again or use JAtC.

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