Crystal League Explained! A Guide On How To Start Doing GvG’s In Albion Online


Hey guys, what’s up, It’s Leyvi and I’m back with another Albion Online video.  This time with a guide on Crystal League. The Crystal League is known as the most  competitive content in Albion Online. Because of this the Crystal League is intimidating for  many and makes it difficult for new players to get into. With this video I hope to help you kick  start your Crystal career and for you to become a GvGer very shortly. The Crystal League is as  much fun as it is competitive and it would be a waste to not participate due to irrational fears.

Now that I’m in a dedicated Crystal GVG team I also started streaming more often.  So if you wish to watch Crystal League gameplay you will be able to find me streaming on Twitch.  I announce my streaming sessions on my Discord server so make sure to follow me on Twitch and  Discord if you wish to be notified. You can find the links to my socials in the description below. The Crystal League is one of the 5 vs 5 contents of Albion Online. The most competitive one at  that. There are different levels in the Crystal League starting at level one which is considered  the entry level where new and old teams alike practice daily without losing gear upon death.  Then you have level two all the way up to level nine which is all full loot.  The higher the level the higher the level of play you can expect and  the stronger and more experienced your opponents will typically be.  Winning a match grants you various rewards and the higher the level the better the rewards are. In order to participate you need to have a premade team of five players  and be in a party together.

You then want to go to the Conqueror’s Hall together with your party.  At the Energy Manipulator you can purchase tokens for the levels one, two and three. Everyone in  your team needs to have a token. So if you are doing level one, all five party members need  to have a level one Crystal League token. You then simply que up before the starting time and  wait until your match starts. You do this by activating the token at the Energy Manipulator  and having everyone in your party accept the invitation. Now make sure once you que up no  one leaves the Conqueror’s Hall cause if you do your que gets canceled and you have to reque. The starting times of the Crystal League depend on the different levels. Levels one  to three start daily at two, 13 and 20 UTC with a second match half an hour later.

UTC is the  time you see you in-game below your minimap and is the same for everyone playing Albion. If you  communicate in UTC times with your team members, you will have an easier time getting organized. As for the higher levels, the starting times differ. If you look at the starting time schedule,  you will notice that starting at level four it’s no longer daily or at regular hours.  As the levels increase the fights take place less often. This is to add some novelty and have them  take place as special events where only the best players compete at extremely high levels for the  most valuable rewards. So make sure to watch these fights live on stream whenever you get the chance. The rewards for winning a match are silver bags, fame tomes and season points. The amount depends  on the level. At the highest levels the rewards are as much as five million silver,  one million fame and 5.000 season points plus a chance for a Battle Mount per team member.  If you entered your match through a territory, you will also level up the territory’s tower  if the match was of equal or higher level than the tower itself.

When you win,  you also get a higher level Crystal League token so that you can participate in the next level. As a team you want to take the current meta into account. You can do this by joining Crystal  Discords, watching streams or videos, reading patch notes and asking friends and other players.  Although you can try creating your own comp, as a new team this probably isn’t the best thing to do,  as meta teams will make it very difficult for you to stand a chance.  The meta shifts a lot and you want to be on top of it if you wish to take Crystals seriously.  The meta is there for a reason and is what the best Crystal players use or even created  themselves. At a certain point you and your team might become one of the meta creators  but until then I highly suggest following the meta that has been set already.

For level one Crystal League matches a maximum Item Power of 900 is in play.  This means that no one can surpass the 900 IP hard cap and you should definitely have 900 yourself,  as everyone else will as well. You don’t lose gear in level ones anyway so there is no reason to be  less than 900. That being said, there isn’t a point to bringing very high gear either.  As you use your gear it gets damaged and higher gear make for higher repair costs.  So you basically want to have gear that puts you between 900 and 1000 IP outside. Starting from level two IP has a soft cap. The IP above the Item Power Threshold will be reduced  by 80%. So if you go into a level two with 1200 IP everything above 900 will be reduced by 80%.  Meaning you’ll have a total of 960 IP despite your gear putting you at 1200. Thanks to these IP caps, the lower levels are accessible for newer Crystal League players  or new players to Albion Online in general.

