AION 7.7 New PvP Gear. Detailed Guide


[, Music, ], [, Music, ], hey everyone and welcome back to my channel four months ago i made a video about new pvp gear from patch 7.7 back then i translated a korean article taken from ansys soft webpage, but you know when you read the patch notes: You only see the text and the couple of screenshots. This makes it difficult to completely understand how the things actually work in practice. So today i have an opportunity to show you all details regarding new pvp equipment from the next update, but before i start explaining, i want you to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel turn on your notifications. So you don’t miss my next videos.

Now, let’s get back to our topic, new pvp gear consists of weapon and armor and called severe throne set in terms of stats is just a bit better compared with silent black feather as for appearance. Well, you can see everything for yourself. Severe throne set can be obtained in new location called layer of time. You will find the entrance in cylindera canyon. Layer of time is a server wide map. However, it doesn’t require dimension hourglass.

On top of that, there are no restrictions regarding the maximum number of players, so anyone can enter and stay there as long as he or she wants. There are three ways how to get new pvp gear. Let’S start with the most common way, which you will mainly use in the middle of the map where the safe zone is located, you can see a brazier, it’s a sort of a vendor. Here you can purchase the gear box using different options. Each option requires specific materials: it can be shiny, selenium sparkling, selenium, shimmer and selenium and captive soles. All three types of selenium can be looted from any mob in layer of time. The drop rate is not high, so i’d recommend to use the rune, which increases the chance of getting items. Now, let’s see how to get captive souls.

First of all, you need to get empty jars. You can purchase various packs of empty jars using abyss points. Alternatively, you can receive 30 jars for completing daily pvp quest in layer of time. When you get the empty jars, you need to go and farm neverland mops after the mob dies. Its souls may appear nearby the corpse you need to capture these souls into empty jars. Just target the soul and click the jar. Every time you do that you get from one to five captive souls once the soul is captured into the jar, it will be destroyed if you leave the location.

So if you want to buy a pvp gearbox, you need to stay in layer of time until you manage to collect all necessary items. If your game, suddenly crashes or network connection drops the captive souls don’t disappear. They remain in your inventory for three hours and when you log back, you can use the special portal and tp2 layer of time when you eventually collect all the items and bought the box, be ready to face rng, because the chest contains a random piece of equipment. For a random class, the gearbox can be rolled up to five times using abyss points keep in mind if you keep getting items which are not matched in your class, you can use them for item collections for more details check one of my previous videos.

There is something else you need to know about farming items in layer of time, mobs in this location, respawn. Under certain circumstances, the whole map is divided into regions and when you kill the majority of mobs in a region a mini boss will spawn and when all mini bosses in all regions appear, the map resets and ordinary mobs start spawning again. Now it’s time to mention the second way of getting pvp gear. As soon as the location resets, there is a chance that the secret brazier will appear somewhere on the map. You will have to find the exact location by yourself. Only one person can buy a gearbox for 300 captive souls from the secret brazier and guess what the box contains a random piece of equipment where you can actually pick the class.

So, for example, for this video i bought a gear chest and got a head selection box. Let’S move to the third way of getting pvp gear in patch 7.7, you can buy the box which contains desired gear parts directly from npc, for example, if you want a weapon for your class, you buy a weapon selection box, need shoes, go and buy shoe selection Box etc, as a currency, you’re gon na need selenium and orange mixture. There are a few one-off quests which provide 15 orange mixtures in total and that’s it. The rest is sold by level 5 fame merchant in layer of time. The whole severe throne set costs 155 orange mixtures, which is 465 in sickness of experience, but there is a tiny problem. You can buy only one orange mixture per week. This means that, even if you pre-farm in sickness of experience in advance, you won’t be able to get the full set very fast. In my opinion, the current method of getting pvp gear is only useful for players who almost collected the full set, and they are missing.

One or two gear parts – [ Music ]. At the end of this video i’d like to say a few words about quests in layer of time, which i forgot to mention. There is a one-off quest which gives you a random piece of new pvp equipment for a random class. Also, there is a repeatable quest where you can receive a temporary pre-enchanted, 2 15 severe throne weapon for 1, 3 or 5 days, and that’s basically everything. I wanted to show you today. If you still have any questions about 7.7 update or any other questions about, the game feel free to ask them in the comment section don’t forget to subscribe like and share this video with your friends. Thanks for watching and see you soon!

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