Age of Wushu Shopping Guide


Age of Wushu Shopping Guide?by Androg

1. How much time did you spent on shopping?
2. Have your shopping ever been disrupt by others for whatever reason?

Short story:
While playing AoW, when i was still a new player, i always end up spending too much time on my shopping. Everyday, i would spent at least an hour in Chengdu, looking through all the stalls hoping to find some cheap manuals or recipes (i am a chef). Every once in a while, some pk happy person will come around and kill me, they usually just claim they want a red name, and are randomly kill low levels for it.

One of my most memorable instance is where i found a stall buying 400 units of Guazhou at 1 Liang each. I immediately went and buy some from another stall, hoping to make a quick profit. However, when i came back, a bunch of enemy guild members decide to do fighting practice near my target stall, and i end up dying before selling?.. pretty sad that day.

However, this no longer happens, and I tend to avoid going to Chengdu now?. why?
? I have found an easy and efficient way to shop, and not to mention, safely
? Finding too many cheap things means i always overspend
? So, to avoid buying, i even deleted Chengdu from my Teleport list.
? However, I am Tang, CD just a few jumps away, so i still end up spending too much.

The answer is simple: press?V
This is the ?Trade Center? interface. From here, you can view all the stalls in a particular region. Louyang at the time of posting only has 1 Stall, and i DO NOT even have to travel there, i just exit from any Tele Point and browse the contents. Safe and Easy? *I do not even have to know where the stall is physically located.

Furthermore, you do not have to stay on one spot motionlessly. I am on my way to GCC, shopping while traveling saves lots of time.

Shameless Advertisement:
First Stall (Loyang Buns) is mine, if you are going to do GCC, 6man array quest, the 1k rep quest, or have any other business in Louyang and run out of food, you can just grab a few off the shelf at cheap affordable prices (120wen each)


So far, this has only shown how to shop safely and easily, but the most important part is shopping efficiently. Shopping efficiently can make you aware of possible mistakes and even compare prices.

In the above picture, 3 points of interest

First: up there is the search bar, if you know the Exact Name (capitalization is important) of the product you want, you can easily search for it. In the example, i searched for ?Lead mine?.
Note1: Lead starts with capital L, if you did not type it that way, no results

Next: Behind each Lead item, there shows the quantity, seller name and unit price
Note2: Notice someone is trying to sell Lead mine for 100 Liang. This shows up easily as Wen and Liang is stated

Lastly, the extra window in the middle
It is also an example, For normal shopping
? Since price of items only show when you mouse-over the item
? People might mistake Wen/Liang and end up buying things at ridiculous the prices.
Note3: I block out the greedy seller?s name, there are lots of them out there

What if you do not know the Exact Name of items you want??
? Shopping for Equipment/Weapons is easy enough
? Just make you select the correct?Quality
? Default is Jade, which usually shows nothing.


Inner Skills / Martial Arts skills

Flying Skills


Life Skills is a little troublesome:
? Most life skill manuals are cluster under ?Assemble Manual?
? Exception is Weiqi, which is under ?Go Manual?

Life skill manuals are categorized as:
First Understanding?= Iron
Realised Potential?= Copper
Martial Intuition?= Silver

Things that doesn?t come with skill level like
? Craftman Hasp, Handles and Lace
? Chef Recipes
? Scholar Manuals (Music, Weiqi, Scholar, Painter)
These have their own quality category, please browse from Wood-Jade

Beggars skills are always Wood

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