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Aika SEA New Player Guide


Aika SEA New Player Guide

Well to begin Aika SEA is a new MMORPG from asiasoft like most know. The basic Idea of this MMORPG is to be a massive pvp based 1000 vs 1000 game. The game so far only has 1 server and this server has 5 different nations, the basic of the game. These nations are allways at war with eachother, hence the pvp, unless they are allies.

your first choice will be to choose which nation you are going to be participating in. There will be 5 choices:

  • Alethius = Honorable, Lawful, Noble
  • Feonir = Explorative, Knowledgeable, Tenacious.
  • Lenaria = Friendly, Good-natured, Harmonious.
  • Ostyrion = Chaotic, Predatory, Treacherous.
  • Vanov = Cunning, Militaristic, Ruthless.

each have their own fancy description but in the end that does not mean a thing and it all goes for who is playing in there. All the nations look exactly the same and are just a copy of the others. At lvl 10 you will have to do a nations quest and untill that lvl you can switch nations. Once you have choosen your final nation your account will be bound to that nation and you cannot change. You cannot talk to enemy nations and their chat is coded to look like random gibberish.

When you have decided to which nation you want to go you will have to pick a server. There are 2 servers PvE and PvP. They are again exactly the same for the map but do have a few differences. On the PvP map you can find the nationwars and is pvp a threat. On PvE you will never see someone from an enemy nation, but you still can be killed by your own nations members.

The bigger and more important difference is that on the PvP server the mobs have 5% less HP to encourage playing there. You will be able to keep changing channels as much as you like and you can do this during playing just need to w8 5 seconds.

there are 6 classes in Aika and there is a genderlock. This to improve the gameplay during the mass pvp action. The classes are as following:

  • Warrior ? Male Possible Roles: Melee DPS (AoE, Burst), Initiator, Off-Tank
  • Crusader ? Female Possible Roles: Main Tank, Hybrid DPS/Healer (Self), Buffer (Self)
  • Sniper? Male Possible Roles: Long-range DPS (Burst), Disabler, Stealth
  • Dualgunner ? Female Possible Roles: Mid-range DPS (DoTs), Stealth, Evader
  • Night Magician ? Male Possible Roles: Long-range DPS (AoE, DoTs), Nuker, Crowd Controller
  • Priest ? Female Possible Roles: Healer, Buffer, Cleanser

It is too complicated to give a full description so if you want to know more you can read more if you click on them.

While you level point you gain skill points, which you can use to level up your skills. This has to be done in the town by your skill master. This will cost you a certain amount of money. It is also possible to reskill yourself for a price at the same skill master. The price for this is 500 gold * your current level. This means that a level 10 will have to pay 5k gold to reskill himself and a level 50 will have to pay 25k gold.

This is a great skill calulator which helps a lot with preparing a build for your character.

The pran is a familiar that follows you. She is also been called daughter or annoying talking thing . At lvl 7 you will receive a quest which will get you a small fairy creature which follows you around. During the quest you will have to choose what kind of pran you would like to have. There are 3 kinds and you can only have 2 total per account so choose wisely. The 3 kinds are:

  • Water = defensive
  • Air = mp use reduction and increased HP/MP recoveryrate
  • Fire = offensive

The pran can help you with her passive and her actives. But it depends if she likes you or not if she decides to cast her actives on you or not. To make her like you have to feed her and be nice to her. Also she will ask to talk to you and depending on what you say to her and what you feed her she will develop different personalities. Your pran goes through several stages:

  • Fairy ? lvl 1-5
  • Adolescent ? lvl 5-20
  • Teen ? lvl 20-50?
  • Adult ? lvl 50?

At the end of every stage you will have to do a quest (which means basically gather basic stuff) for the pran master. If you want to read more about the pran you can go here

Aika is not made to be a grindfest. At higher lvls you will have to grind more but from the start the game is filled with Quests. The idea behind this is that everyone should be able to get to lvl 30-4x fairly fast to join in the pvp fest. Unlike some other games at lvl 25 it is definitely worth it to join any raids (more about that later) and enjoy the pvp of the game.

