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If you do it right, collecting is one of the most profitable professions in albion online, and you will make money . In this video, I will introduce what you need to know about collection And the basics of how to start profiting from it. This is what brought Bank 21 together Method For this method, you donโ€™t need a premium, but I strongly recommend You activate the premium when you level the clustering tree because of the premium Increase your reputation by 50%, so it is also suitable for parties. This means your The upgrade speed will be 2 times faster than the normal speed.

In addition, it can also enable you to obtain a 50% aggregation rate. Don’t forget to check out how to make a bank series. It will teach you how to use various Albionโ€™s money-making methods, so learn these methods and start applying them yourself, You will find more and more Bank tabs. Therefore, the collection task is to collect raw materials/resources Process, which is then processed into refined resources and then used in manufacturing Items and equipment. The higher the degree of specialization, the faster the collection speed, So it is a good idea to focus on 1 or 2 collection types from the beginning, and upgrade them to level 8. Why collect? The main reason for collection is because It can enable you to get huge profits if you can find a lot of 8.2/8.3 resources. in You can make millions of dollars in a few minutes, and all those who want to be more competitive Guilds need collectors, because they need sources of resource income to support zvz . Compared with all pvp and pve, this is also a nice change, you can relax For about an hour, if you exhaust everything else, you can Go out to party.

I do this from time to time. There are 6 types of acquisition occupations, we will introduce 5 in this video, and the first 6 kinds, how will I make money is the 6th kind. Therefore, if you are Interested, please watch this video. Among the 5 different types of resources in Albion, they are ore, stone, wood, leather and fiber. Each person has a corresponding name, depending on what you collect. If you collect ore, you are a miner; if you collect stones, you are a quarrying machine; If you collect wood, you are a lumberjack; if you collect leather, you are a peeler; If you collect fiber, you are the harvester. This is especially the case with equipment collection, we Will be discussed later in the video. The ore is processed into metal bars and the stone is processed into stones Wood is processed into planks, leather is processed into leather , The fiber is processed into cloth.

Now, there are different areas/biomes in albinism, and each area has a main resource and an auxiliary Resources and a third resource. So, this is a diagram from albion Wiki, which shows different resources for each area/creature group. Lymhurst is a forest area, Marlock is a plateau area Fort Sterling is a high mountain area, Bridgewatch is a prairie area And Thetford is a swamp The main resource in the forest area is wood, the secondary resource is hidden and the tertiary resource is The main resource in the Stone Plateau is stones. The secondary resource is Savigny and the third resource is wood The main resource in the mountains is ore, the secondary resource is stone, and the third resource is The main resource in the fiber grassland area is leather, and the secondary The resource is fiber, the third resource is ore The main resource in the swamp is fiber, the secondary resource is wood and the third resource is hide All resources are in 8 different levels, from level 4 to level 8, they can have 3 levels of magic Level.

After meeting the requirements shown on the fortune board, you can collect the next level of resources, If you have any learning points, you can continue to learn the next level, It is strongly recommended that you use learning points. Tier 1-Tier 4 resources are in all regional layers 5 resources available only in yellow, red and black areas 6 resources available on the layer only in the red and black areas And 8 resources available at level 7 and level 1 are only available in the black area There are 2 types of nodes that you can collect, large nodes and normal nodes. The rebirth of the big node takes between 33 and 110 hours, Ordinary nodes need between 5 minutes and 29 hours, depending on their level. The demonized resource looks like this, if it has a green halo, it. 1 if it has a bright blue 2. If it has a purple glowing dot 3. What fascinated resources let you do things when you finally refine and craft them When entering the available equipment, the power of each enchanted item will increase by 100 points, equivalent to 1 layer Equipped with 100 power points.

This means you have unlocked layer 4 Dagger, but did not unlock the 5th dagger. Well, if you use 4.1 dagger, It will be equivalent to a level 5 dagger. 4.2 is equivalent to the 6th layer dagger, and 4.3 is equivalent to the seventh layer dagger. This is why enchanting equipment usually costs More reasons, because it can provide you with powerful motivation. So you know what resources are different types of resources and where to find them, Let us enter the tools that need to be collected effectively.

For the collection For each type of resource, you will need the corresponding tool in the list . Remember, you can gain a layer on top of this tool layer. So if you have t6 pickaxe, you can collect t7 ore, but the speed of collecting this layer above the tool will be 50% slower . To collect stones, you will need a stone hammer. To collect wood, you will need an axe. To collect ore, you will need a pickaxe. To collect leather, you will need a peeling knife. In order to collect fiber, you will need a sickle. Each tool has a variant of Avalon, and they give you a% return.

