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AirMech Beginner’s Guide


6. Advanced Strategies and TacticsA. The ?Backdoor Turtle? strategy .bdstrat .turtlestrat
This strategy is very hard, and requires intricate knowledge of your mech and it?s abilities, as well as a good grasp on all the units in the game. You must also have a well-coordinated team. You should avoid dying at all costs; you will eventually be outlevelled, but you will still win due to constant harass.Max your eco, and start harass early. You must prevent them from taking bases, while whittling down their base slowly. They must not be able to attack your base, so make sure you have one person dedicated defense, or a solid impenetrable wall. Lunchboxes are a high priority target, take them out first, then the eco, then focus on the base. Drop units where there is the least defense, even if it?s not the front. If the opportunity arises though, frontal attacks on the base do the most damage. You will not win fast, but you will definitely win if it goes to overtime, as your opponent will not have been able to damage your base much and theirs will undoubtedly be lower. If you did a good enough job though in the beginning, however, you could win within 10 minutes, or earlier. Remember: cheap but powerful units are your friends. (I.E. Jackals). Steer clear of grinders unless you have a unit tanking it (armored only!)

7. Individual Unit Information/Strategy


A comprehensive table of information can be found here for airmechs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgK1dKtv5mr9dExDUU01V0RabDExR2lIY0pRRGZsMEE#gid=3For units, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgK1dKtv5mr9dExDUU01V0RabDExR2lIY0pRRGZsMEE&pli=1#gid=0For more details on the lockboxes: http://gregrthenson.com/AirmechBoxCalculator/

Rank Legend
* = Terrible. Try to avoid using this unit.
** = Bad. Like above, try to avoid using this unit if possible (unless you need it to counter something/you have a special strategy with this unit).
*** = Decent. This unit is an average unit, expect a few of these in your lineup.
**** = Good. Like decent, expect a few of these in your lineup.
***** = Excellent. These are must haves. If you don?t have at least one or two of these in your lineup, you may be at a significant disadvantage vs someone who does.

The Units


Rank = *

This unit is bad. No offense, easy to kill, WAY too expensive. Stopped by beartraps. Free xp for your opponent. Only decent thing about this is the build time, but still nowhere near worth using.

Rank = **

Not the best, but not the worst. Good speed, but low armor and high cost. Not your ideal choice of infantry, but can be viable.

Rank = ****

This is your bread and butter infantry unit. High Armor, decent attack damage, average speed, and low cost. You will find many people using this unit.

Rank = ***.5

This unit has high damage and decent armor however it is fairly slow in comparison to most infantry, making it pretty easy to take out. It is also 400 credits more expensive, and has a longer build time. En-mass though, they can be formidable. You will probably see a few of these here and there, mainly for taking out arty/other defenseless things and/or capturing outposts.

Rank = 0

This unit used to be OP and could one shot Airmechs. Now it?s useless. Don?t even get this, it doesn?t deserve a star.

Rank = **/***

The fixer is really a mixed bag. It has the highest armor out of all infantry, isn?t too expensive, but has no attack at all and is the fourth slowest unit in the game, making it an easy target. While it can repair, it cannot be stationed at a location; instead, it will repair all units in the local vicinity, then keep moving forward. You may or may not find yourself using these, depending on your lineup, but IMHO the ratchet is significantly better for repairing (albeit it cannot capture like the fixer can).

Offensive Vehicles

Rank = *

The zipper is basically a more expensive soldier that cannot capture bases (unless destroyed, and does not always release infantry). Steer clear of this unit, except in low level games, as this is easily stopped by a single gatty.

Rank = *

Like the zipper, steer clear. Basically just a slightly more expensive zipper.

Rank = ***

Fairly good attack power, pretty speedy, an average amount of armor. and quick to build, all while remaining not too costly. Not a bad unit, but not necessarily good either, as there are better options. An early game rush with these CAN beat your opponent, but a few gatty and/or other defenses will stop these dead in their tracks, so vs experienced/expecting opponents, it?s pretty useless. To reiterate: Pretty good early game, but later on pretty petty units. Try not to use these unless you know exactly what you?re doing with them.

