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Age of Wushu Beginner’s Leveling Guide


Age of Wushu Beginner?s Leveling Guide?by IXTHUA

1. Gaining experience.

You get experience for every activity you do: completing quests, events, doing crafting or gathering jobs, working offline, even jumping or dying. Experience has a cap of 999.
One point of experience provides 1000 points of cultivation points. Every 100s experience is converted into 380 cultivation points. For non-vip players 30% of gained cultivation points will go into reserve (getting 12500 reserved cultivation points will cost 1 gold), so their basic conversion speed will be 266 cultivation per 100s.
Experience has 5 levels, provided conversion speed was given assuming all 5 levels are active. VIP players always have all levels filled with exp. Free players will have their exp randomly put into one of the levels, for this reason must keep experience always high, i suggest keeping it 800+ all time.

2. Converting exp.

School territory patrol quest give +10% exp -> cult conversion speed.
Guild territory patrol quest give +30% exp -> cult conversion speed.
Herbalist potions give various conversion speed boost (weakest is +25% for 10 min, strongest is +250% for 1 hour), but can drink only 35 potions (any quality) per week.
Doing flagged arena give +5% boost for 1 hour, stacks 5 times.
VIP player, assuming basic conversion speed of 380 cultivation points per 100s, will gain 60 * 60 * 24 / 100 * 380 =?328320?cultivation points over 24 hours.
Free player, assuming basic conversion speed of 266 cultivation points per 100s, will gain 60 * 60 * 24 / 100 * 266 =?229864?cultivation over 24 hours.

3. Spending cultivation points.

Skills (including internal strength) can be leveled up by gaining enough cultivation points. Required cultivation points amount is based on skill type and level. Average exp requirements for lv1-5 damage skills are: 19k, 60k, 140k, 200k (respectively for each level).
There are 3 ways of spending cultivation points.
Internal cultivation: puts into the skill 10350 points per hour. Per 24 hours can put 10350 * 24 =?248400?points. Free players must remain online for internal cultivation to work. VIP players will have internal cultivation active while online and offline.
Practice martial arts: can use up to 50 bound liang per day to spend ~20k?points; can spend unlimited amount of unbound liang a day (after spending 100 liang ? bound silver training cap will be doubled for a week).
Team practice:: 10 players can gather in the special location to complete a group training of 35 rounds (35s for 1 round, 20 minutes in total), reward is?96K?spent points (once a day).
Combining 24h of internal cultivation, 35 rounds of team practice and practicing martial arts can spend 248k + 96k + 20k =?364K?cultivation points per day.
Spending speed and limit are equal for both free and VIP players.

328k cultivation points spent is slightly more than amount of cultivation VIP players gets per day, but is much more than free players get per day.
For this reason free players must use different ways to increase their exp -> cult conversion speed.
VIP players can use exp -> cult boost methods too, which will allow them to spend unbound silver to spend more cultivation points.

Assuming everything said: free players must stay 24h online, always keep their experience very high and use potions + patrol quest to keep on the same level with VIP players.

4. Best way to get experience.

While everything gives you experience ? random activity wont be enough to get the daily limit. In my opinion the most suited way to get experience is to do the spy quest.

To start the spy quest must speak with school leader (must join the school and be school internal strength lv5+), he will give you weekly quest and 20 teleport scrolls (7 day limit, quest is repeatable once a week). Quest asks you to complete spy quest in 5 random schools, 4 times in each (20 in total).
If you have those teleport scrolls ? can ask the school leader to teleport you to the specific school. Once you enter that school territory ? press N, select ?spy quest?, select the right school and press ?join? ? your quest will start.
You will be teleported into the random location of that school and get 3 skills + ?uncover? bar. I suggest using cart service to get to the school if you were teleported too far. First skill has cooldown of 1 minute and gives you 1 information. You can gather up to 10 information, but the required amount is 1. To get information must use first skill on offline players with ?informant? title.
Players of that school can get the anti-spy job ? they will have orange light over head and get a skill with 1 minute cooldown. This skill gives you +30% of ?uncover? bar. Once your ?uncover? bar reaches 80% ? you will be revealed as a spy, and all anti-spy players will be free to kill you. If you are killed by anti-spy player ? you will loose all gathered information and fail the quest.
To fail the quest must:
a) be uncovered;
b) have at least 1 information;
c) be killed by anti-spy player.
If you were killed while not uncovered, or uncovered but killed not by a anti-spy player ? you will not loose information, can either turn the quest in or continue gathering info.
My suggestion is, if you have been uncovered, but you don?t have enough information ? simply abandon the quest and retake it from N menu. If you have been uncovered and you have enough information ? teleport back to your school and turn it in. Alternative to teleporting is killing yourself by jumping from high place or drowning in the river, and then reviving in the school.
What you should not do is fighting anti-spy players: they will call for backup if you kill them, even if you manage to kill them all ? there is still a risk you will die and fail the quest. Once you have been uncovered ? must either turn the quest in or abandon it.
Spy quest can be completed 5 times a day, but try is counted only if you turn it in.
To turn the quest in you must speak with spy npc in your school. Reward for spy quest is 2 school rep items if you have at least 1 info, and +1 to weekly spy quest.
Each information you bring will give you:
+16 experience;
+2 10min exp boost potion;
+5 bound liang.
Basically, as long as you have enough experience ? can bring back just 1 info.
Completing weekly spy quest will give you 70 school rep items (honor certificates), +40 rep items from quests themself = 110 rep items per week.

School rep items are used to level up advanced skills, or can be sold for silver.
One lv6 skill requires 15 school rep items.
One lv7 skill requires 20 school rep items.
Second tier internal strength can be leveled to lv30 if you complete 2 big instances, if you cannot ? can buy each lvl using school rep (still have to put exp in every level).
Internal strength 2-1 to 2-10 cost 15 rep items per level.
Internal strength 2-11 to 2-20 cost 20 rep items per level.
Internal strength 2-21 to 2-30 cost 25 rep items per level.
Internal strength 2-31 to 2-36 cost 100 rep items per level.
Internal strength tier 3 from lv1 to lv36 cost 1710 rep items in total.
Rep items are bound, but skill book you buy with it is not. This way you can level up other school internal strength up to lv30, or can buy own school books with silver if you do not have enough rep items.


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