If your guild/alliance has a good black zone, it is recommended to use these tools on the 8th layer. due to They are quite expensive upgrades. Keep these tools in your inventory, donโ€™t repeat, I repeat, your main Tools do not have these tools. You want to equip your main hand with a very flexible weapon, for example Bloodletter or double-edged staff. The reason why you want to have an excellent mobile weaponry Yes, when you are partying, you will be a juicy target for a tanker, and you will need Mobile skills can make them slip. With excellent mobile weapons, it is strongly recommended that you use the collection device, why use it well Collection device, the collection device will increase the collection output, which means you will There is a chance to get more resources at each tick on the collection node. Collection equipment It also has a high health value and has the skills to help collect target resources. For example, animal poison is on the clothes on the skin. The collector also has some other tricks , Can help escape the assassin, such as ambush, cleaning, wandering, etc.

There are 4 types of collectors, helmet slot, armor slot, boots Slots and duffel bags. As I said earlier in the video, the collection equipment Name the resource you want to collect. For example, if you want to mine ore, you want miners to collect equipment. At the same time, it is strongly recommended that you use fort cape, akutis order. When you meet that gank group, the pure cape can save your life, this Will give you the first cc strike, which may give you a second chance to escape. For the mount, it is strongly recommended to use a good mount with good carrying capacity, because Your resources will weigh a ton. Unless you want to die and donate your equipment and resources, otherwise Do not gather on cattle in red or black areas. Here are some good mounts, I suggest you gather in an unspecified order. Black panther, giant horse, carrying direboar, spectrum direboar, carrying wild boar, pest lizard, Giant deer, swamp salamander, swamp dragon, grizzly bear and high-level Horses are fine too.

As for food and potion, you need pork pie and invisible potion. Pork pie can be You bring extra harvest yield and load capacity, and you should always keep the polisher active when collecting Status, please also make sure to bring some emergency pies you donโ€™t know, when Need additional load capacity or when the polisher runs out and causes you to overweight. The invisible potion is just what you want to put in the back pocket An additional defense device. Each type of resource has a resource mob, if you fight and kill it, from Collecting from the mob will be faster than collecting from the node.

Peeling is the only There is no gathering of nodes, you must collect mobs’ leather. There are also larger versions of the mob, called aspects, which have A lot of resources, if you manage to collect from one of them, you can increase the collection Level, and get huge profits from the side. If no one in the guild can collect all aspects of the position, it is better to sell it to an alliance collector . If you donโ€™t want to increase the price of silver, you can also request to reduce resources and prefer Resources . Guardian, resource guardian spawns every 12 to 84 hours And patrol a path, usually you need a good gathering to remove the resource guardian, but this is worth it. If you manage to find the hide guard known as Lao Bai, It may drop the mammoth cub and grow it into a transport mammoth.

Lao Bai is usually very controversial, the expenditure is huge, you will also get mammoth drops, And all the leather. When collecting, the aspect provides 500 kinds of resources, and when collecting, the guardian provides 2560 kinds of resources , You can increase resources by collecting equipment, food and gifts to get rewards. You should try and use more than one tool in your inventory to maximize profits, therefore, If you are collecting in the swamp, you should wear the harvesting equipment of the harvester and Focus on collecting fiber, but should also strive to reach the level of lumberjack at some point And peeling so as to be able to obtain wood and hide. Since these are in the area 3 resources available. You will never miss quality .2 or .3 enhanced resources. The reason from this method The greatest benefit is obtained because of the collection of enchanting resources. I didnโ€™t invest too much in the road party, but I heard it was a A good place to raise the level of gatherings, if you find a good route, you can make a lot of money.

How much money do I earn now. Therefore, since the release of Avalon I havenโ€™t rallied since the road, but this is my setting and a few months Previous profit . I collected the second character and unlocked the 8 layers of fiber and 8 layers of woodcuts and skinned again on 6 layers. I strongly recommend you to use Learn something. The faster you reach the 8th floor, the faster you The sooner you will profit. I used to gather in swamps because most guilds/alliances Control those areas. I usually collect it after maintenance, because usually this is collecting data The best time for the resource node to reset and respawn, I will have t8 normal tools and t6 peeling tools, and I will be on the 8th floor harvester And if I find an 8-level tree node, because we There are hiding places in most adjacent areas.

Usually I use Mustang because It is quite safe to collect using t7 pork pie. Having done all of this, I made at least every hour in a bad day 1 million silver. On a good day, I can earn about 1.5 to 2 million per hour on average Silver, if you find yourself laughing at a node with a larger 8.2 and 8.3 resource, then if the node is full , You can earn 1 million silver from this node. Flat 8 or 8.1 node Usually it will cost you about 500k. These are low-spec products. If you have high-spec products, you will collect products faster. Will increase your profits. However, I am not 100/100 in any aggregation node, Not to mention 500/500. Iโ€™m sure that these types of collectors will be able to Fill a bucket of silver. So now you know almost everything about gatherings, go out and deprive Knowledge of the entire biological community. If you have your own skills to let others know, please Leave it in the comment section below! It takes a lot of time and effort to produce this kind of video, so, If you like these videos, please comment on your suggestions or any problems encountered.

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