Rank = **

Slower than the jackal, slightly more armored, but with a weaker ground attack and no air attack. Also takes longer to build and is significantly more expensive. Easily stopped by T-99 and gattys. Say no to ?dillo ( poor armadillo *huggles it* ).

Rank = ****

This is a fairly decent bread and butter unit. Great armor, not a bad speed (fastest out of all the ?heavy armor?) and pretty dang good damage. Takes only 8 seconds to build, and with a 4500 cost, it?s not bad. You will find yourself and your enemies using these.

Rank = ***

This unit used to be great. It?s now nowhere near as good as the Longhorn, and should be replaced with it in most situations.

Rank = *****

VERY strong unit. Hits ridiculously hard, and in packs of 5-6 will trounce nearly any opposition. ?Doesn?t afraid of anything? as the meme goes, meaning it will take a lot of damage before going down. Good for placing in the front lines to soak up damage. The downside is the high cost, slow speed, and level requirement. All in all, not a bad unit.

Rank = ***

Not a bad unit early game, with a crushing air attack of 200, a few of these will decimate any careless AirMech. However, that being said, they are very slow (as slow as the Goliath, tied for slowest in game), are pretty expensive, and have no ground defenses, making them easy kills for just about any ground unit. Still, not a bad choice, but there are better choices for defense.

Rank = **

This unit is only not a rank * unit because of the fact that it can end games really quickly if you get a ton of bucky to the enemy base somehow early game. They are semi-expensive, and their damage (being lower than the SAM) is not very good, not to mention the missiles aren?t even guided. Try to avoid using these.

Defensive Vehicles

Rank = ****

Cheap and quick to build, pretty decent movespeed, but low armor. Good for those clutch situations where you need something out fast to do repairs. Can also disarm mines, which can be useful against opponents that use them.

Rank = ****.5

This unit. This unit. I don?t even know where to begin. This is by far the best repair unit (outside of the Osprey, but that?s an AirMech so it doesn?t count) in the game so far. With a fairly solid armor of 650 (slightly more than double the Patcher, at 320), and the highest repair rate in the game, while only costing slightly (700) more than the Patcher, this unit is a beast for all your repair needs. It takes a bit longer to build as well, and is one of the slowest units in the game, but the survivability it can provide should not be underestimated. Very solid unit.

Rank = ****

This unit is very versatile; it can be used as a lead for an offensive push, soaking up massive amounts of damage which would otherwise render your force useless, and on defense as well to protect your structures (enemy AI targets structures AFTER units, as well as the closest unit).
Turrets/Siege Weapons

Rank = ***.5

This is your standard anti-light-ground defense. Extremely useful early game, but not so much late game. Good vs grounded AirMechs as well, but useless vs a line of armored tanks.

Rank = *****

This unit is incredible, with the ability to defend against most ground and air assaults of all kinds, it is almost a necessity to have this unit. High armor makes it very survivable to punishment, and one of them can ?solo? an AirMech at low levels. Take this into consideration when designing your lineup. The only downside to this unit is that when it is attacking something on the ground, it will not fire on enemy AirMechs.

Rank *****

Like the T-99, this is unit is stunningly powerful. It shreds AirMechs like paper, and the fact that the bullets are practically unavoidable makes this the best Anti-AirMech unit in the game by far. It can also hit AirMechs on the ground, albeit for 50% damage. Definitely a good defensive unit to have.

Artillery (Arty)
Rank = ****

This is your standard siege unit. Amazing for breaking down lines of defenses, and coupled with a few anti-air defenses can win games very quickly. Not much more to be said here.

Rank = ****

Like the Arty, this is also amazing at breaking down lines of defense. However, with a higher range, and slightly more armor (albeit slightly less damage [-7]) it is incredible at decimating defenses.

