Alganon Predation Ranger Guide

Alganon Predation Ranger Guide: DPS From Afar by Scion87Hey everyone, the name is Evalynn, I am a Asharr ranger on Adrios server. Currently I...

Alganon Tribute Mounts Pictures

Alganon Tribute Mounts Pictures by NebWell, everyone, I figured with the addition of our new Tribute Market, there were things that most were interested...

Alganon Attributes Guide

Alganon Attributes Guide by RicemanStrength provides 2 Attack Power per point and increases block. If you?re a Soldier or a Ranger, you?ll need points...

Alganon Healer Abilities Guide

Alganon Healer Abilities Guide by DrorA quick disclaimer: I did the majority of my leveling with points in the Divination Tree as to reduce...

Alganon Ranger Analysis

Alganon Ranger Analysis by b94fy34t1na2mwdPreface, Context, Caveats:I?m not a mean person. However, I am very critical of work that people are paid to do....

Alganon Starting Off Right Guide

Alganon Starting Off Right Guide by c1oudrsABOUT THIS THREAD: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO AVOIDING ERRORS IN CHARACTER CREATIONIts taken me a couple of days...

Alganon Raiding Myths

Alganon Raiding Myths by TherianWith all due respect to those that consider themselves hardcore or even ?serious? raiders?raiding isnt as hard as it?s made...

Alganon Value of Studies Thoughts

Alganon Value of Studies Thoughts by SyndicI?ve been thinking about studies lately, actually seems to be the main thing I think about.Now I must...

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