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So, before watching the video about labor, we attracted 2000 subscribers on YouTube! So you know what time it is, and the time of its gift. Mainly to say thank you everyone, Show me the support by subscribing, liking and commenting on my videos. So this is my feedback A way of community . Therefore, this gift is 15 million silver, and there will be 5 winners this time! Why are you asking 5 winners, this is because I will give away 10 panthers, so each winner Will win 2 Panthers! Since my last giveaway, this is everyone All hope to win the victory, so you are here. To be eligible for the giveaway, you only need to subscribe/subscribe to my YouTube Channel, such as this video, and comment your game name in the comments with Black Panther text .

I will use the youtube random comment selector, and the target word will be ” Black Panther”, so make sure to include it in the comments. The giveaway will last for 2 weeks like the last giveaway and will start immediately after the video goes live And will end at midnight on November 15th, so the winners will be drawn on November 16th , I will post the winners in the description, my discord server and youtube community Post. In this way, you have 3 ways to know if you have won. To claim your bonus, you All you have to do is send me a message in the game or in my discord, and I will give you a message when I am online Your bonus.

If we are in a different time zone, I will put the item on the guild island In the box so you can make a request. I can’t remember the name, but there is one person who hasn’t Take prizes from 1,000 subscribers giveaways. If he didn’t pick it up before my draw, I will choose another person to win the award. Now that it’s solved, let’s enter this epic passive money making video, which Is the 16th episode of how I made the banking series, which will teach albion online Different ways to make money, so all you have to do is watch these videos, Learn this method and start applying it yourself, and you will see your bank tags get bigger and bigger. if you Any way I want to check out, please keep it in the comments below, I will Here is your guide. The video was originally about single-player and group dungeons. But to make money, you will need to send a flag and make a dungeon, because singles and groups Dungeon is very dependent on RNG itself, unless you just started. Any questions about this method or any other albion online questions can be joined at any time I am in a dispute and ask your question here, I or one of the other members will try to You provide help.

You can also bounce in twitches, I live broadcast every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, So if you want to go out to play, please say hello by the way. Therefore, many people have been asking about this video, and when I broadcast it, many people Asking questions about labor because this is the way I suggest to everyone if they want Passive income. Workers are the way I make the most money, once I start Will not stop, you will slowly start to build a labor empire. So let us begin to understand How to set the basis for this method of making money. This method will require you to have some Silver investment. For this method, if you want to perform the next steps of this method, there is a surcharge. Because ultimately we will refine or elaborate to maximize profits. You need a player The island is used for houses, or a guild island is used for guild halls. Now that you want to hire a worker, you need to own a house for the worker. You can use it on Player Island and Guild Island Build houses.

So if you have been following my guide so far, You will know how to get player islands. If not, please check my other videos to learn How to buy islands. Therefore, you can build houses for workers in two ways, one is Build a player island house that can accommodate 3 workers at level 5 and above, or build at level 5 and above A guild hall that can accommodate 15 workers. the above. Both have advantages and disadvantages, if you don’t have money to establish a guild Lobby, then first build some houses on the player’s island, if the money is not Question, then I suggest you build a guild hall.

You should create a guild hall Because it can save you the time of running back and forth between the player island and the house every day, Because your workers are in one place. It can also save your furniture cost, we will Discussed later in this video. Guild Island gives you more chest space to organize article. With the Association Bank. Another reason I like Guild Island instead of Player Island is , You only need the first level guild island to get all the benefits, while the player island You must upgrade it to the maximum level to unlock enough building slots to Build houses on the plot.

My suggestion is, if you can, go to the Guild Island better than the Player Island. If you have other characters who want to visit Player Island or Guild Island, you can visit someone in the following ways. Go to this signpost and Choose the type of access you want to grant them. I do not recommend you to anyone Co-ownership, unless they are your real friends, or you know them well enough. Scroll down to visitors and enter the name of the player you want to enter the island, You can also give the guild and toggle this button here to access the alliance.

Next press Enter or click the plus sign, then press Save. Let us continue to introduce how to build a guild hall or house on the island, to build a house, You first need to place a blueprint on the land so you can build a house on it . To do this, go to any land that allows you to build on it, press the H key, and then in the “Houses” tab Swipe up.

