Very Fast & Cheap Solo Dungeon Build: The Spirithunter Spear! Albion Online 2020 Beginners Guide


Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Leyvi and I’m back with another Albion Online video. In my last build video I asked you which weapon you would like to see covered next and you guys answered with Spirithunter. So I made it my mission to come with a new build for you. With the changes to the Spirithunter it piqued the interest of many players, new and old alike and it’s no shocker since the new ability does seem pretty cool. So in this video we’ll be going over a Spirithunter build that you can use in solo dungeons. I’ve been trying out a lot of different builds for this one and what I personally found to be highly effective also happens to be very cheap. Making it a low risk high reward build that will breeze through the dungeons, with the potential to clear multiple mob packs at the same time. What’s also great about this build is that you unlock all the skills you need at tier four.

So if you don’t have any masteries you don’t have to worry. If you go with a regular cape, a 4.2 set of this build will cost you less than 100k. However, If you use a faction cape, like I do, you’re looking at double that. 4.2 is also the tier I’m using in this video so you can see for yourself what it does for me. Now I say what it does for me because I do have pretty high specs in armors. My spears however are on the lower side in which I only have a bit of specs in Heron and Spirithunter. This however still makes for 150 Item Power bonus from masteries.

And as you guys learned in my previous build video, 100 IP makes for about a 10% increase in damage. So if you don’t have any masteries in spears you will be doing 15% less damage than what I do in this video. Now let’s take a look at what this build consists of. We obviously have the Spirhunter itself which you want to take Lunging Strike on for the Q skill. This skill does pretty much what the name says in which you lunge to stab enemies in front of you. This is an AOE that does damage but also has a slow to it. Meaning you can easier kite melee mobs and take less damage.

What the Lunging Strike also does is give you a Spirit Spear Charge for every enemy hit. This buff stacks up to three times and every stack increases your normal attack damage by 35 percent. So at the max stacks of three, your normal attacks will do 105 percent more damage, which is slightly over double. And this makes for a surprising amount of damage on your auto attacks which makes them really powerful. What makes this skill great in my opinion is that you can use it whilst kiting.

So you can basically stab a pack of monsters with your Q and start walking to the next pack and whilst doing this keep poking with your Q without having to stand still. On the W you want to take Forest of Spears which kind of is like the Q but a channeled version of it. The W has a slightly longer range than the Q and a full channel does four times the damage. This skill is really great for clearing packs. And finally on the E we have the new skill Corrupting Steel. When you use this skill you throw a spear that pierces through your targets, you do a bit of damage and you reduce their resistances.

At the same time the thrown spear also leaves a trail of corruption which does damage over time. Now this is a really great skill and it’s what makes clearing multiple packs at the same time possible. The range of this skill is insane. I kept using it without knowing what the range was at first and to my surprise it was about double the range I thought it was initially.

Once I learned about the range I started throwing this skill on a second pack of monsters to have this skill clear the pack for me whilst I kill a different pack myself with my W and Q. As for your passive I suggest you take Aggressive Rush, which increases all your damage by seven percent every fourth auto attack. This will make for more damage and with that faster clearing. If you run into any strong bosses you could consider swapping to Life Leech, which will heal you for 15% of your normal attack damage. Since the Q skill applies Spirit Spear Charges, which more than doubles your auto attack damage at max stacks, Life Leech will actually become a very noticeable source of sustain for the tougher fights. Now that we got the weapon covered let’s take a look at the armor parts and see what they do for this build. Like I said before I’ve tried a lot of different things for this build, from Soldier Armor all the way to Cultist Sandals.

My personal favorite came down to a combination of the Scholar Cowl, Druid Robe and leather shoes. As for the cape I went with Thetford. Once I decided this would be the build for the Spirithunter, I stumbled upon Madrio’s comment in my previous build video who said we can use the previously covered Boltcasters armors with the Spirithunter as well. Which I personally found pretty funny because after all the theorybuilding the build isn’t that far off from the Boltcasters. What I did is move the energy sustain from the cape to the helmet, add more damage to the build through the cape by doing this and in exchange lose the reset for the armor skill. Let me tell you exactly why I made this decision. The Boltcasters are a ranged weapon, so you normally don’t get hit by monsters as often and therefore don’t need much defense. Whereas the spears are melee and despite having quite some range on the abilities, you will still walk through the packs and get hit. Especially when you try to clear multiple packs at the same time just like I do.

And this is where the Energy Shield of the Scholar Cowl shines for this build, since aside from providing energy sustain it also increases your physical and magical defenses. And ever since figuring out that the Druid Robe buff actually lasts for 20 seconds and makes for about 50% uptime, I kind of feel like the Specter Hood is overkill anyway. Besides, the Thetford Cape covers the damage part you would have otherwise received in the form of a buff. Let’s quickly go over the individual items and see what each of them exactly do although it will feel like a slight repeat. The Scholar Cowl applies an Energy Shield that increases your resistances and makes you regain energy every time you get hit. So you want to use this skill as often as possible for both energy sustain and extra defenses. The passive you want is Aggression for additional damage. The Druid Robe buffs you with the Obsessive Burst skill in which your damage gets increased up to a total of 36 percent.

As explained in my Boltcasters video this skill actually lasts for 20 seconds although it says 10 in the description. Go watch that video if you want to learn more about it. Once again the Aggression passive for additional damage. As for the boots, one we often see repeated in solo dungeon builds, which is any leather shoes of your liking. You simply want to take the Refreshing Sprint skill for faster cooldowns and a bit of mobility. If you have access to Quick Thinker passive take that for cooldown reduction otherwise Balanced Mind for some extra damage is totally fine as well. The cape I’m using is Thetford cape which provides additional damage. I personally wouldn’t go with any other cape. If you wish to go more budget however, just take a regular cape instead.

The food I personally use with this build is the Avalonian Beef Stew and I tell exactly why in my video with Advanced Tips For Solo Dungeons. If you haven’t watched that one yet I strongly recommend you to because it covers a lot of information that will help you advance. Nonetheless the budget option would be Cabbage soup for this build and you of course want to have Poison pots with you. I honestly think this is a pretty insane build and I feel like testing it over and over because I pretty much can’t believe how fast this build is. In my Boltcasters build my equipment was one and a half tier higher whilst doing the same tier dungeons and I still felt like I was faster and more effective on the Spirithunter. Definitely an impressive build I hope you guys will have a lot of fun with. Go test this build out and come back to this video to let me know what you think of it. If you have a Spirithunter or any other build of your own feel free to share it in the comments below.

I’m always curious to hear from you guys. As always, I hope this video brought you value and wish you good luck in your adventures. Have a good one and I’ll see you next time..

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