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Heart Contracts! || 💰💸 How To Make Bank 18 💸💰 || Albion Online Beginners Guide 2020


In this video, I will teach you how to transport/trade missions through factions To make silver. Welcome back to another how to make a bank video, this is episode 18, it will Introduce the basic knowledge of faction trade mission/heart transportation. And using this method hourly How much silver can be earned. Don’t forget to check how my other people make banking videos, They will teach you different ways to make money online albion, so you All you have to do is watch the video. Learn how, and you will see the bank label increase! Therefore, November 15th has passed, which means it is time to announce the winners of the giveaway! Similarly, there is no guy asking for gifts for 1,000 subscribers A message was sent to me 10 minutes after the worker video went live, so unfortunately there are no extra gifts. For no more reason, here are the 5 winners of my 2000 subscriber giveaway. 1 AdRfps 2 CrachMilson 3 Ravva 4 Lypcey 5 Arthanos Congratulations, as long as you send a message to me online, otherwise just send me a text message to claim your bonus . When I have time, I will give you prizes.

If you The time zone is different from where I am. I will leave the panther on my guild island In the sterling fort. The next giveaway is 5000 subscribers, thank you 3000 subscribers. That’s a very fast guy, I guess everyone wants to win the Panthers. Wakanda forever. Now to the method of making money, for this method, you won’t need premiums, but Due to reduced taxes, it is strongly recommended that you do this, and since we will sell Commodities, therefore, it is a good idea to save as much silver as possible.

So what is faction trade operation? When you register for a faction war, if you don’t know how to register or what type of faction there are in Albion, You can use faction trade missions. Please see how I made Video about faction wars. It covers the basics, so I won’t cover it in this video. Trade operations are the transport of fragments of the heart of the city from one trading post to another. The trade route passes through the enemy’s faction map, which means there is a risk of death, but, If you succeed, then the expenditure is worth it. You can perform 3 modes of transportation: secondary contract, which requires 3 city factions Heart; medium contract, requires the heart of 7 urban factions; The main contract requires the heart of 15 city factions. To get more information about where to ship your heart, click on the contract, It will open an interface and provide you with the information you need.

Depending on the city you choose to transport, the reward will increase. So suppose you are Shipped from Sterling Fort, if you choose Tetford or Limhurst as your contract, you Will receive normal rewards. Because they are right next to the Sterling Fortress. However, if you choose martlock or bridgewatch, because they are not near the Sterling Fortress and require you to go further, so The reward will be better. As shown here. The completion of Thetford mission will give You have 19 vine hearts, and the completion of the martlock mission will give you 23 rock hearts. therefore , Everything depends on the risk and reward factors of the game. Therefore, now that you have understood the basics of the trade mission, let us enter the trade mission period What type of equipment should be used.

Due to The weight cost of the faction heart transportation, each type of contract has a different bracket . So this is what I recommend you to wear, for You want real, real mobile weapons, such as clockwork or double-edged staff. For the helmet, you need a soldier’s helmet because it can help guard the grave. For armor, you want an assassin coat. For current boots, I would recommend Quarry work boots, but their skills will be hit by 3 times the cooling time, Therefore, after this, I will choose any other one that has a long running time and a cooldown of about 1 minute Collect boots. For bags and cloaks, you want a higher level bag to hold For the hearts of all factions, for the cloak, you can choose Sterling Fort, lest the first The cc fuel gun or cloak of the undead was caught and invisible.

As for food and potion, you need pork pie and invisible potion. Remember, this It’s the method I use. You can change it according to your preferences. It also depends on whether you have an accompanying person. Whether to carry out alone or to carry out large group transportation. For smaller contracts, I recommend using tuna; For medium-sized contracts, I recommend using wild boar or swamp dragon ; For large contracts, I recommend using Spectrum Pig. If you have a better mount , Please use it at your own risk. You can use the won Panthers Zoom. This is what you should have in weapons and armor. On the double-edged staff that you want to roll, dizzy. The soldier helmet you want to block, The assassin’s jacket that wants to ambush, and for the boots, it depends on what you choose, which This is what I use on my quarry boots. So how much money can be made per hour? By signing a small contract, you can earn about 450k + silver per hour.

With a medium-sized contract, you can earn 700k + silver per hour; and By making the contract bigger, you can earn 2 million silver per hour. Remember, it all depends on your travel time, installation method and equipment used, And whether you encounter a gas station or problem on the way. Example This is an example of my secondary trade route. The other routes are the same. Just remember to go to the correct trading location as shown in the contract description. So first you have to register a faction, we will use GBP, This is your logo next to the name associated with the faction, the color of the British pound logo It is white. Remember, when you are marked as a faction, any other enemy faction Both can kill you, even in the blue and yellow areas, you can use full loot pvp settings like red and black areas . Then choose the contract you want to make, in this case I will make it Short and simple, and choose a small Thetford contract. Check tells you to go At the same time of the items there, also pay attention to the tasks and conditions, I will go to the rain basin, once you accept, please choose the route to go And maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Now, all you have to do is send it to the trading station and hand it in Faction’s heart-shaped crate, you will have to return it to your departure city to complete transport. Medium and large vehicles have the same style, but they require you to drive longer distance. So now that you know how to transport the hearts of factions through trade missions, go to be that The people who inundate the urban economy with their heart! If you have any questions, feel free to join my discord and ask you questions there, I or someone on the server will help you. I’m still twitching every Tuesday, Live broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday, so if you want to join and hangout or ask Questions, please feel free to join and say hello.

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