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In this video i’ll be showing you how to make money silver with alchemy in albion online, this is episode 12. In my how to make bank series this series will teach you different money, silver making methods for albion online. So what you need to do is watch the different videos, learn the money, silver making methods and then start applying them yourself. If you do this for a month, you will see your bank tab grow. If you haven’t checked out the other episodes, i will leave a link in the description and in the comment section to the whole, how to make bank playlist so make sure you check it out after this video for this method, you will need premium, since we will Be using the focus system in albion to increase our profits by a good margin.

You can do this without focus, but, as always, the profits are reduced. What is alchemy alchemy is a skill mastery that you can choose to pick up as one of your professions. What it allows you to do is craft slash, brew potions. These potions are used on a daily basis in albion and are one of the two consumables. The other being food, so there will always be a demand for potions to unlock alchemy. You have to go through the farming tree on the destiny board in albion online. If you haven’t watched my how to make bank video on farming, i would suggest you go watch it after this video. So you know the process in farming, buying a player, island building, a farm plot and herb gardens. If you haven’t watched the farming video here is a quick rundown on what you need to know.

To start farming materials to use in alchemy, you will need to buy a player island to buy a player island, go to the island merchant in any of the royal cities and select player island and not the guild island. Since you can’t farm crops and herbs on the guild islands to be eligible to buy a play island, you must have bought 30 days premium. Once you have it active on your account, you will be allowed to buy the player island once you have the player island. You want to level it up to max. If you can at the start, you will not have the silver to max it out right away, but don’t worry over time. You can get it to level 6.

The reason you want it at level 6 is because it will give you the maximum number of farming plots. These plots allow you to plant herbs that you’ll be using to brew the potions. If you don’t want to do this part yourself, you can always just buy the items from the market and then brew the potions with the focus and then sell the final product, build herb, gardens on all other farm plots available on your player island. Since for alchemy, you will need herbs and not crops, buy the tier 2 herbs from the farming merchant and plant them in the herb gardens and wait 22 hours once you have harvested the herbs, use them to craft any food or potion to unlock the sous chef.

Node on the destiny board, with that complete, you now have access to the alchemist and chef notes, we’ll be focusing on the alchemist and the chef video will be coming soon. If you’re going to do farming on the side to get your own herbs here are the different types of herbs you can plant and what level marshall you need to harvest. Let’S plant them. Burdock seeds unlock at level 1 mastery dragon tissue seeds unlock at level 10. Mastery exclusive fox club seeds unlock at level 30 mastery biotouch mullen seeds unlock at level 60 mastery and the ghoul yara seeds unlock at level 100 mastery. Now, let’s move on to what potions you can craft glass brew and what materials are needed to make them at level 1 alchemist, you unlock the ability to craft three potions, miner poison potion, which requires 8 burdock and 4 comfrey to brew energy potion, which requires 24 Burdock and 6 milk to brew healing potions which require 24 burdock and 6 hen eggs to brew at level 10 alchemists.

You unlock the ability to craft three more portions gigantify potions which require 24 dragon tissue 12 burdocks and 6 goose eggs, sticky portions, which require 24 dragon tissue 12, burdocks and 6 boost eggs, resistance potions, which require 24 dragon tissue, 12 burdocks and 6 goat milk at Level: 30 alchemist. You unlock the ability to craft three potions and one ingredient, clothes and potions which require 24 exclusive, elusive fox glove 12 dragon tissue, 12 comfy and six sheeps milk, major energy potions, which require 72 fox glove 18 sheep’s milk and 18 potato scraps. Major healing potion, which requires seven: two: elusive flux, glove 18, goose eggs, 18, potato strips and the ingredient potato strips, which require one potato at level 60 alchemist.

