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Age of Wushu Martial Brothers System Guide


Age of Wushu Martial Brothers System Guide?by Loudiren


The martial brother mentorship system allows players who have fully levelled their school?s 2nd or 3rd internal to assist newer players and help them advance.
Basically, you find a player in your school who you get along with and send them (the ?Elder Martial Brother?) a request to take you as a student (termed ?Younger Martial Brother). Both players will be greatly rewarded for participating in the program, it?s mutually beneficial, and one can avoid a lot of grinding by becoming a student!


The younger martial brother must not be too far advanced in their own internal (generally don?t even start the internal that you wish to learn) & must be in the same school as their mentor.
The elder martial brother must have achieved a level of 36 in the internal that they plan to teach, and can only take on two students at a time.
The third kind of Mentor is the Meridian teacher. To become a Meridian teacher, one must clear 16 acupoints and finish 360 levels of accumulated meridians.
To become a Meridian student, one must open 3 acupoints, but not open more than 10.

Taking on a Mentor

Taking on a mentor is very easy: target the prospective teacher, right click their name, and select ?I want to take you as my teacher?
One can also go through the School Menu (shortcut ?J?) and check the Martial Brothers list. If you find one that you like, just click ?accept him as an Elder Martial Brother?

(The window should look like this)

Finding Students

As a prospective mentor, finding students is also a simple process: target a player, right click their portrait, and choose ?Accept him as your disciple?
Alternatively, one can find their school headmaster. Nearby will be a School Martial Brother Guide. Talk to him and choose the ?I want to enter my name in the Guild? there one can enter their name into the guild tab registry.

(Here is the Wandering Valley Guide)


First, (and most importantly) the new internal skills will be mailed to the student. This saves an?ENORMOUS?amount of grinding for the third internal in particular. Each time you complete a set (ex: 1-10) you & your mentor will gain a large reward (Instant training pills, large amounts of chi, experience, and reputation.)

Second, you will be able to complete activities with your mentor to obtain even more chi, experience, and reputation. These activities are repeated weekly:
Complete A Martial Instance?? 100,000 chi and 200 exp
Complete a Forbidden Instance?? 200,000 chi, 300 exp, and 50 jackdaw
Impart Knowledge?(this quest can be done solo by the student, but is meant to introduce the student to different aspects of the game while the mentor explains them. For instance, one may be tasked to speak to a constable NPC, kill some world NPCs, and complete an instance.) ??1,000,000 chi, 500 exp, 20,000 reputation

Third, both mentor and student will enjoy a health & defense buff.

(Here is the actual Elder Martial Brother Mentorship screen, mousing over the boxes will show the rewards)

Ending Mentorships

One may end the ?bond? between teacher and student by clicking any of the 3 buttons at the bottom of the School Martial Brothers tab or by speaking to the Guide near the headmaster and choosing the ?In my opinion, I am good enough to end my apprenticeship? option.

Good luck with your levelling!


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