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Age of Wushu Guild Escorts Guide


Age of Wushu Guild Escorts Guide?by guangong

Any guild will require funds to provide for daily inherent expenses and building costs/ upgrades should you have a guild castle. While one could donate hard earned taels; the best way to contribute to the guild is by doing guild escorts. A Guild can do up to 150 escorts per day. You can check how many your guild has done by clicking the guild icon, then ?Guild Event? under Info tab.


So you don?t care about contributing to the guild; well you also personally get silver coins and xp pills; so that alone should be reason to do it.

To exchange for xp pills; talk to NPC and click exchange reward

But be careful as the Jianghu is dangerous and others may try to rob your cart and attack you!

How do I do an escort?

1. Be in a guild and be at least First Understanding

2. Go to Chengdu, Suzhou, Luoyang, Jingling, or Yanjing

3. Open map and look for wagon wheel icon. Alternatively you can click N > Guild> Escorts

4. Once you are at the NPC location, make your own party by clicking O and click bottom right option ?Create Team.

5. Talk to the NPC and accept the task.

6. Choose the destination and type of cart. Each route has advantages and disadvantages with 3 carts available being fastest to slowest with the least amount of goods to most amount of goods. Additionally Guild and personal rewards can be seen at the bottom.

7. Follow the cart to its destination located by the blue flag on the map.


I?d recommend AGAINST doing escorts in Chengdu or Suzhou unless you are in a guild caravan or high level for your server.

Beware the default cart is always the medium one. I?d recommend always taking the fast cart

Choose routes that are short and minimize high traffic areas like rez shrines, main city entrances, etc.

If you don?t need xp pills; sell certificates or xp pills for taels.

Do not ride your horse (you cant attack back!).

Good luck!


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