AION 7.7 Arokkan’s Secret Furnace (All Spots)

0 Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you watched my guide about new pvp gear, you...

AION 7.7 New PvE Equipment of Unleashed Storm. Detailed Guide

0 Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel! It?s another guide about patch 7.7 and today I?m gonna...

AION 7.7 New PvP Gear. Detailed Guide

0 , , hey everyone and welcome back to my channel four months ago i made a video about...

Aion Online Asmo Leveling Guide

Aion Online Asmo Leveling Guide by SahirraslJust thought I?d share my leveling information to let you level as easily as possible =)Note: /where command...

Aion Online 2.0 Single Player Instances Guide

Aion Online 2.0 Single Player Instances Guide by NightflowerThis guide is for the three single Player instances introduced in the 2.0 patch. It is...

Aion Online PvP Guide

Aion Online PvP Guide by SexualHealingAion is a PVP game, hands down. PvE content is there but you will quickly grow tired of the...

Aion Online BT Hardmode Walkthrough

Aion Online BT Hardmode Walkthrough by AlucardiaThe order the bosses are killed in generally are done so cool downs are up at the right...

Aion Online Templar PvP Build Guide

Aion Online Templar PvP Build Guide?by DelvedHi guys, firstly i would like to apologize for my language, English is not my first language so...

Aion Dye System Guide

Aion Dye System Guide?by 187benColorful armor is always one of Aion?s most attractive features. Today I will introduce the dye system in Aion. Hope...

Aion PVP Guide

Aion PVP Guide?by stelian1. The BuildNow I know you want to get into all the juicy stuff such as strategy and what not, but...

Aion Speed Gain Equipments Guide

Aion Speed Gain Equipments Guide?by 187benAre you??annoyed that you have to walk a long way to do your quests, or you are not quick...

Aion Leveling Guide

Aion Leveling Guide?by stevenwowAssuming that you?ve stuck with the class through its terrible teens, your ranger and you should be having a pretty swell...

Aion Flight System Guide

Aion Flight System Guide?by 187benIn Aion, flight sysytem is not only used for moving, but a important strategic measure in fight and the only...

Aion Online Abyss Splinter Yamennes Painflare Guide

Note: The following guide may not be 100% accurate. It is only based on what I and others saw on our first attempt to...

Aion Online Dredge Guide

Aion Online Dredge Guide by SharparrowsThe basics:Dredgion is an instance that is available for lvls 46-50, but only on certain times. The times varies...

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