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AION 7.7 Arokkan’s Secret Furnace (All Spots)


Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! If you watched my guide about new pvp gear, you already know there are three ways of getting it. Today I’d like to provide more details, regarding the second way. But before I start explaining, let’s take a look at youtube analytics. It says that only 29.5% of views come from ppl, who are subscribed to my channel. This means many of you watch my channel without subscription. Same as any youtuber I want my channel to grow big. I’ve been doing comprehensive high-quality guides and other useful stuff for a very long time. So, don’t hesitate, subscribe to my channel, hit the ‘like’ button and turn on your notifications.

Now let’s remember how the second way of getting new pvp gear works. Monsters in Layer of Time (Tempus Fugit) spawn under certain circumstances. The whole map is divided into regions. And when you kill the majority of mobs in a region, a mini-boss will spawn. And when all mini-bosses in all regions appear, the map resets and ordinary mobs start spawning again. This is the exact moment, when Arokkant’s Secret Furnace (Brazier) may also appear somewhere on the map. It doesn’t always spawn, but when it shows up, you’ll see a corresponding message on the screen. The very first person, who finds it, can buy a gear box for 300 captured souls. This box contains a random piece of equipment for your class. Luckily I know all possible locations and I’d like to share this information with the community..

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