You unlock the ability to craft three potions and one ingredient: major gigantify potion, which requires 72 fire touch. Mullin 32 exclusive flux rub and 18 goose eggs and 18 corn hooch major sticky potion, which requires 72 fire touch: mullin 36 exclusive fox glove 36 burdocks 18 goose eggs and 18 corn hooch major resistance potion, which requires 72 fire touch; mullin 36 fox glove 36 burdock 18 sheep’s milk and 18 corn, hooch and finally corn hooch, which requires one bundle of corn. Finally, at level 100 alchemist mastery, you unlock the ability to craft two portions and one ingredient invisibility potion, which requires 72 ghoul yarrow 36 fire touch mullein and 36 dragon thistle. With 18 cows, milk and 18 pumpkin moonshine major plays a portion which requires 72 guru, 36 fire touch, mullin 36 dragon tissue, 18 cow’s milk and 18 pumpkin moonshine and finally, pumpkin moo shine, which requires one pumpkin.

All this information can be found on the destiny board by pressing b and then scrolling down to the farming section. Also, all the potions can be upgraded to point one by using arcane essence, when bringing the potion. If you would like to know how to get arcanescent check out my no premium, no problem, how to make bank video so now that you know what alchemy is what you need, how to get them and what you can do to craft. Let’S move on to where to craft and what to craft? Now, if you don’t know, each royal city provides a bonus to crafting and refining, and the royal city that we are going to use for potions is carlion. Yes, carlion gives you 15 bonus to crafting food and potions, so that’s basically extra profit when you craft at any alchemist station on kalyan.

Now, as always, you want to find the cheapest crafting station, you can and try to get associate rates from the plot owners. If you can, if you can get associate reach, that means you will be paying less tax, which, in turn, will give you more profits in the long run, to get associate rates join a guild. That already has them set up with the plot owners or send a polite, in-game message: i’ll say that again, a polite message in game asking for associate rates and that you have started brewing potions and you’ll, be a lawyer crafter to that crafting station. So now that you know the process and where to craft, let’s move on to what to craft, and this would not be a how to make bank video if i did not refer to an albion online, crafting calculator.

So for this video i’ll be featuring tools for, so, let’s head over to my browser, so i can show you how to use this tool here. We are at tools for albion and when you have time check this website out, it has good information and statistics, but what we are interested is in the crafting tab, click on it and in the drop down menu. Click on the crafting calculator. This tool will help you determine how much profit you will make. So at the top left select the item you want to craft. We are going to be crafting t8 poisons for this example, since that is what i’ve been using in corrupted dungeons and i have been running low on them. Lately. Next select the city, we will be leaving it on carlion, i’m going to set the price average of 7 days for this example, but you can enter the price manually for better stats. Next, you input your basic skill mastery and your specialization mastery.

I have 100 in both so i’ll be putting 100 in both these sections now watch the magic works. When you press show me it will show you the ingredients needed to craft the item, then the usage fees and, at the end products being produced, don’t forget to change the usage fee to the station fee and make sure you click on the focus usage box. Since we will be using focus, but this shows i will be making around 2.5k silver per batch crafted. You can manually check, which potions are you going to make you profit? But if you’re lazy like me, then just click on the crafting tab.

Then click crafting profitability and then sort by profit. This will show you the most profitable food and potions right now, don’t forget to change the parameters on the top to get the best results. Remember the more you brew one item, the more specification you will get, which in turn reduces the focus cost allowing you to craft more of that item with the same amount of materials which increases your profit, the higher spec. You have also, if you have maxed the other types of potions, they will also add a small focus, cost reduction when brewing so to maximize profits. You want to aim to maximize one tree at the start and then try to max the whole alchemist tree.

Let’S head back to games, so i can show you an example of the whole process. So here i am on my guild island with materials in my inventory, worth 2.64 million silver – let’s head over to kalio and find the cheap alchemist station. So we can cross these tier 8 poison potions and see how much the silver increases in my inventory. This is a rough estimate of how much silver i will be making here we are at the alchemist station and i’m going to click. This button insert fill as the bring menu now i’m going to click on the t8 poison and press focus button and click craft.

After some time. You will see the silver cost in my inventory. Go up so, let’s finish this batch and see how much silver we have made. So we started off with 2.64 million silver in our inventory, and now we have 3.94 millions over it. With that 10k focus, we made around 1.3 million silver remember. This is me crafting with 800 800 in potion crafting, so your profits might not be as high as this. This shows you what you can achieve once you get the mastery, so what you waiting for start bringing potions and become that next, mad scientist, if you’ve enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit that like button and comment what you thought of the video also subscribe for.

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