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Albion Guide to Solo Roads with Crossbows By: deusemx0


In this guide I will explain how I farm roads content solo while using Boltcasters.

While not strictly necessary you will want to have “home” Road Rest map with Hideout access so you can stash loot, dodge gankers, and take a shit IRL safely. Your ideal home would have green chests or static green dungeons. Familiarizing yourself with your road map can benefit you greatly as dungeon spawn locations as well as hidden treasure locations are in fixed locations.

This is where I roam

Create your own map marking down the locations of dungeons and hidden treasures as you find them. The dungeon spawn locations are sometimes corrupted and sometimes just solo, mark them the same.

Every day during reset the monsters randomize on the Roads. There are more spawn locations than what actually spawn, say there are 100 spawn locations only 80 of them will be used that day. Two of these locations will be a wisp spawn location, one being a single wisp and the other being two wisps. These respawn every 10 minutes. If you were to stay in the same map all day you should find these spawn locations first and swing by to collect every 10 minutes. If they are already cleared a hint would be there are no corpses at that spawn location, but remember that not all spawn locations are used every day so there may be no corpse because there’s no spawn.

They’re random AF. If you wait long enough all 4 will spawn but if you clear all 4 and come back in 30 minutes maybe only 2 have respawned. I couldn’t find any pattern here, if you do let me know in those comments 😉

  1. Wisp kills. You want to swing by the wisp spawn locations every 10 minutes if you can manage.

  2. Clear the green chests after the wisps are cleared.

  3. Use the map you’ve made marking down the dungeon spawn locations and try to find a good route to check for dungeons. If a dungeon is corrupted, you can probably ignore it in your route because it’ll say corrupted until someone enters it.

  4. Avoid downtime. Solo dungeons are a great filler between wisps and green chests. You may be better off doing that solo dungeon than running around checking for green chests, especially if you already did a first pass within 30 minutes. Always be killing. And goodluck trying to solve this traveling salesman problem!

You can use maps on Road Rests maps. I think T6 Roads might be ideal here because T6 maps are very cheap. Often times the dungeon will spawn right under the one you just left, minimizing downtime. Might be pretty good.

I use Soldier Boots with Waunderlust to escape if I’m outnumbered. Cleric Robe and Demon Helmet are my default, but if I’m feeling safe I’ll put on a Druid Robe and Specter Hood. I’m feeling safe if my HO zone has a single green portal connection. Thetford cape for more damage or Lymhurst cape if you have energy problems. Sometimes I need to use Energy Regain on my helm with a Lymhurst cape because I can output more damage that way. Invis pot to dodge gankers and Cabbage Soup because you’re soloing and Beef Stew for PVP situations. T5 Armored Horse.

When clearing green chests or wisps for my Boltcasters I’ll use Auto Fire and Noise Eraser with Well-Prepared. Silence is very strong against the mobs guarding green chests. Open with silence against the 3-orb mob that spawns stuff for an easy kill. Always try to get Q->Q with Well-Prepared.

When clearing solo dungeons I’ll use Explosive Bolt and Sunder Shot with Well-Prepared. Ideally with Druid Robe, Specter Hood, and Lymhurst Cape for faster clearing speed.

Thanks for reading


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