Age of Wulin Reputation and Becoming Famous Guide


Age of Wulin Reputation and Becoming Famous Guide?by Ashshit

I love to become famous you know. In AOW, becoming famous can help you like challenging new faction to get new jianghu skill sets or getting new title (jianghu title or your school title. In your school, we have title in 2 pathway. The first path requires lots of reputation. The second path requires high inner level). Now shall we begin to become famous? There are many ways to get reputation but here are some common sources:

1. When you just join AOW, first do storyline quest (including school drama storyline) to get reputation

After finishing the storyline quest, you can do:

2. Outside quest to gain reputation if you like(not much, around 10-100 rep depends on the quest)

3. Faction challenge. How we can do faction challenge? Press ?N?, choose ?Faction? tab. Different factions requires different reputation (from ?Jianghu Nobody? to ?Jianghu Reputation?)

4. Forbidden Instances. How we can challenge Forbidden Instances? Press ?N?, choose ?Instances? to do it. Different instances require different inner strength. Twilight Village gives you around 1k rep per run at normal mode (if the game has event. It will give you around 6k rep). Green Cloud Castle (GCC) gives around 10k rep per run

After getting around 35k rep, you can do this DAILY:

5. Go to Luoyang and navigate to Baodu Stronghold (you can press ?N?, choose ?Faction?, select Baodu Stronghold to auto navigate there). When you get there, go all the way to the back of the stronghold and meet ?Hunter Wang Ke? (not sure what the translation in here). Then choose ?Hunter Problem? quest. This quest is different than other quest as it will give you 1.2k rep per run. The picture below is the image of ?Hunter Wang Ke?

You can do this quest daily so 1.2k rep per day. Good luck in becoming famous

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