Once you and your team get inside you have about 30 seconds to get ready.  You can use this time to open the scoreboard and inspect what the enemy has to adjust your own  equipment or to prepare a strategy. I believe the standard key for the scoreboard is the TAB key. Both teams start off with 150 points. Whoever gets to zero first loses. You will notice there are three pillars on the map. You can interact with these and capture them  for your team. An uninterrupted channel of eight seconds will successfully capture these. As the  match starts there will be a minute countdown that will repeat itself throughout the match.  At the end of each minute the pillars will deduct points based on who holds them.

If your team holds  one pillar more than the enemy at the end of the minute, your enemy will lose 10 points. If your  team holds two pillars more than the enemy or holds all three pillars, the enemy will  lose 20 points. Capturing one of these pillars will instantly deduct one point from the enemy. Aside from pillars you can also make the enemy lose points by killing them.  Each kill makes for four points which the enemy loses.

You can also do Crystal scrims. These are custom practice matches against other teams within the  Crystal Realm just like the Crystal League. To start one you first need to find a team that you  can scrim against. You can use the various Crystal Discords to do so. These Discords will be linked  in the description below. Make sure to read the rules of the various Discords and follow them.  Some of the rules could entail a maximum IP for instance.

Especially as a new team it’s a good  idea to do scrims on a regular basis. The more practice you get in and the more diverse teams  you fight, the more you will learn. To start a Crystal scrim you need to be in a party of five  and so does the party you are about to scrim. You then use the command /cm name crystal to  send an invitation. So if you want to scrim my team you would be using the command /cm  Leyvi crystal and press enter. Typically people start with scrims one hour before Crystals start,  they do one in between Crystals if they have time and right after the second match. Whether it’s an official match or a scrim, try to always record your gameplay. If possible, have  your team members record their gameplay as well. Everyone’s point of view will be different and  with only one person recording you won’t be able to capture everything. You will learn the most  from rewatching your fights so make sure to do that as much as possible if you wish to improve.

Within this you will most likely also have feedback for your team members. Try to communicate  your feedback as good as possible to your teammates so that you can all improve together. Starting level two you lose gear upon death so for this reason you want to have additional sets.  You can use the chest next to the Energy Manipulator to store your Crystal equipment.  Make sure to separate the items and pre-select the skills beforehand. This way you won’t lose  time on selecting skills and will be able to get back to your team as fast as possible. Once the match is over the winning team has access to the battlefield  and can loot all the bodies that remain. You can of course also loot during the  match but make sure this doesn’t cost you a fight or any points. And now for some tips. Before the que pops you can use your food and mount up.  This way you’ll be ready for the fight and can use the full 30 seconds on preparing.

Although the meta might be different, Hellgates is a good way of building synergy in your team as  well. Aside from team building you will also get good fame and rewards by doing Hellgates  which will help your team progress in different areas that are of use for Crystals as well. It’s difficult to get five people together consistently so if you’re building a team  you might want to get a couple people extra to fill in when necessary. Level one to three tokens can be sold and traded. So you might be able to get them cheaper at  the market or from other players. As for level four tokens and above these can not be traded,  but if you have no use for them you can always salvage them for silver.

You can queue up for Crystals from Hideouts as well since these also have an Energy Manipulator. Starting level two you lose your food buff when you die since full death rules apply.  Make sure to pop your food as you regear at the camp when you respawn. And you can still get some rewards even if you lose if the point difference wasn’t too big. These are some of the tips that come to mind whilst making this video. If you have any more tips, feel free to share them in the comments below. And that’s about everything you need to know about Crystals to start doing them,  to improve and reach higher levels. Some of the information might change with future patches  but in general the flow of getting started should be the same. So I hope this video  will help you with getting into Crystals.

If you still have any questions regarding the Crystal  League you can ask them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up. And if you are new to my  Youtube channel and would like to be notified of new Albion Online videos  that will help you with your gameplay and make you a better and more wealthy player,  make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. Once again, I do stream our Crystal battles whenever we play them so if  you want to see us play perhaps I’ll see you on my stream some time.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have on stream as well.

For now, I hope this video brought you value and wish you good luck in your adventures.  Have a good one and I’ll see you next time..

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