Age of Wulin Spying Guide


Age of Wulin Spying Guide?by Ashshit

This is just my 2 cent in spying:

First, you should know that in order to spy, you should be out of newbie protection. That means your inner strength should reach ?First Understanding?

Second, at the beginning of each week (according to game server time), you should go to your school master to receive weekly spy task. Why? Because you not only get exp, jackdaws, liang from spying; but you also get 70 school certificate when you finished the task. Yes, 70 school cert. It is really hard for you to get that much by doing other task.

Finally, spying can be done 5 times a day. Max information you can steal per spy is 10. The reward for spying will be:

? Experience (16 exp per info)
? Jackdaw Herbs (2 jackdaws per info)
? Liang
? Chi (points for meridian, gives extremely high chi if you have 10 INFORMATION as chi is given when you gain experience)

In a week, you can have up to these:

? 5600 Experience.
? 700 Jackdaw Herbs. Btw, you can only use 35 Jackdaw Herbs a week.
? 70 SHC.
? 1750 Liang. That?s 1 Ding and 750 Liang (1 Ding = 1000 Liang)

A few things to remember:
+ If you get 80 exposure, you will be revealed as spy (a red flag above your character)
+ If you see a yellow flag above a player, RUN as soon as possible. Why? Because those are online patrolling players. If you see them, they will either atk and kill you (if their inner is higher than your), or call other online patrolling players and swarm you to death.

Now, shall we begin?

When you receive weekly spy task from headmaster, you will get 20x token. Go talk to your school master and choose the school you want to spy. He will automatically teleport you there. When you get there, press N, choose school tab, press join spy task. The picture below is the demonstration of what you need to do

After applying, you will be automatically teleport to random location in the map. If you are lucky, you will be teleported to the school zone. If not, you will HAVE to go the school zone to spy. When you get there, you only have 2 goal. They are: get as much INFORMATION as you can, and not to get busted (get revealed). Now, how we can get those INFORMATION? You can get the info from these 3 sources:

1. School patrol disciplines.

You can get information by using ?steal 3 information? skill. You will either get a token to decrease your exposure, OR get 100 exposure. Btw, do not follow those disciplines too close or you will get 10 exposure. Why? Because those school patrol disciplines will emit a white wave every minute. If you get hit by the wave, your exposure will increase. The image below will show you that the school patrol will emit those white wave that you can see

You see those white wave? Yeah, when you get hit, your exposure will increase

2. School scouting

Despite of the fact that you will get 20 exposure when you fail, you have a HUGE chance of getting the information successfully if you use magical hand. To steal the information from those scout, use your main stealing ability. You can also use ?steal 3 information? to get 3 information. If you are lucky, you get 3 information. If not, you will get 100 exposure. You can identify those scouts easily with the word ?scout discipline? above the character.

3. School internal spy

Each school will have 3 school internal spies. Those spies are friendly NPC. You ONLY need to talk to them and they will give you 1 information. You can recognize those NPC easily by the name above their head. If you see ?Spy in [School Name]? above that NPC, he/she is a friendly spy NPC. The picture below is the demonstration

The picture below shows that you will have 3 skills when you are spying

Those skills are:

1. Magical Hands, this skill you give you 1 Information and is also the safest. You?ll only get 20 Exposure if you failed. COOLDOWN: 60s
2. Attack from Behind, this skill is a 50/50 chance skill. You?ll either get 3 Info or 100 Exposure level. Or a token! COOLDOWN: 180s
3. Throw Stone, used to distract patrollers. COOLDOWN: 60s

After you get 10 information (or you feel that you are not safe to get more), you should press ?T? and teleport back to your school to get the reward.?Be aware:DO NOT?press ?Leave?. If you press ?Leave?, you will get NOTHING. This is an error that many new players face when they spy the first time


1. If you get killed (when you are exposed as a spy ? red flag), you lost all the information.
2. Try to familiarize with all the surrounding around you when you spy. This will help you a lot in escaping
3. If you intend to wait the skill to cool down, you can either wait at the top of the proof or some secret place behind the building
4. Try to get whirlwind step and jump across the cloud flying skills as soon as possible. Those flying skills help you A LOT in spying task.
5. If you get busted and want to escape, you can jump down to the water (if you see) as you will get away easily. If you want to jump down a hill/mountain in a non-suicide way,use your fastest cooldown (cd) skills OFTEN while jumping down so that you can land to the land below safely.

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