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In this video, i’m going to show you how to use the player island farm plot to build pastures on them and grow animals. Slash mounts to make silver in albion online. This is episode 13. In my how to make bank video series, this series will teach you different money, making methods for albion online. So what you have to do is watch these videos learn the money making methods. I show you and then start applying them yourself. If you do this for a month, you will see your bank grow. There is a link in the description to the how to make bank playlist so check it out after this video

. For this method, you need a player island, which means you need to have bought 30 days premium, at least once and then bought a player island from the island merchant. Once you have a player island, you want to upgrade it to the highest tier. You can afford tier 6 is the highest level island at tier 6. You have a total of five farm plots on them farm plots. You want to build plasters to build a pasture press. The h key go to the second tab and scroll down to the pasture option: click on it and it will bring up a window and that window will show you what it can raise and what materials you need to build on. So to build a pasture. You need 30 rough logs 30 rough stone, 30 chestnut planks and 30 sandstone blocks.

Once you have decided how many you want to build, build the same amount of farms since you will need to grow food to feed your animals. Normally you have one player, island, full of pastures and the alt-player island full of crops. The most effective crop to plant on your farm island is carrots, since they are cheap and cost effective to unlock the ability to breed animals. You must unlock the following nodes on the destiny board. Each of the requirements needed to unlock them are shown to you when you hover over that node trainee, pharma is unlocked with its parent mode. Harvester is unlocked by harvesting carrot, seeds or better crop farmer is unlocked by harvesting carrot, seeds or better, and animal breeder is unlocked by raising baby chickens or better. All this information can be found on the destiny board by pressing b and scrolling down to the animal breeder section.

So now you have everything set up, so it’s unlocked. What is animal breeding animal breeding is the process of raising baby animals, which can be turned into mounts that butchered for me, or produce resources such as milk and eggs. The reason you want to do this is because the ingredients are used in cooking and are in high demand right now, due to increase in player population and everybody is corrupted dungeoning like mad, so food is being used non-stop to breed an animal amount, buy the baby From the farming merchant which can be found here on the player island or any other player’s island head over to the pasture and then place it from your inventory, then to make sure the animal grows, you will need to give it a type of food, normal animals And mounts need any type of regular food, such as carrots, wheat, etc. Some mounts need meat, such as swift, clothes and direwolves. Each baby, animal slash mount needs to eat 10 of the item to start growing.

Once you feed that baby form, it will grow, it will start a growth timer of 22 hours. Once 22 hours have passed, come back to pick up a fully grown animal slash mount some mounts require you to do this several times before they mature. There are two options at this point: one is to pick the animal up and do the process all over again or the other option, which is to feed the grown animal and get some produce, meaning, if you give goose food, it will produce goose eggs. Cows will give you cow milk, so, depending on what you want meat or produce it’s up to you, what you do for mounts. You normally need some leather to make them into usable mounts craft them into usable mounts.

You need to go to a saddler. This is the satellite icon, and this is what it looks like on the minimap. Now you can use focus on the animal and crops to make them give you more resources or better offspring chances. However, as i stated in my previous videos, it is way more beneficial for you to invest in crafting or refining trees for focus. The main reason to do, refining or crafting is that in the long run it will produce more silver for you once you start getting more specialization in that skill tree. Here is what you unlock the ability to play slash craft at each level of the animal breeder.

At level 1 mastery you unlock the following kid: goat, adapts, foul, adapts horse, adapts aux calf, adepts, ox adepts found adapts, tamed giant stag, the craftable unlocks are adapts, giant, stag, adapts, riding horse and adapts transport orbs at level 10 mastery. You unlock the following: ghostling goose experts, fowl experts horse experts, ox caf experts, ox wild ballet tame wild boar white bear cub, tamed winter. Bear swift, claw club, tame, swift, claw, baby swamp, salamander, tame swamp, salamander, baby mower bird tame, mower bird bighorn ram lamb, tamed bighorn ram. The craftable unlocks are experts, armored horse experts, war horse, swift, claw saddled winter bear saddled.

Wild boar experts riding horse saddled mower bird experts, transport ox saddled bighorn ram and saddled swamp salamander at level 30 mastery. You unlock the following lamb, sheep masters, hell masters, horse masters, ox calf masters, ox direwolf, pup, tame, direwolf masters found master’s tame, giant stag. The craftable unlocks are masters armored, horse masters, war, horse, direwolf, frost, ram masters, riding horse masters, transport ox and siege ballista at level 60 mastery you unlock the following piglet pig, grandmasters, foul grandmaster’s, horse grand masters, ox cat grand masters, ox daya ball; piglet, tame, diabol, swamp Dragon pop tamed swamp dragon, the craftable unlocks of grandmasters armored horse grand masters war horse, venom, basilisk, saddled dire ball, grand masters, riding horse, snow, husky, pest lizard, brand masters, transport, ox bomb, dragon, avalonian, basilisk, flame basilisk and saddle terrier bird and finally, at level 100. Mastery.

You unlock the following: cath cow eldest, fowl elder’s horse elders, ox calf elders, ox ghost wolf pop tamed ghostwolf. If you have one of these, you are rich. There are only a few ghost tours in albion and i’m pretty sure it’s in one guy’s bank, just sitting there going up in price diabetes, tamed dire, bear mammoth, calf, tame, mammoth. The craftable unlocks are elders: armored, horse, morgana, nightmare elders, warhorse rage, claw saddle, bear elders, riding horse spectral bone horse, elders, command, mammoth, elders, transport, mammoth and elders transfer ox. Let’S move on to how much silver you’ll make daily when doing this method. Now i am going to use pigs as an example, since that’s what i’m doing right now and have the data for i will let the example of me doing my pastures play in the background. So you have a rough idea of how it works so to get started.

You need to buy 45 piglets from the farming merchant. They cost around 950k for 45. So that’s the initial investment every day. I need to buy around five more piglets due to offspring new chances. This costs me 105k silver daily plus. I need to feed them carrots, so the carrots cost me 166k silver daily. Add these two up and we get 265k silver daily. That is what you will need to spend. Now, let’s move on to profit, i get 45 pigs a day. Currently they are valued at 381k silver, so minus the 265k, and we make 115k silver daily from doing this up to this step. If you take it a step further and butcher the meat you can make 405k, so that’s 140k profit a day and if you take it a step further by cooking the meat into food, you’re, making even more silver the cooking. How to make bank video should be coming out soon.

I was testing a few things on the test server, but because there will be a new food tree, i don’t have data on the mounts side of things. So if you have any information feel free to post it in the comments section below. This is only five minutes of work a day and you’ll be making around four to four point: five million a month depending on the royal city you’re in in hourly values, you’re making around two mil silver an hour. So what are you waiting for? Go be the next old mcdonald and raise them animals.

Don’T forget guys. I’Ve made a discord server. So if you have any questions or just want to know my schedule or get updates is the best place to contact me. I also stream every tuesday wednesday thursday, over on twitch at 8 pm utc. So if you have any questions or just want to hang out, feel free to pop in and say hi. Thank you guys for watching. Don’T forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video leave a comment for what type of how to make bank video. You would like to see next and subscribe for more albion online content.

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