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Enchanting for profit in this video i’ll be showing you how to make money silver in albion online, using runes souls and relics in the artifact foundry. This is episode. 10. In my how to make bank series it’s a series where i teach you different money making methods for albion online, so all you have to do is watch the different videos, learn the methods and start applying them yourself and you’ll see your bank grow. If you haven’t checked out the other episodes, there is a link in the description to the whole playlist, so check it out after this video.

For this method, you will not need premium, but it does help with market taxes and since we’ll be using the market. A lot for this method, the less tax you end up, paying the more profits you’ll, what are runes. So what are rune souls and relics? Well, rune souls and relics are types of fragments or shards that you can use to enchant gear or re-roll them into artifacts. We will not be covering the re-rolling side of them in this video. We are mainly going to focus on the enchanting part. The fragments are dropped by monsters, bosses and chests all over albion online, each ruins soul and relic has a tier. They are from tier 4 to tier 8 and you will need to use the corresponding tier when enchanting an item.

So if you want to enchant a tier 4 item, you will need to use a tier 4 rune solo area, and if you want to enchant a tier 8 item, you will need to use a tier 8 ruin soul or relic. Differences between the types runes are tier, 1 fragments souls are tier, 2, fragments and relics are tier 3 fragments. What this means is that, if you want to enchant a flat 4 item to 4.1, you will need to use ruins. And if you want to enchant that item to 4.3, you will need to use relics the higher the tier of fragment, the more it costs and the rarer.

The drop rate is the most common dropped, fragments are tier, 4 runes and the various drop fragments are tier. 8 relics, when re-rolling the fragments the tier, determines what artifacts you will receive since artifacts are also split into three different tiers. You can also transmute runes into souls and relics with the cost of silver. However, this is not recommended. What is recommended is transmuting them into a tier above that tier. So if you have five tier four runes, you can transmute them into one tier five, rune at no silver cost. Sometimes, when the market prices are fluctuating, you can make silver just by transmuting rune.

Another way to get ruined soul and relic fragments is to salvage artifacts or cape crafting components. So if you haven’t seen my how to make silver while you sleep video, it uses that method so check it out after this video enchantment. So now that you know the basics of what ruins souls and relic fragments are what they do and where to get them, let’s move on to how to use them to make profit in albion online. What you will be using is the artifact foundry.

They can be found in all the royal cities and hideouts that have been upgraded. This is where you go to use the artifacts and fragments here is what the artifact foundry looks like, and this is what it looks like on the minimap so head over to this icon in your respective city or hideout. Each item type has a different fragment cost needed to enchant. That item some require more than others. Here is what each type of weapon and equipment costs when enchanting one-handed weapons, cost 144 fragments, two-handed weapons, cost 192, fragments armors and bags, cost 96 fragments helmets boots, capes and offhands cost 48 fragments.

So now that you know the basics and the process, let’s move on to me give you an example of everything you just learned. For this example, we will be using bulk casters since i’ve been doing a lot of corrupted dungeons with bulk clusters, and it fits for this video so flat. Tier 4 broadcasters cost 24 550 silver right now in carlion, and a tier 4.2 broadcaster costs. Seventy five thousand five hundred and fifty silver right now in carlion, but the difference is 51k silver. Now to enchant a flat tier four bulk clusters: 34.2, you will need 192 tier 4 runes and 192 tier 4 souls the average price for 192 tier 4 runes is 3604 silver and the average price for 192 tier four souls is 32, 796 silver.

So, let’s add that up it comes to a total of 27 400 silver. So 27k is less than 51k silver, meaning that you have saved money by enchanting. If you wanted to use the ball casters, but since we are uncharting for profit, let’s go upgrade that flat tier 4 bulk clusters to 4.2 and then sell them to see how much silver we made. Here. We are back at the collier market and if we go to the sell tab and select our freshly enchanted 4.2 broadcasters with a sell order, we can sell them for 73 283 silver.

So let’s do some quick maths. Our flat tier 4 bolt casters cost us 24. 550 silver, our ruins and soles cost us 27. 400. Silver. Add these two up, which comes to 51 900 silver, so the cost of our investment was around 52k and we can sell the item with tax around 73k. So in them 30 seconds we just made 21k silver profit. So what you need to do now is research, different items and what each tail of the item costs then factor in the costs of buying the item as a flat tier and how many runes sell or relic fragments you will need and the cost and see if It is profitable to use this method on that item.

There is no hourly value for this method, since it all depends on the market price and how you obtain the item and fragments this was one of the shorter how to make bank videos. That’S because i like to keep this one short and simple. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit that like button and comment what you thought about. The video also subscribe for more how to make bank videos silver making guides corrupted dungeons and i’ll be on online content. We just hit 808 subscribers with 120 subscribers off our goal of a thousand. When we hit that 1 000 subscriber goal, i will be doing a 10 million silver giveaway as a thank you for all the support you!

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