Age of Wushu Tale of Tianshan Sword Walkthrough


Age of Wushu Tale of Tianshan Sword Walkthrough by GM_Zorak

1. ????Experience Guide
? ???????Learn about experience, cultivation, and potential from Jiugong Elder

2. ????The Self Recollection Skill
? ???????Speak to Miao Ying to learn Self Recollection skill

3. ????Study at the Martial Arts School
? ???????Ask Miao Ying to teach you kung fu
? ???????Enter the Yanyu Villa Martial Arts School Portal and talk to Yan Feiyu

4. ????Martial Arts Training ? Defense
? ???????Use parry moves to counter Fei Jing?s attacks
? ???????Learn to parry from Fei Jing

5. ????Martial Arts Training ? Defense Break
? ???????Keep using normal attacks on Xie Che until he can?t parry them
? ???????Learn to break defenses from Xie Che

6. ????Martial Arts Training ? Rage
? ???????Use parries to defend against You Gangyi?s attacks. Use Step Backwards Over Seven Stars

7. ????On the Edge of Greatness
? ???????Return to Miao Ying
? ???????Use the Sit and Breathe skill

End of Meditation training
8. ????A Blessing in Disguise
? ???????Leave the Martial Arts School, go left to Yanbo Lake Bridge, jump into the lake, swim to Shui Lianzhu, and collect it
? ???????Inspect the glowing Skeleton
? ???????Find the script
? ???????Open your backpack and learn Skyward Feint Step.
? ???????Return to Miao Ying

9. ????The Kite on the Rooftop
? ???????Look around town and see if anybody needs help
? ???????Use the nearby shack to jump onto the roof and get the Kite
? ???????Speak with Dian Dian

10. ???Growing Stomach
? ???????Speak with Zhu Feng (Chef) at Yanyu Villa

11. ???Ingredient Shortage
? ???????Talk to Chen Nu (Hunter) in Yanyu Villa

12. ???Hidden Weapons
? ???????Speak with Chen Nu

13. ???The Wild Hunt
? ???????Use the normal dark attack to shoot iron piercing darts at the wild dogs. If you run out of darts ask Chen Nu for more
? ???????Talk to Chen Nu when finished

14. ???Cultivation Guide
? ???????Find Cao Kai to learn about cultivating internal skills

15. ???Joining a School
? ???????Talk to the coachman about the eight major schools

16. ???Joining a Guild
? ???????Speak with the Guild Guide and then the Guild Administrator

17. ???Main Task
? ???????Use the Teleport Point Function (T) to see how Jiugong Elder is doing

18. ???A New Beginning
? ???????Speak with Jiugong Elder

19. ?The Doctrines of Martial Arts
? ????????Talk to Miao Ying
? ???????After completing this task you are able to challenge Martial Arts schools

20. ???Caterans Occupied the Temple
? ???????Go to the Tea House opposite the Martial Arts School and ask the leader of the Chamber of Commerce Chen Bin to be cautious.
? ???????Go downstairs and speak with Lin Yingyu at the clothes shop
? ???????Inform Hu Dayong and speak to him again after the conversation to pick up the next task

21. ???Exclude the Difficulty and Anxiety
? ???????Go down the steps on the west side to the drug store and have a look at Zhou Cang?s injury.
? ???????Find drug store?s doctor Xie Shi to ask about Zhou Cang.

22. Medical Skills and Kindness
? ???????Ask Doctor Xie Shi and learn the method of making boiled herb.

23. ??Assist with Healing
? ???????Give the medicine to Zhou Cang. Speak with him again.
? ???????Inform Xie Shi of Zhou?s condition.

24. ??Dangerous Men
? ???????Inform Jiugong Elder that the mountain thieves have been using lime powder to blind their enemies.

25. ??Save Elder Brother
? ???????The old servant Bo Ying knows a lot about the unknown brigand. Go to Jiugong Residence in the northeast.
? ???????Travel east to the Old Dragon Temple.
? ???????Deal with the Bandit Leader on the other side of the bridge.
? ???????Yang Qingshou is in the temple. Go speak with him.
? ???????Use the oil to help Yang wash his eyes and then speak with him.
? ???????Go interrogate Thief Leader Conqueror Wu.

26. ??Fight with the Mountain Thieves Bravely
? ???????Torture Conqueror Wu until he reveals the Salt Gang?s plot
? ???????Kill the sneaky brigands (called sneaky bandits in-game) guarding the door (0/3)
? ???????Speak with Yang Qingshou

27. ?Weird Old Man
? ???????See if Yang things the people are okay to move
? ???????Speak with the stubborn old man to convince him to leave.
? ???????Use Old Man?s Scoop and go to Old Dragon Temple to dig some mud
? ???????Return the mud to the Old Man

28. ???Help the Masses Escape from the Poverty
? ????????Talk with Yang Qingshou about the old man.

29. ??Escort Safely
? ???????There is a token on the ground. Pick it up
? ???????Speak with Li Jinhua about her husband
? ???????Convey what has happened to Bo Ying

30. ??Miracle Doctor Xue Muren
? ???????Enter Jiugong Residence to see Jiugong Elder and Xue Muren.
? ???????Speak with Xue Muren
? ???????Drink the wine in the correct order. Thousand Insects Biting Heart Wine followed by Heart Breaking And Dream-Returning Drink and then Drunken Heart Dew.
? ???????Speak with Xue.

31. ???Troubles on the Road
? ???????Speak with the girl (Gao Yuje) that was just robbed
? ???????Speak with the thief Bai Zhanzhao

32. ???Between Good and Evil
? ???????Speak with Bai ? I chose the bribe option

33. ???Be Blinded by Profit
? ???????Go to the second floor of the nearby Grocery Store. (Called Grocery on the map and there is a Slip to pickup on the 2nd floor.
? ???????You hear a piano in the distance and want to check it out. Go to the nearby Viewing Kiosk to investigate.

34. ???In the Water Side
? ???????Speak to the yellow maid. Afterwards speak with the woman who is playing Qin.
? ???????Speak with Ninth Girl.

35. ???Great Hero Danfeng
? ???????Go into the Inn and find Zhang Danfeng.
? ???????Listen to Zhang?s story.

36. ??Leaving the Villa
? ???????Speak with Xie Maimeng about the Salt Gang.

37. ??The Trip to the Salt Gang
? ???????Speak with the Boatman about travelling to the Salt Gang?s West Salt Pan Wharf. (Speak with Gao Yuje to the right of the dock)
? ???????After defeating Gao Yuje, arrive outside the wall of the head of Salt Sect. (Head up the path to the main gate of the Salt Gang compound. A cutscene should play when you reach the wall to the right of the gate)

38. ?The Doubt of Salt Gang
? ???????Search the backyard of the Salt Sect HQ for Yu Tianshi, the child in danger. (He is in the back right corner of the HQ)

39. ???Kids are in Danger
? ???????Persuade Yu Tianshi to leave.

40. ?Wife of Sect Leader
? ???????Chen Huanxiu wants to speak with you.
? ???????Continue speaking with Chen.
? ???????Take her insignia and find Ji SHenshou and escort Yu Tianshi home safely.

41. ?Turmoil Reappeared
? ???????Speak with Zhang Danfeng.

42. ??The Hero Takes Actions
? ???????Team up with others and find the Salt Gang Herald. Challenge the Salt Gang and then attack the Salt Gang Headquarters.

43. ??Secret Art ? Three Talents Array
? ???????Learn the Three Talents Array from Zhang Xiusheng.

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