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Age of Wushu Emei Damage Build Guide


Age of Wushu Emei Damage Build Guide?by IXTHUA

If you are not familiar with game basics, or need info on meridians and internal skills ? i suggest to read?this.

I. Skills to level up order.

1. 2nd style: shield skill lv5.
2. 1st style: rage skill lv5, healing buff lv5.
3. 1st internal lv36, 2nd internal lv30, 3rd internal lv20.
4. 3rd style: frontal aoe lv5, nuke lv7, rage lv7, buff lv7, fake lv7, dash lv7, stun lv7 (keep dash and fake skills at lv1 until you get scholar energy recovery skill).
5. 3rd internal lv36.

II. Meridians to use/unlock:

emei, wudang, scholar, tang, royal guard, shaolin.

III. Gear priority.

1. Attributes: Breath+++++, Stamina++++, Posture+++, Brawn++, Spirit+.
2. Enhancements: dagger with 2-3x 1st style rage skill boost, double daggers with damage only boost.

IV. PvE tactics.

1. Support role.
During mobs fight mainly focus on 1st style, use frontal aoe and dash to get rage. Use rage skill to do good damage and heal yellow hp for you and team members. If team member hp falls below 40% ? use shield skill from the 2nd style.
During boss fight spam 3rd style frontal aoe, fake and dash to get rage fast, once rage bar is full ? switch to 2nd style, use only fake and formation skill, cast shield before boss nuke skills.

2. Damage/Control role.
During mobs fight focus on frontal aoe to get damage buff stacks, then use combo of stun ? nuke, also keep rage buff on all time. If you play solo ? use nuke from air, will have non-stop control. In team don?t use nuke from air as it will knock mobs back and interfere with team members actions. Don?t forget that area skills have 10 targets limit, so if you pull too many mobs ? won?t be able to control them all and may die.
During boss fight try to save 40 damage buff stacks from mobs. Keep both style buffs on (recast every 20s), between nuke skills spam frontal aoe, fake and dash for maximum damage. If your skills are lv5+ ? no need to use formation skills.

V. PvP tactics.

1. 1st style is about long time fight. You have two dash skills to keep target locked, between them ? dash out, use hp recovery buff, dash in. Is not recommended to use rage rage skill in pvp as it has no control and can be blocked/stunned, giving rage points and advantages. It is better to get Sting of Intrigue rage hp recovery skill for additional healing, or leisure kick rage skill for additional damage.

2. 2nd style can only be used vs tang?s dart style: use two long range skills only and cast shield.

3. 3rd style is attack type: keep self buff all time, keep attacking target, use air dash to get close (won?t work vs anti-air styles).
Combos are:
a) air dash ? fake ? dash ? stun (air) ? frontal aoe ? nuke (air) ? ground dash;
b) air dash ? stun (air) ? frontal aoe ? nuke (air) ? air dash ? fake ? dash.

4. 4th style will be released after jianghu internal strengths, it is better to use them instead of emei internal for much higher spirit gap. For this style key is to knock enemy into the air.
There are 3 ways to do so:
? frontal aoe after charging ? no use due to long charging time;
? fake skill, but must be sure target is blocking;
? aoe skill, but has long cd, must use it carefully.
There are many possible combos for this style, but players with rank 5 gold / rank 4 jade gear will interrupt it randomly, so is no guarantee to link skills in desired order.
The most common combos are:
a) fake ? knock air x 2 ? knock down ? aoe ? dash ? rage;
b) aoe ? anti air x 2 ? dash ? knock down ? rage.
These combos require very low ping.

VI. Running from PvP.

Running from pvp is very important, especially for support build emei.
1. Must use block skill from 2nd style, it slows attacker by 20%, stacks 3 times.
2. Must know where to run:
a) in early version can cast shield and quit the game, character will log out after 10 secs;
b) get out of fight, start the solo faction event to be teleported (after certain update);
c) open a direct teleport to faction (by completing any faction 6 times a day)- get out of fight and teleport;
d) if you are close to revive point ? run there;
e) if you have emei 3rd internal lv6+, can use cliff / high place to escape ? double air dash towards the hole (enemy will follow), then dash backwards (as you have 4 dashes);
f) big city maps have a special npc to change fashion/gear appearance, area around is safe;
g) if you are in the own school map ? talk to school master about spy quest to be instantly teleported;
h) if you are in other school map ? start the spy quest to be instantly teleported into random location;
i) if you are near water ? dive in, most skills cannot be used under the water normally.

VII. Skills to get.

1. Wudang 2nd internal lv30, for 1st and 4th emei styles.
2. Scholar 2nd internal lv30 for fast running.
3. Scholar 3rd style block skill for energy recovery.
4. Wanderer?s Valley 3rd style speed buff for faster running.
5. Sprint flying skill.
6. Wudang 2nd style skills: active energy recovery, energy exchange and rage skill (for control immunity during 7s cooldown).
7. Sting of Intrugue skills: rage to hp, energy to rage and dash (to trigger 3rd internal hp recovery effect).
8. Royal Guard 1st style pull and spin skills to get rage points fast.


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