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Akaneiro Official FAQ

Akaneiro Official FAQ by FlightTribeTHEMES & SETTINGWhat is Akaneiro: Demon Hunters?Akaneiro is an Action Role-playing Game with mechanics in the vein of Diablo, Titan...

Akaneiro Abilities Basic Guide

Akaneiro Abilities Basic Guide by finkBelow you?ll find a list of the Abilities provided during initial beta, sorted by the associated Discipline type. Keep...

Akaneiro Basic Gameplay Guide

Akaneiro Basic Gameplay Guide by finkThe BasicsAll about getting around and hitting stuff. Experienced players can probably skip this section ;)Moving AroundMove about the...

Akaneiro Spirit Helpers List

Akaneiro Spirit Helpers List by FlightTribeINUGAMIDog spirit. Give your bark some extra bite. Increases attack damage.MANEKI NEKOCat spirit. Brings good fortune and wealth. Earn...

Akaneiro Beta Mission Areas Guide

Akaneiro Beta Mission Areas Guide by FlightTribeBelow you will find a list of all areas and missions in the Akaneiro Closed Beta.SHIGEMORI RIVERFlowing down...

Akaneiro Food Effects List

Akaneiro Food Effects List by CassielleSpicy SushiA spicy kick that increases POWER.Caviar OnigiriFresh treat that increases SKILL.Mint TofuFragrant snack that increases DEFENSE.Garlic SnapperHerb baked...

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