Aika SEA Stat Points Guide


Aika SEA Stat Points Guide by Vynch

As we all know, we?ll be getting our lv60 patch today and all players who completed their class advancement quest would be awarded with stat points.

Since some players may not be clear on each stat?s effect, I thought it?ll be a good idea for me to give some clarification in advance. (Or else, you?ll be spending unnecessary @cash to reset stat points in the future )

Still, please be notified that ALL effects highlighted in blue are based on the newest Aika patch and it MAY NOT been applied in Aika SEA yet. So yes, you have been warned.

Strength / ?

    • Increase melee physical attack
    • Increase double attack value
    • Increase critical damage


  • Increase physical attack piercing value


Agility / ??

  • Increase long range physical attack power
  • Increase critical rate
  • Increase the mark rate / accuracy
  • Increase dodge rate

Intelligence / ?? / ??

    • Increase magic attack
    • Increase heal?s maximum amount


  • Reduce cool down time
  • Increase magical attack piercing value


Constitution / ??

    • Increase Maximum HP
    • Increase HP automatic recovery value
    • Increase critical resistance value


  • Increase double attack resistance value


Luck / Spirit / Mental Power / ??

    • Increased the maximum MP
    • Increase MP automatic recovery value
    • Increase status resistance value


  • Increase skill attack maximum (SAM) value


Hope this helps.

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