Age of Wushu Emei 3rd Inner Quest Guide


Age of Wushu Emei 3rd Inner Quest Guide?by Thirilay

So, my aspiring little sisters have reached the requirement for getting 3rd Inner which is a Tier 8 School Identity, or second inner become lvl 30+, or Jianghu reputation is 70K+, then congratulations you can start getting your 3rd inner, Flying String Feather Scripts. To get those books, you need to do mission from our lovely npc Zhang Qingrou who is located in 275,107 where you have to get Emei Secret Order and then do those missions.

Introduction Tier

Emei Secret Order 1

This is a simple quest. Just go to using your autopathing and kill the mobs there. Hopefully there won?t be anyone camping there. If they are camping, party with them so that you don?t have to wait for a long time. You will all get credit if one of the party member kill them.

Emei Secret Order 2

Another simple quest. Go to Huanhua Sword Set, and look for the mobs in near the trees beside the Huanhua Sword set?s villa. Kill 5 of them and you are done !

Emei Secret Order 3?WARNING : Buy 2 of them. You will have to do this 2 times to get Inner 3 and 4 !

A simple fetch quest. at least you don?t have to murder anyone. Hopefully you have a fast HoRse.

Emei Secret Order 4?Same deal here, buy it 2 times and do the quest.

This quest you will have to find the spy in Tangman, and just talk to her and you are done. Go to the location via Auto pathing and the spy should be patrolling around the staircase. Just look around and he should be somewhere. You might want to come prepared because some tangman jerks might think you are spy and start pking you ! Bring your Arena pills, Bring your 2 minute pills and bring whatever you need for pvp incase Tangman jerks is looking for Emei to kill.

Emei Secret Order 5?BUY THIS 3 TIMES !!!

A simple esort mission. Talk to the Chen Ya via autopathing, and then escort the sister across main yard. Turn in the quest. You won?t be fighting any enemy here too. Just stick close to the sister and you are done.

Low Level Tier

Emei Secret Order 6

A simple kill 5 npc quest. Soo Emei?s Top secret order is to kill 5 monkeys, and turn in the quest.

Emei Secret Order 7

Another boring fetch quest. You just have to find 3 items scattered around Emei and turn it in to the npc at Plum Village.


Another escort quest. You first have to esort the elder sister, after that you will have to visit the grave of the elder sister that you just escorted. (?how did they make a grave so fast ). THen it?s just a serials of talking to two sisters who apparantly can?t walk across the courtyard to have a chat just because one of them is ill and one of them is not and you have to be the messager. After all that series of ferrying message across the courtyard. Then you go find a youngest sister where you will end up with a mysterious person trying to attack you. kick that assasin?s ass, and find the younger sister, watch the cutscene. After that find the sister one more time via autopathing. Go to the eldest sister?s grave, watch the cutscene, go back and find the sister and finally finish the quest by turning it into our headmaster. Might want to save your bound point in Emei Herbal Hall, and use break meridian for faster travel from Plum village back to headmaster. Now do it one more time before moving to Secret Order 9.

Emei Secret Order 9?DO THIS TWO TIME !

Teleport to Chengdu and talk to Yang Yuxin. He will ask you to travel to a crime scene where you will have to look for clues and stuff ( You don?t have to be sherlock to complete this one since the clue you need to investigate have a big CLICK ME pointer ). Report back to Yang Yuxin, and you got to visit two more ppl. ( Hope you have a fast HoRse, i don?t T_T ) When you reach your first target, you see your target who is hostile and a rotten female corpse.?Keep going, and visit all your target who are all hostile. Until you reach last target who after a short conversion starts to become really hungry to eat Emei meat?. Kick that cannibal?s ass and report back to Yang Yuxin. After reporting back,?get OFF your HoRse if you are riding one, and walk out of the constable station.?You will see the younger sister from the eldest quest and a chase sequence will occur. Hope you have goose, wall run. Eating a Speed buff food before the chase could help a bit and use your transcend the worldy whenever off cooldown and chase her to a corner of Chengdu. ( Think she will wait for you, if you are bad at chasing).After that hide behind a tree and you will see the traitorous lil sister with a poison specialist. Wait for the lil sister to go away, and kick that poison?s ass, loot him for a Strage Gu Altar ( Looks like someone made an typo there) and report back to our white haired elder sister in emei.

Emei Secret Order 10?(?Do this 3 TIME !?)

At the time of the writing of this guide. This quest is horribly bugged. The magical bird doesn?t work most of the time, and it only point you the location of the zone which is Luoyang. According to others who already finished this quest, they found her at these co-ord

1083, 616
1022, 1032

When you finally found that woman, she will be QQing and ask you to do 3 random wish, which in my experience involve kicking ruffians?s ass, murdering army scouts. ( That lil sister sure is fishy )

You might want to wait for the quest to be fixed, or just camp in one of the location with a group until she spawn.

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