Age of Wushu Artifacts and Treasures Guide


Age of Wushu Artifacts and Treasures Guide?by whoopy



Artifacts are a great new way to enhance your meridians. Artifacts add a random bonus of a set type to your meridan, and you only gain that bonus if you have that meridian currently active. You can easily gain artifacts from bosses in Forbidden Instances with many harder difficulty bosses dropping 3-5 artifacts of the same type each kill. You can also gain artifacts from Martial Instances but the drop rate is far lower.

Here is a list of the current in game artifacts:

Jianghu Meridian ? Snow Lotus Herb ? Stamina +30
Emei Meridian ? Secret Syrub of Jade Bee ? Energy +200
Wanderer?s Valley Meridian ? Evil Leech ? Spirit +30
Beggar Meridian ? Ice Ant ? Stamina +30
Wudang Meridian ? Sword Ganoderma ? Energy +200
Scholar Meridian ? ice toad ? Breath +30
Tangman Meridian ? Green Opal ? Dexterity +30
Royal Guards Meridian ? Hong Xian Gold Cicada ? Brawn +30
Shaolin Meridian ? Bloody Pear ? Hit Points +300

When you apply an artifact to your meridian you get a random increase between 1 and the ultimate value shown above. If you get a low score you can apply a new artifact and the game rolls again hopefully giving you a better score. Having the meridian for the artifact unlocked to 108 points increases the ultimate value possible stat boosts increase to +50 and energy to +300.

When you first right click on the artifact you will get a pop-up screen telling you the information associated with the artifact and asking you if you want to spend 10 bound silver, unbound silver, or the new silver promissory notes to activate the artifact. If you read the pop-up it will tell you that paying in unbound silver will give you a better roll on the score provided by the artifact.



Treasures are new equipable items that can massively improve your character. They potential contain many stat buffs and can also increase the damage individual moves do.


They are equipped in a new section of your character menu simply select the treasure button underneath your character?s paper doll then switch back anytime with the equipment button. Currently you may equip up to 5 treasures however there are another 5 locked slots that may become available in the future.

Treasures can be gained from the following tasks:

? Forbidden Instance Bosses
? Jianghu Hero Challenges
? At the end of some battlefields you are given the option to buy random treasures


You can sell unwanted treasures to other players, but there is another system in place for converting useless baubles into prized heirlooms. Take your treasures to the pawnshops located in all major cities.


Simply select the pawn treasure dialogue option and turn your treasure and a small amount of bound silver into pawn tickets.


Take these tickets over to the nearby scalper npc and you can redeem them for a treasure of up to undefeated quality. This process costs unbound silver and be careful not to make treasures too powerful for yourself to equip if your character is low level.


Every time you convert pawn tickets into new treasures you gain some lucky coins. These can be traded to the scalper for even more powerful treasures.


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