Quest can be found everywhere in the map and if you keep doing them you will find new quests at every level. If you open the map it shows as a Green !, if you are ready you will see this on the map as a red ?. Ingame it shows as this:

There are four different ways for pvp and then I am not talking pking your own nation members. The four different kinds of PvP are:

  • Battle grounds mixed nations team deathmatchPvP
  • Castle Siege Alliance / guild PvP
  • Relic War Nation war PvP
  • Altar War Nation war PvP

Battlegrounds you can just go to and choose a game to join and pick a side. During this game which lasts 30 minutes or 50 kills (depending on the settings) you are doing a team deathmatch in which nations and guilds are not important. Offcourse you can set it up with guilds vs guilds or nation vs nation if you want.

Castle siege
This is a weekly event which the 5 most powerfull alliances will fight for the leadership of the nation. The winner will be Lord Marshall for the week and will be ruling the nation and is in charge of the defences and relic upgrades. During this siege there are 4 attacking alliances which can contain up to 4 guilds and 1 defending alliance (the current rulling Lord Marshalls Alliance) More about this later.

Relic War
Relic War is the main PvP action you will find in Aika. To start I will explain what relics are. During instance runs the end boss has a small chance to drop a relic. Relics give buffs to the nation that has them in their temples. These buffs can be really adding up. It shows like this:

An example of the relics that can be acclaimed are:

  • 10% exp increase
  • 10% skill cooldown
  • 10% physical attack increase
  • 3% drop increase

the complete list of relics can be found here

You can understand that it is very usefull to have these buffs, but that is also what enemy nations think so they try to steal these relics from you. It is currently possible to have 9 buffs in total, but when the full game will be open then it is theoretically possible to have a total of 20 relics.

Temples are what holds the relics. Currently there are 3 temples reachable. Each is defended by Temple guards and Temple stones which have to be defeated to be able to get to the relics. Each raid can only steal 1 relic at a time. But to get to the temples you will have to pass several obstacles from normal mobs to more guards. To be able to do this succesfully you will need a big group of people or else you will find out that it is more difficult then you would think. Also as soon as you attack a temple guard and /or a temple stone, the nation you are trying to steal from will get a message that their temple is under attack. This will rally (normally) a huge defense force, because the relics are what makes it worthwhile. The idea is that you will drop everything you are doing to help defending and this is what most will do.

The Rift
The rift is the place where you can teleport to the other nations. The rift can be found in the middle of the world at the Rhawn Crossroads. You can find the rift by going north from Regenshein, through Verband. When you reach Amarkand you will have to go straight left and keep walking to the southwestern corner of the map. Here is the entrance to Rhawn Crossroads and here can the rift be found.

Altar War
The Altar is the heavily defended treasure chest of the nation. Enemy nations can try to steal the treasury of the enemy to help upgrade their own defences. This can only be done during 2 hours a day and is a really enormous task. You can read about altar war in this news post.

In Aika it is very easy to make a party. Just right click on someone and add to party. This can be done by anyone in the party so you are not bound by the partyleader. There are 3 ways to add people to a party

Someone can only be added if they are on the same channel as you are. option number 2 can only be used for people of the same nation as you are and not for any allied nation members.

A party can consist of maximum of 6 people and can be used to quest together, do instance runs, do raids. When a party is formed it can then form a raid party with up to 3 other parties. When a party is going to raid another nation the party leader will have to teleport them to the other nation to keep the party intact. If the members go for themselves they are automatically kicked from the party and have to be readded.

Raid party

Raid parties consist up to 4 parties of 6 people. This looks something like this:

It is used for raids on enemy nations and apparantly also for Hell Mode Instances. I can?t confirm that yet due to the fact that Hell mode was not available in cbt.

Instances and Dungeon runs
Instances are the dungeons of Aika. When a party wants to enter a dungeon the party leader has to be at the entrance and select the level they want to do. There are 4 different levels:

Each dungeon has lots of quests and it is always better to try and find them all before you start doing the instance. There are currently 5 instances available in the game:

  • Zantorian Fortress ? Beginners dungeon level 10+
  • Marauders Hold ? level 20+
  • Marauders Cabin ? level 28+
  • Lost Mines ? level 36+
  • Lost Mines West ? Level 46+

If you go from normal to Hard you can add 4-5 levels to the requirement. The different levels of the dungeons do nothing with the instance map but only with the level of the mobs.

The ideal build of your party for the dungeons higher then Zantarion Fortress will be:

  • 2x Priest
  • 1x Crusader
  • 1x Warrior
  • 1x Night Magician
  • 1x any other DPs

During an instance run there is one annoying thing going on. If you die you will only have 1 minute to be resurrected. If you are not resurrected before that it teleports you out of the dungeon and you will not be able to join it again (unless you use a potential CS item). The same goes for dcing. If someone dcs they are automatically kicked out of the party and instance.

