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Age of Wushu Shaolin Guide


Age of Wushu Shaolin Guide?by Mystogan

School Proficiency:?Melee
School Weapon:?Palm and Kick / Sticks and Staffs
Skill Specialty:?Group Stun


Age Of Wushu:
The historical origin of Shaolin started in 464 CE, Batuo, a Dhyana Master who came to China from India to spread Buddhist teachings, saw that Mount Song resembled a lotus flower and wanted to establish a Temple within the ?flower?. The Emperor agreed to build a Temple to worship Batuo. The Temple, located at the bottom of Shaoshi Mountain, is covered with lush forests (Lin). So it was named, ?Shaolin Temple?.Shaolin excel in external skills, and many of its disciples have become great masters in the world. The Shaolin uphold righteousness, and have a good reputation with the common people of China.

Notable Members

Master Xuanhuai:?The Abbot of Shaolin. He frequently reminds his disciples to help others, spread kindness, and assist in rescuing people.
Liaoyin:?The Leader of Discipline Hall. He is from a noble family, and is very strict with his disciples.
Liaochen:?The Leader of Bodhi Hall. He comes from great poverty and is the most pious of all the disciples, as well as the most respected elder.
Kongshan:?A Monk in Arhat Hall. Until he found the Shaolin he once a lead a group of bandits. He is straightforward, likes to laugh, and eat heartily.
Jueneng:?An usher in Shaolin Temple. Found on the steps in front of the gate, he has never left Shaolin and is very friendly, he always smiles at all who journey to Shaolin.

Sacred Places

20% bonus cultivation in Forest, and 10% in cave/snow.

Shaolin Inner Skills

Inner 1 & 2 Bonus Explanation

Shaolin 1: attacks has a 15% to recover small amount of health. (At lvl 36 it will recovery black hp, other wise only yellow hp)

Shaolin 2: attacks deal additional damage to nearby targets, based on brawn.

2nd Inner Quest
Levels 1-9 (book): Quest from abbot Complete Tiger Roaring Villa in Wudang.
Levels 18-20 (book): Quest from abbot Complete Twilight
Levels 21-30 (book): Quest from abbot Complete GCC [normal]. 1
Levels 30-36 (pages): 100 certs per level [600 certs in total] Located @ 1024,298 Liao Yin Immortal

Third Inner States:

Every hit causes the user to enter ?Super Saiyan?mode with a 30% chance. A random SS level will be chosen with a 20% chance for all four.(Only the righteous may enter all four) Duration of 20 seconds and cooldown of 90 seconds
?SS1? State: Every attack deals an additional 57 damage
?SS2? State: Ignore 13% of External parry/reduction. Ignore 13% of Inner reduction.
?SS3? State: Ignore 10% external defense and Ignore 10% internal defense.
?SS4? State: Increase critical hit chances by 26% Increase critical hit damage by 50%.

Third Inner Quests:

First Level Quest
Multiple-refined Four Materials Powder = Highly-refined Willow Bark Powder (Herbalist)
Multiple-refined Xiao Yao Pill = Highly-refined Happiness Pill (Herbalist)

Third & Fourth Level Quest
Lethal Forbidden Pill (Poison Maker)
Rhizoma Atractylodis Pill = Star Blossom Root Pill (Herbalist)

Twelve & Thirteenth Level Quest
Wait for the quest giver to actually show up if he?s not where the autopath goes
Go to Wudang
Talk to dude, fight dude.
Talk to Xin Xiaohui (493, 865)
Go to the waterfall at (486, 976), pick up the medicine bottle in this cave. Triple jump up toward the waterfall again to leave.
Talk to Wudang headmaster then talk to Shaolin headmaster.

Fourteen & Fifteen
In a Shack; bucket and water are right next to each other and the shack
In a Tree; fall (directly above coordinates, you can talk to him from the opposite branch)
Second Level (difficult to see on minimal settings)

!! You will need Reputation Level 5 to enter Mount Song Sword Sect and complete this task !!

Twenty & Twenty-One
Spy on Wudang.

Twenty-Two & Twenty-Three
Run a Cart mission. Doesn?t seem to matter which city.

Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six & Twenty-Seven
Run around like an idiot following the co-ordinates and talking to people.

Twenty-Eight to Thirty-One
First Quest
When fighting in the tournament you need to get four copies of the buff you get for winning, and then talk to the Elder.
When it sends you to Louyang go to (281, 507) and talk to the White Horse Temple Monk.
When it sends you to GCC, just talk to the monk outside the gate. This part has no fighting involved so you can use a group of one.

Second Quest

Simple, bring a group when you get sent to the Monk at GCC again for a boss fight. The boss has tons of health but can be stun locked. Solo-able with arena pills, but tedious. This mini instance is not actually inside GCC, and does not count against your weekly limit of forbidden instances.

Third Quest

The trapdoor you?re looking for is on the front side of the brothel, buy an arena health pill before you go down as you have to fight a weaker version of the previous boss solo.