Rank = ****

While it used to be bad back in the old alpha and early beta days, the Bertha is now a scary unit, dealing massive damage from afar. When in groups (and if well protected), they can deal crippling amounts of damage in a large area very quickly without fear of retaliation. 4/5 Stars only because it requires decent micro (it?s really a 5 star unit, but it?s not something you will be good with immediately).


Coming soon

Miscellany (Other Structures/Units not defined above)

Rank = *****

This structure could quite possibly be a necessity (I think it is) as more income = more units. More units = good. I could rant all day about money makers, but I think it?s safe to say at least one person on your team should have MM on their lineup.

Rank = ****

This unit is sexy. Gives you a nice buffer for damage on your base (not so useful on outposts, although it does slow opponents there?I don?t think that?s a very good use of 2800 credits though), and helps to protect your base against overtime damage. Like the moneymaker, this is one of those possible ?necessity? units.

Rank = ****

Most people do not know the actual use of this unit. It?s actually a ?wall-test? unit according to the devs. While it does have a good repair rate, it?s better used off the pads in combination with a repair unit and offense/defense units. Well placed honeypots can stop entire lines of enemy forces.

XXXBox (the moneyboxes)
Rank = * [/size]

No. No. Please no. Don?t make me kill kittens, I love kittens. Waste of a spot in your lineup, has no real use. If you are giving away that many credits, it pretty much boils down to someone is doing something wrong. Still earns only slightly more than a moneymaker, and costs way more (so really not worth the investment).

Bot Spawner
Rank = ****

This is an interesting unit. Depending on your strategy, this can be one of the most amazing units, or one of the most useless units. An extra runner each time means that you will have more pushing power (outpost capture) than your opponent, so if you are good at capturing and defending your outposts, this can pretty much win the game for you. I wish I had a better way of explaining it, but for lack of a better way: 4 units will capture a base instantly. 3 will not.

Rank = **

Ungodly expensive, blows up on transform/death, just no. Like the lockboxes, effectively a waste of a slot in your lineup. On the plus side, it does let you carry +1 bombs (increases carry capacity).

Rank = ****.5

These can be both amazing and terrible at the same time. The usefulness of these really boils down to your ability to use them. You can nearly one shot grounded airmechs with these (from full hp), so they are not to be laughed at. They are however, relatively expensive, so if you miss well, you?re S.O.L.

Light Mine
Rank = ***

Does what it should, decimates light units in (generally) 1-2 hits. Does significant damage to grounded airmechs. Only activates on motion (over the mine, you cannot place it on top of a unit and expect it to explode until it moves or something else moves nearby). Cheap, too (300 a piece), and you can carry three, so not a bad unit. Note however, this is innefective against

Heavy Mine
Rank ***

Almost the same as regular mines, just more damage and a slightly longer fuse. The main difference though, is these are effective against all armors, and will decimate most things within 2 hits (sans the Goliath, but it?s a freaking Goliath lol)

Stasis Mine

This puppy-er mine rather is very strong. It is significantly more expensive than your standard heavy mine (2000 vs 1200) BUT it has a nasty snare effect on top of the damage it deals already, making it your primary choice of mines for any scenario. Put these in chokes, but don?t leave them unattended if the enemy has a saucer?you might find them blowing up your units!

Bear Trap
Rank = ****

This unit is boss. Can be used to scout, quickly secure outposts, and also assault outposts. For 300 credits, this unit is up there with the best.

8. Final WordsRemember, every game is different; you must always be able to adapt to your opponent. There is no guaranteed way to win other than that. Always be thinking of your next moves, 2-3 moves ahead is a good start. If possible, also think of what your opponent may do, and how to counter that if such a thing happens. AirMech, like many other games, is a game very dependent on your experience, so the more you play the better you will get. Don?t get discouraged because you lost, remember: A loss is a lesson, learn from it and better yourself so that you do not make the same mistake next time.Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it helped. See you in game!


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