The reason why you need 2 clerics is that if the first cleric dies only the second cleric can res him/her. If you do not have a second cleric your party can just give up and restart if your healer dies.
A guild have to be formed by 6 members of a nation and costs 50k to start. The guild starts of at level 1 and has a weekly upkeep fee. If you will not pay this fee the guild will be disbanded no matter if you have 6 members or 128 members. The master of the guild can set up 4 different ranks and give them several permissions from viewing the guild warehouse to inviting and kicking members. The guilds level decides how much you have to pay for the upkeep and how many members it can contain.

  • Level 1 guild: 6 to 32 members.
  • Level 2 guild: 33 to 48 members.
  • Level 3 guild: 49 to 72 members.
  • Level 4 guild: 73 to 96 members.
  • Level 5 guild: 97 to 128 members.


  • Level 1 guild: 3,000 gold coins.
  • Level 2 guild: 13,000 gold coins.
  • Level 3 guild: 25,000 gold coins.
  • Level 4 guild: 55,000 gold coins.
  • Level 5 guild: 100,000 gold coins

To level up the guild the members need to buy guild quests at the guild administrator in Regenshein. The guild quests go by level and you can only do the quests in your level range. These are the points you need to level up the guild:

  • level 1 ? > 2 = 22.000 points
  • level 2 ? > 3 = 64.750 points
  • level 3 ? > 4 = 155.600 points
  • level 4 ? > 5 = 496.000 points

An alliance can be made with 2-4 guilds. An alliance is basically made for castle siege purposes and it can be usefull for coordinating with raids on enemy territory due to the fact that the alliance leader can talk to the whole alliance. Making an alliance do not cost anything and the first guild that sents an invite will be the alliance leader.

Lord Marshall
when an alliance or guild wins the castle siege the alliance leader becomes the Lord Marshall and will gain leadership of the nation. Besides this the lord marshall gets the following buff:

And the rest of the alliance will also get a buff. It depends if you are in the Lord Marshall guild or are in the Alliance guild.

Lord Marshall guild:

Leader of an alliance guild:

Member of an alliance guild:

In Aika it is possible to craft. You can make your own equipment, materials, potions. You can upgrade the equipment from +1 to +11.
It is possible to make superior items which have indead superior stats compared to normal gear. It is also possible to delevel the level requirement on your gear so that you can use them at a lower level.

Gear with no extra stats can be given extra stats at the enchantress in Regenshein. You can use either the different kind of crystals you get via quests or use auralars. There are 3 different kinds of auralar going from raw auralar , auralar to pure auralar. Enchanting with auralars give random stats to your equipment and they can give up to 3 different stats depending on the succes rate of your enchantment. Pure giving the best stats.

Upgrading and deleveling can go wrong and can result in broken equipment or increasing level requirements instead of going down.

you can read about crafting here and here.

Chat codes
To be able to talk ingame you will need to use several prefixes to be able to talk in the different channels.

  • Shout = #
  • Guild = @
  • Party = !

once you used a prefix it will stay untill you change it.


At level 40 you can attain a mount in Aika. Each class has a different mount but all move with the same speed.
There are 2 ways of getting the mount:

      1. by paying 2 million gold or 2. do a long quest chain. A small overview of which quests you need to do can be found


Mounts are a fast means of travels and can be enchanted with crystals that can be bought from the cash shop to increase your character. During your travels with your mount it is possible to get dismounted by mobs that hit you. You will get a moving speed debuff and are unable to mount for the duration of that debuff.

Cash Shop

The cash shop basically is a shop in which you can buy items for real money. A cash shop is always available in Free2Play games and is needed to support the operational costs the publisher of the game haves. It is necessary to be able to play this game for free.

To be able to buy any item in the cash shop you first have to buy Gpotatoes. This can be done via several methods which can be found here.

If you are going to buy them for the very first time it is good to read this sticky.

Items that can be bought are varying from extra bags for your self and your pran, items to help you have no downsides during upgrading, Unlimited bullets, portal scrolls and pran clothing.

There is a way to earn free gpotatoes by doing certain activities on this site from gpotato. Be aware though that certain offers require to fill out contact details or are needed to get a subscription for your cellphone.


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