Fourth Inner States:

Block energy +4950, under attack has a chance to reduce incoming damage by 32% and get a buff: when attacked ? has a chance to turn some black hp into yellow HP, when buff reaches 4 stacks ? turns 50% of yellow HP into red HP.

2nd internal 3rd internal, take a large amount of school honor certificates so start saving up. 4th internal requires items from school instance, not school certificates.

Shaolin Skill Sets
Each skill set has its pro?s and cons.

To break it down a bit.

Long Style Boxing (1st skill set)

1) Relatively easy to learn, and good combo.

2) Most shaolins will learn this style and rely on it heavily for their PvP (1v1) duels.

3) Slow in the beginning and weak against long rangers, need goose (flying skill that drops in twilight) in order to compensate.

4) Considered the best single target fighting style we have.

Bhodidharma?s Stick (2nd skill set, you get at lvl 5 meditation)

1) Relatively easy to learn, good comob.

2) PvE set mainly. This is for your mobs, or Guild wars. Basically against multiple opponents.

3) Hard to use in duels but fun to use against multiple opponents you will especially love it when you fire your rage off and send everyone flying then you juggle them by casting (immediately) Myriad move (spin) keeping them in the air.

Weituo Stick (3rd skill set, you get at lvl 10 meditation)

1) Arguable the hardest to learn.

2) Meant for PvP, is suppose to be used against opponents who run away or are rangers.

3) This skill set is all about making you fast and slowing your opponent down to a crawl. It will be hard to learn but once you?ve mastered it you will probably be one of the very few who learn it making you unique among your brothers.

4) Some also use the block breaker in PvE situations since it does more dmg, and has a faster cast time.

****Side Note****
To attain higher level school skills (level 6-7) One must talk to
Zu Yun(School Position War) Located @ 827, 383
IMPORTANT: Make sure to ACCEPT the missions it asks you do in order to get credit for them.

Pick boxing or weituo as your style early on. Then focus on working that as your PvP set. Bodhi is second (for PvE and war sake), and then lastly whichever you left behind. As I said before most shaolins will go with boxing first because it?s the easiest to learn. it also has nice area control but you will surprise your opponents if you?re a weituo master.

4th skill set requires items from school instance, not school certificates.
*Also 1-3 skill sets are mainly external damage, hence brawn based. While 4th skill sets is internal damage, which means breath and spirit should be focused on.

Meridians (Blood Routes) lvl144

1. When cn server started character could have 4 meridians active at the same time.
2. After 4 months maximum amount of meridians active was increased to 6, current test cn server allows 8 active meridians.
3. Meridians do not require to be active to level up, can lvl up only 1 meridian.
4. Each meridian is related to certain school, order is: emei, bliss valley, beggar, wudang, scholar, tang, royal guard, shaolin.
5. From start meridians have maximum lv9.
6. Reaching internal strength 1-25 (first tier lv25) of specific school allows to lvl up that school meridian to lv36.
7. Reaching internal strength 2-20 allows to lvl up meridian to lv72, gives 1 combo point and allows to activate 5th meridian.
8. Reaching internal strength 3-20 allows to lvl up meridian to lv108, allows to activate 6th meridian and allows to take quest for lv7 school skills.
9. Reaching internal strength 4-30 allows to lvl up meridian to lv144.
10. Leveling meridian is 5 times faster with VIP.
11. Main exp sources for meridians are: doing damage (to NPC or players), spy quest and group training (after certain server update).
12. Treasures can be used to boost certain meridian attributes: emei and wd +334 mana (each), shaolin +500 max hp, wanderers valley +50 spirit, beggar +50 stamina, scholar +50 breath, tang +50 posture, royal guard +50 brawn.

Go with Yang/Hard type of meridians (Beggar,Royal Guard, Tangmen) so that you your personal inner (which is yang hard) gets a boost in that direction. Of course you can choose 2/3 of these and add a inner type to boost mana or spirit, whatever you feel is necessary.

QA Section

Q: ?Isn?t there already a guide section in the forum??
A: Yes there is, but this is specfically for shaolins. Also this allows other shaolins to simply link this forum page for any noob question they encounter in the shaolin forum they find.

Q: ?Won?t this get really long??
A: ?Yes. Lol, but i?ll specifically only answer ?shaolin? related questions. So this isn?t for any other school it?s just for us. (although others are welcome to read).

Q: ?Are you just making up questions that you believe people will ask in order to save yourself some time??
A: ?Maybe?

Q: ?When can I get my 2nd/3rd Inner??
A: Level 30 minimum of the previous inner you had. Talk to Abbot for 2nd inner; for 3rd talk to Liaoye.

Q: ?For the shaolin third inner, what does it mean when you get the Annimitta condition and ?understand 2 of 4 marks???
A: To my understanding that means you have the possibility of activating 2 of the 4 special buffs while dueling at the same time (even though it?s only a possibility most the time you will only get 1 out of the 4).

