Albion Redzone for Dummies By: LordofNoodles55


I’ve posted a guide called the Outlands for Dummies. But I know it’s common for newer players to start out in the red zone. A lot of people get killed there when it could of been preventable. This guide will probably be useless to older players. I hope this helps. This is for surviving not ganking.

Basic Gear: I have found that the best gear is escape and gathering gear. While you may not be moving through the redzones to gather, they can save your life if you are dismounted. The Fort Sterling cape is the real lifesaver. Although expensive, it will pay for itself in not getting you killed. It cleanses you of any debuffs (stun, silence, ect) and works while mounted. Most gankers will try to stun you first. The cape can remove the debuffs and allow you to escape. Using weapons such as the bloodletter also lead to great escapes. Soldier and demon boots are also recommended.

Mounts: While you could try to get away with a basic horse, it could lead to your death. Armored horses are great if you plan to make a short trip to your local redzone. Swiftclaws are the best, they are affordable and faster than most mounts. Some go the extra mile and use spectral direboars, or ravens, but the swiftclaw is the best for the new player. Don’t bring an ox, gankers target oxs and will bring you down. If you wish to transport items, you can either use a bag. I prefer a stag, it is fast and can carry a decent amount.

Factions: The redzones act as a shortcut on the royal continent and is used by many attacking zergs. Many transport runners will also try to move through the redzones. If you do faction flag, look out for bubbles and avoid roads. Transporting is dangerous and you will get caught at some point.

Dungeons: Dungeons in the redzones get a lot of attention. Gankers will hide in them and try to kill you. Most of the time someone will already be running a dungeon if you enter. It is safer to go to the Outlands. Redzone dungeons get dived too often.

Carleon: The main purpose of Carleon as of now is a storage area or rest for those cutting across the continent. Gatherers may leave their resources there until they return to their city. There is the black market, but that is another guide for another day. Carleon does not have a portal to the outlands and the market isn’t always stable. There are less people there but the city itself looks sad and dead. If you wish to fast travel, you have to strip down. I use this to check prices. While Carleon is a unique city, I don’t spend much time there.

The Underway and Caves: The Underway can be accessed through specific zones, the Carleon market and bank, and other locations in the corner of the city. This allows for fast travel and allows you to skip zones. There are no mobs, but there isn’t much room to escape. I have never been killed there, but factions will camp the gates for transport runners, and ganking does happen. The entire Underway is one giant choke. Caves allow for fast travel between zones. Each caves have the exact same layout, just rotated. The most dangerous area is the middle with the bridge. It serves as a choke and is where most gankers camp. By the time you reach it your spawn buff will be worn out. If you see there is more than one red flagged on the minimap, go around.

How To Survive a Gank: You can easily prevent being ganked if you see someone flagged as friendly literally stalk you. They are a scout and the bandits will soon be on their way. Avoid roads and choke points. If you get chased swerve to avoid getting stunned. You can kite around mobs and have them slow the gankers. If you are dismounted, don’t panic. Run. You can use potions, go invisible, or run to other friendly players. While you may get butchered in three seconds, there is still a chance to survive if it was a small gank.

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