Choose the house you want to build and align it on the land until it becomes Until the green, click the left mouse button, it will place the outline of the house, now add the construction house The required resources, and the houses will be built after the houses are added! This is the cost of upgrading player islands and guild islands, as well as building houses The materials and materials needed to construct the guild hall. Material costs Are the same. But, as I said before, if you can, try to use a guild hall Guild Island. So, since we have built houses for workers, what are workers? Workers are NPCs you can hire. You provide workers with a Diary, workers need 22 hours to complete the diary and return it to you.

Therefore, if you want to make huge profits, you must do it every day. I recommend You select a certain time of the day, and then perform this operation at that time of the day, so that you will have a routine job, which Will enable you to earn passive income. I woke up to be my laborer and farm, and then I work, so when I get home, I can freely play the games I want. There are currently 11 different types of workers participating in the game. However, according to my test, Now only 5 out of 11 items can make you profitable, and the other 6 items are not as good as your ideals. Six of them are completely hard. Therefore, there are 11 different types of workers, Lumberjack, stonemason, prospector, planter, game manager, mercenary, blacksmith, Fletcher, enema, tinker, and fisherman. Every worker has a diary , You can fill in the diary in different ways. Here is a diagram on the albion Wiki, showing The role of each type and the benefits they bring.

Lumberjacks, masons, prospectors, growers and game managers are collecting labor, you Populate the journal by collecting the resources associated with the journal in inventory. Therefore, for lumberjacks, you will need to collect lumberjack logs in inventory. Make sure you have the same diary as the one you collected. So if you want to collect Level 5 timber, please make sure you have a level 5 lumberjack log. The mercenaries are at a loss, I don’t recommend anyone Now have these online at albion in 2020, who knew they might be in 2021 Become more confused later in the year. Your The journals in stock are enriched by fame. The 5 workers we will focus on in this video will be blacksmiths, Fletcher, Imbuhe, tinkers And fishermen. These are the ones that can now bring you the most profit Labor. If you are fishing, fishermen are currently the only collectors worth doing. More about this when phishing how to make a bank video. The other four are manual laborers whose diaries are compiled by hand The equipment associated with the diary/worker is filled . To fill you need a blacksmith journal craft warrior weapon or plate armor In your inventory in a samurai forged diary to fill Fletcher, you need Craft hunter weapons or in a hunter’s leather armor with your inventory journal The magazine proposes to fill imbuers you will need Use the journals in the inventory in the Mage Tower to make a diary of the Mage’s weapons or cloth armor.

To fill the tinker’s diary, you need to use the inventory from the tool manufacturer Diary to make tools. So if you haven’t started your craft research yet, what items will make the most profit, and Pick a worker for the items and cities with the craft bonus. If you make items in that city, then Each royal city will receive a manufacturing reward. This is a bonus for each city. This information can be found on the albion online Wiki . If you have already started making handicrafts, please select the labor related to the weapon or armor . Another good option is to choose Keleon as your city, because you can sell the loot to black market. Now that all these tasks have been completed, the setup process allows us Continue to learn how to hire labor. To hire a worker outside your house or guild hall, And find the small scroll with feathers. Then scroll down and you should see other workers you can hire List and the cost of hiring one, choose the one you need, Then press hire.

Next, enter the house or guild hall, find a blank area, when When the blueprint changes from red to green, click the left mouse button to place the worker. Click “Pay” and you will See your workers appearing in the house or guild hall. If you don’t want to promote workers from the first level To the fifth level, then I strongly recommend that you buy labor contracts from the market.

One Worker contract, you buy a worker who has been razed to the ground, you can pay in your The place of the house or the hall, where will it be better, after they settle down, To place a contract click on your inventory, click the place, and then do the same as just mentioned. Now, the most important thing for workers is its happiness. The more happy the workers, When they come back, it will give you more resources.