Q: ?What do each of the Shaolin Blocking/parrying skills do??
1) ?Blocking Horse Step? (Long Boxing Parry): ?reflect? dmg onto your opponent when you?re blocking.
2) ?Golem Subdues Evil? the (Bodhidharma staff parry): ?reflect? dmg onto your opponent when you?re bl)ocking (using mp).
3) ?Shoes Worn On Yellow Stone? (Weituo staff set): Increase movement speed for a set amount of time. [Won?t see the bonus of this effect till it?s level 5].

Q: ?Are the Blocking/Parry worth leveling??
A: Personally ?Blocking Horse Step? is not worth leveling. I have a max ?Golem Subdues Evil? for the sake of guild wars/school wars/pve but even then I don?t use it all the time. My bread and butter parry would be ?Shoes Worn On Yellow Stone? for the sake of speed, so that players who are rangers or runners can?t get away.

Q: ?What skills should I level up initially (all 3 sets)??
A: No ?correct? answer but the quick and dirty is basically.
1) Long Boxing: Flower (Rage) & Advance To Land a Blow (Super punch)
2) Bodhidharma: Myriad (Spin) & [don?t remember rage name] (rage)
3) Weituio: [Idk name] 3 hit move & [idk name] Rage.

Q: ?How do I get Bodhidharma staff set and Weituo (2nd and 3rd skill set)?
A: For bodhi be level 5 meditation (inner) and complete your main story line (the one where you started out in the city) and talk to Zu Jing. For Weituo get to level 10 inner and talk Zen Master Zu Cheng.

School Identity Ranking
Q: ?Is there a difference between Bodhi path or the Arhart path??
A: Currenlty the only difference between the two paths is the method in which you need to take to move in the school ?ranking?. Bodhi requires more ?reputation?, while Arhart requires higher ?levels? in your internal skills (meditation, two finger zen, ect?)

Q: ?Wait why can?t I get ?Dharma Hall Faquir? it says something about ?Arhart Demon-Subduing Skill reaches Level 4???
A: According to our Shaolin brother torabas_mnw that means you need the Shaolins 4th inner to be at level 4 before you can attain that title.

Shaolin v. All
*Mostly a perspective from Long Boxing.*

Q: ?How do I counter Wanderer?s silence??
A: Um, your best bet is to use goose. This will allow you to get out of their attacks even if they silence you. Keep goose around (mix in running so you don?t run out of goose) and set up fient (parry break) and fire it whenever they try to get near you.

Q: ?How do I counter Royal Guard chain??
A: As a Shaolin you are at a disadvantage when it comes to long range fighters. Personally I would have ?Fleeing Steps? from boxing ready and keep your guard up. Try to stay ?relatively close? (1-2 goose dash away from being on top). Wait for them to parry break dash the minute you see the animation and get on top of them with boxing. You could also use weituo but the mastery of that is tough to learn at first but useful against those who try to run away from you.

Q: ?How do I fight against a Wudang hp/mp swap??
A: Be aggressive. Don?t lax up at all. Press your advantage and even if they swap keep pressing. Also be aware of your MP (as this is a weakness in shaolin boxing). It will drop quite quickly especially if you have strong moves but are low level. Also keep them chained (aka combo locked), if you can.

Q: ?How to fight against Tangs darts??
A: Early on everyone gets wrecked by Tang darts, I suggest the same strategy against them as the RG plan. But mainly it?s an uphill battle until you hit max 1st inner with goose or 2nd inner. Once the other inners come into play the darts do less dmg (as a whole) which makes you have a higher chance in rushing and dropping them.

Q: ?How to fight against Beggars lotus palm??
A: Defense, Defense, Defense, this is probably the most important thing I can stress. If you don?t block and they get you with their palm strike to the ground you can bet your going to lose at least half your hp in their combo. If they do palm strike and your blocking you can wait a split second and stun them allowing you enough time to super punch them.

Q: ?How to fight against Scholar kicks??
A: Scholar kicks are/will be the most annoying OP dps set in the game (aside from Tang daggers later). You basically will fight them like any other fight but try to guard when they do their combo kick (it will help you build up rage for your own special). To put their kicks into perspective Scholar kicks had to be nerfed multiple times in the CN version and are STILL considered one of the best pvp styles.

Q: ?How do I fight against an Emie stun set??
A: Like the beggar set, defense and counter is your best style here. Let them jump and try to stun you while your defending then use roar(stun) to allow yourself to charge your super punch. Be careful because the weakness to any counter is another counter. If you don?t do it right, your advantage could suddenly put you on the losing side of a duel.

School Questline
On the quest where you are looking in hidden places, check 896, 461. Look for ?Odd Box?.
On Look for the Antidote, the NPC you need to talk to is at 909, 283. Up the hill next to a gazebo.


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