Age of Wushu Choosing a Life Skill Guide


Age of Wushu Choosing a Life Skill Guide?by Androg

Life skills is split into 4 categories:
? Gathering
? Manufacturing
? Culture
? Market
I will be discussing them in details below, but in reverse order:

Market (Diviner, Begger)
I started with market because it is consider the easiest to choose type of profession
? Diviner: ONLY If you are a Jianghu VIP and decide to keep being one (monthly upkeep)
? Begger: The Other option
? Take neither: Last option?. or simple lazy (like me)

Culture (Music, Weiqi, Scholar, Painter)
If you like to be a leader, take Weiqi.
? Weiqi is only useful if you create an array, if you are not leader material, it will just be waste.

If you are NOT good at PvP, or Team based fight, consider Music
? Music is good for mass fighting, especially in raid parties which has lots of member, but when you play music, you can?t fight, so if you like fighting, its not for you

If you decide not to go Music or Weiqi, pick one and just let the exp cap grow.
? Painting and Scholar?. I have yet to fully utilize their potential, but they seem very important when the game progress on.

This is a little tricky, because it depends on what other people need.
You can only pick one out of the 6 different jobs,
Personally, I categorize Manufacturing skills into 3 major types:

Tailor, Blacksmith, Craftman
These are producers, they make Weapons/Clothes/Jewelry for others
Basically, you take materials (gather them yourself or buy from market) then create pieces to sell.
If you like staying in town, buying/selling and making stuffs, pick one from here
Point to Note:
? Craftman produce Lace, Hasp, Handles for Smith and Tailor
? Tailor produces Guazhou and other cloth used by Craftman
? Jobs are linked, so you cannot simply survive alone.

Herbalist, Poisoner
These are roaming traveling type, primarily, they require going out to hunt for herbs or poison.
If you like roaming around, moving to different places, this is for you
Point to Note:
? Herbalist needs Tailor friend/s for stuffs to make upgrading materials
? Poisoner needs Craftman friend/s to make Poison stones and other stuffs

Everyone needs food?. almost, but nobody is going to pay a leg, not even a toe, for food.
Being self-sufficient is easy, but making lots of money is hard.
Selling cheap things that move fast, that is chef, I like it, but am not sure about you.
Point to Note:
? You are self-sufficient, you don?t need friends, only need customers

Picking a Manufacturing skill isn?t that difficult, but its best to pick one which suits your needs and your style. I have seen poisoner who don?t even know where to find Gaultheria in the wild. But that is beside the point.?DO NOT?pick a manufacturing skill thinking it will make you more money then another. That brings me to the next point:

There is a big misunderstanding that people make lots of money selling their craft. This is not totally true. In Fact, the most profiting part of manufacturing skills is gathering or making of upgrading items.
? A Herbalist that only make medicine will never profit as much as one selling Medicine cloths.
? Asking around, one High level person said he spent 100-200L daily on poison stones alone
? I myself have bought over 500 Liang worth of upgrade materials (it is a one time event, and i delete CD from my Tele list afterwards)

After much beating around the bush:
Aside from Chef, any manufacturing skill is as good as another for profitability. It all depends on which is more needed. If you are in a guild, ask around to see which skills they need, and take it.

As for Chef, its just different? more in next segment

Lastly, on gathering?..
I am a chef, so this is my primary money making life skill.

Gathering skills is simply just going out there, get materials for self-use or for sale.
There isn?t much option to choose, personally, I would suggest just taking ALL of them

Once, I thought that fishing is pointless, and only fish whenever my recipes requires them.
However, if you right click on the fish, you actually disassemble it into pieces. The pieces can be sold separately. Fish scales is a nice source of income which not many people know how to obtain, and there are people buying. I heard there is also demand for Fish Gills, but yet to see people buying or selling them.

? Easiest to do, Most profitable
? Herbalist need Chinese Yam, Garlic
? Tailor need Silkworms, Hemp, Ramie
? Chef need all sorts of funny stuffs?. I usually plant my own, so no comments

? Most mined products are in demand?. Iron, Copper, Lead, Silver
? Even funny things you get from Mining sells, Dendrite, Moire Stones, Obsidian

? Tailors need Skins (Goat Skin, Dog Skin, Monkey Skin? etc)
? I buy smashed meat from boars

? Fish Scales sells

Wood Cutting:
? Craftman uses these to make handles
? Blacksmith, Some weapons use wood

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