Workers need 100 times the happiness of each diary to make the diary return 100% , Any return below 100%, and it is possible that you will not get any resources , Only an empty diary can be used. So, how to increase the happiness of workers? Well, you use the bed, table and trophy Make it happen. Make sure to place furniture before placing workers, because this It can reduce their time for maximum happiness. Trophies bring happiness to 3 workers, a bed will bring happiness to one worker A table brings happiness to six workers. Therefore, for a player island house, you need 1 of the trophies on each floor to the house floor, and 3 of the house floor. A bed, and a table on the floor of the house. Therefore, if you have a 5-story house, you need 5 floors of beds, tables, and 2, 3, 4, and 5 floors. Trophy. For the guild island guild, you will need 5 of the trophies on each floor to reach the lobby level. 15 beds and 3 tables on the hall floor. So, if you have a town hall on the 5th floor, you need 5 beds, tables, and common on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.

Trophy. You want to strive for 150% happiness in order to get the maximum number of return resources . In order to get 150% happiness, you need to combine houses, tables, laborers, trophies and beds On the top layer of the diary used. Therefore, if you are using a fifth-tier diary, you want Houses, tables, beds, trophies and laborers are all on the 6th floor to achieve 150% happiness and Get the greatest return on the diary. Make sure to place all trophies in the house/hall, from the 2nd floor Go to each floor of the house/hall, because the prize money of the generalist trophy will be superimposed. If you plan to build an 8-story house/auditorium, then You should only get the Shark Trophy and the Telescope Trophy, because you can’t be in the 8-story house/auditorium Get the greatest happiness. I think you can get the most 122.5%. This is my house setting, this is my guild hall setting, you can do this, but If you don’t know how to lay out, feel free to do so at the beginning.

Now you have everything set up correctly and you can start using it. Let’s continue making That silver. To start getting silver returns from this investment, you will need at least Make your laborer reach level 5. Since the 5-level journal is the profit comes into play . Anything after level 5 will bring you more profit, but remember that the higher If you buy a journal, the more expensive it will be, and The more silver reserves you need to maintain. From this point on, you can profit in several ways.

The first method is to provide a diary for your workers and then sell the returned resources. The second method is to give your worker’s diary, optimize the returned resources, and then sell they. The last method is to give your workers Diary, process the returned resources into weapons and armor, and then sell For profit. If you have low-price bidding or other character premiums, you can combine methods 2 and 30 into A way to give your workers publications and optimize them with the returned resources Characters focus, then use refined resources to craft them into weapons, armor and Sell ​​it to make money on the normal or black market. In this way, you can divide your profits Maximize, because you focus on each step. Therefore, the first method can enable you to obtain a medium to low silver yield, and the second method can enable you to obtain a medium to high Silver yield, the third and fourth methods can make you get the highest/best silver yield.

The reason that taking further measures can bring you more benefits is because you Emphasis is used in these steps. And, the more you make and improve, You will gain more specialization and mastery of that tree. The lower the cost of focus you have, the more cost of focus Low, which means you can do more productions with the same amount of resources. The more journals you can craft with the same amount of resources, the more you will fill, The more journals fill in, the less you will have to buy from the market once you To get there you are self-sufficient and you are going to create a bank journal. Now because there are too many variables to consider in this method , Such as diaries, workers, and the number of floors of the house, so there is no fixed silver income. Island level and proficiency and specialization. But what I can tell you is that it takes about 2-4 months every day To recover your initial investment.

After that time, everything is profit. So I have 3 The character is focused and perfected every day. According to journals and market prices, I earn at least about 3 million silver every day. If you have been following the video in the background, you will find us Start with an estimate of 3.93 million silver. At the end of the video, we have an estimated 5.87 million in our inventory silver. So if we sell resources now, we will earn About 2 million silver. If you implement method 2 and method 3, you can add 3 million silver coins at least . And depending on the quality of your production and the number of filled books, you will Get more silver coins. This example has 162 fishing workers. 1 full guild island And 3 complete player islands. The guild hall and player island house are t7, and I use Level 6 diary, all my workers are t8, because I have been doing this from some time. I Told me that my character production specification is around 350/700, while the refined specification is around 369/500 , Once you start to see that profits will not stop, you will build a labor empire.

This is one of the longer time to make a bank video because I want to make sure I included all the information needed to start using this method for workers. Good luck to everyone involved in the giveaway, we will Meet everyone in the next albion online video (Level 7.3 Avalon Dungeon). We managed to get 3 gold Treasure chest! Robbery is epic for some people. It premiered in 2 days at 10 am UTC. Thanks for watching!

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