Age of Wushu Thousand Year Fire Turtle Guide


Age of Wushu Thousand Year Fire Turtle Guide?by whoopy

Firstly you should know some general information about these new world bosses:

1. They each have a summoning condition based on their personality.
2. Only the group that lands the killing blow will get credit and the loot for the kill.
3. When the summoning conditions are met there is a 30 minute warning announced to the server, with repeat warnings every 5 minutes.


This cute turtle lives in the northern desert, and is very protective of the surrounding environment. He is deeply worried about how advanced mining techniques such as fracking will effect his habitat. If enough players wander about the zone mining ore nodes and harvesting the natural resources the turtle will get angry enough to attack.

His normal spawn location is around Bury Cave (1405, -135) although he has been known to wander. When he first spawns he will still be a bit tired and slow from his nap. Once players have reduced his HP to below 50% he will enrage causing his shell to lite up and become fiery.

He has the following attacks:

1. Basic melee strike ? while the weakest attack it can still hit for several thousand damage.
2. Ground Pound ? The turtle will rear up on his back legs and strike the ground causing players to be sent flying into the air. If you see the turtle start to stand back away.

When enraged he gains the following:

3. Breath Fire ? The turtle does a highly damaging frontal cone AOE that also applies a burning DoT effect.
4. Flame Trail ? The turtle somehow produces a fire from his rear end that coats the floor as he moves around looking for new targets, standing in this will cause damage over time.
5. AOE Flames ? The turtle can summon damaging flames around him hitting those in melee.
6. Charge ? If there are no nearby targets or summon manages to gain aggro on the turtle at long distance he will charge. His charge will knockback those inbetween his target and deal large damage.
7. Shell Spin ? If you see the turtle disappear into his shell run. This is his most damaging move. He will duck inside the shell and start spining soon after all players at a short to medium distance will be sucked towards the turtle raised into the air and take tremendous damage.

Killing the turtle will reward all players in the team with 25 jade pts, and a box containing 20 repair tools. The turtle also drops several scroll fragments for the new jianghu internal skills, workbenches and some chi pills.

Good Luck!

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