AION 7.7 New PvE Equipment of Unleashed Storm. Detailed Guide


Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel! It?s another guide about patch 7.7 and today I?m gonna show you how to obtain the best PvE equipment. But before I start explaining, I want you to hit the ?like? button and subscribe to my channel. Turn on your notifications, so you don?t miss my next videos. Now let?s get back to our topic. Ultimate Unleashed Storm Set is the new endgame PvE gear. It consists of weapon and armor, which can be obtained from Beshmundir Temple. You heard me right, this instance is back! It?s a bit smaller, than it used to be in older patches.

If you look at the map, you can see some areas have been deleted. Now I?d like to talk about the two possible ways of getting the best PvE gear from this instance. Beshmundir Temple has two difficulties: easy and normal. Normal mode has a ranking system. So, the first way of getting new gear requires completing the run on S rank on normal mode. Unfortunately, I don?t have any info regarding time frames for each rank. All I can say – you just have to be quick. After defeating the final boss, you have a slight chance to get Ultimate Unleashed Storm Equipment Box. This box can be looted by only one group member. It contains selectable gear parts. You can pick the piece of equipment, but you cannot choose the class. So, you?ll have to deal with RNG and keep re-rolling the box, until you get something you really need.

There are 10 re-roll attempts. Each attempt costs 10 000 000 kinah. Now let?s move to the second way. Alternatively, you can get Ultimate Unleashed Storm Equipment Box by assembling such components as 100 Storm Fragments and 1 Seal Scroll. Storm Fragments are given as a reward for each group member, when killing the final boss. The number of fragments depends on instance difficulty and your rank. For example, you get 5 Storm Fragments upon completing easy mode and from 20 to 100 fragments, if you beat normal mode. Now let?s talk about the Seal Scroll.

This item is obtainable by extracting Ultimate Unleashed Storm, Ultimate Merciless Intruder?s and Ultimate Sealed Storm equipment. Gear parts from Ultimate Sealed Storm set drop with a certain chance after killing Stormwing on easy mode. Alternatively, you can win Sealed Storm gear boxes by trying your luck at Lumiel?s Transformation. I?ve already made a guide about this feature. For more details, check one of my previous videos. Btw, in terms of stats Sealed Storm is weaker than Unleashed Storm. And that?s basically it for today! Now you know both ways how to get Unleashed Storm equipment, which is the best PvE gear in patch 7.7. If you still have any questions ? feel free to ask them in the comment section. Don?t forget to subscribe, like & share this video with your friends. Ty for watching and see you soon!.

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